Special Event Sketch Night
Making Stuff with Chris Spollen

June 21, 2012
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.




Chris Spollen will begin the evening with a ten-minute slide presentation of his recent works and discuss the possibilities that you can build upon.  Chris will show some of his original sculptures and discuss his process and the various materials that were used. Mr. Spollen will talk about the endless process of constant re-invention that we all go through on our creative journey.

After the slide presentation and all are seated we will look at all the assembled materials and start to percolate. As a group we will quickly discuss the possibilities of what can be made. Simple quick thumbnail sketches will be made next to serve as a guide for what will be created during this three-hour workshop. (Examples: a small robot, a space gun, a steam train, or a rocket ship, etc.) Think about it in your spare time and come into the workshop with some ideas, this will be fun, making art is always fun.

Supplies for this evening: what you might bring- an apron or an old shirt or blouse. Keep it simple, keep it creative, learn to look around you as to the endless amount of possibilities and wonderful materials that can be recycled and turned into art.  Paper plates, old bottle caps (flattened rusted road kills are the best) paper towel cardboard rolls, cardboard from the back of yellow pads, the cardboard from inside new shirts etc. Starbucks coffee holders, wood stirrers, razor blades, Elmer’s wood glue, goop (silicone based glue). Put them all in a cardboard box or a recycled tackle box, or simply bring them in an old shopping bag. Please bring a sketchbook doodle pad or scraps of paper and a number two pencil. Some thumbnail sketches will be part of this workshop. Of course Professor Spollen will bring in some of his materials and share them with the group. Lets make it fun! Look around the streets of NYC, your kitchen and vacant lots.  You would be amazed by what you might find to use to express yourself.

At the end of the night the best piece by a show of hands will win a signed poster of an original piece of Mr. Spollen’s art.



$20/ $10 students

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