Past Honorees
Past Honorees

SooJin Buzelli
Robert Newman
Robert Festino
Monte Beauchamp
Francoise Mouly
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Richard Gangel

Established in 2005, the Richard Gangel Art Director Award honors art directors currently working in the field who have supported and advanced the art of illustration. This award is named in honor of Richard Gangel (1918–2002), the influential art director at Sports Illustrated from 1960 to 1981, whose collaboration with illustrators during that period was exceptional. 



2016 Honoree

Irene Gallo
Irene Gallo is one of our nation’s best and brightest art directors.   Irene might not agree with that, of course, and it wouldn’t be because she’s too humble or magnanimous. Irene wouldn’t agree because she’s thrilled she can work in one of the most exciting businesses in the world. She ...
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