Illustration by Koren Shadmi, Ebb & Flow, Gold Medal

Illustration by Asaf Hanuka,The Realist Comics

, Gold Medal
Illustrators 53: Sequential/Series and Uncommissioned Exhibit

January 05, 2011 - January 22, 2011

The first of the three-part “Annual Exhibition: Illustrators 53,” the Sequential/Series and Uncommissioned Exhibit will be held at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators January 5 to January 22, 2011. It featured works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide, selected by a prestigious jury of professionals

The Sequential category consists of multi-image projects for which a sequence of images is necessary to fully convey an idea or story. This includes comic books, art journalism, graphic novels, pre-production art and animation. This year, 35 images were selected from 251 submissions in this category.   Gold Medals are awarded to Asaf Hanuka for The Realist Comics , Nora Krug for Kamikaze and Philippe Petit-Roulet for The Arms of Morpheus.  Silver Medals were awarded to Brian Rea for Modern Love and Matt Rota for The Silent Truth.


The Uncommissioned category includes all self-generated work such as portfolio samples, sourcebook ads and uncommissioned images that are unpublished except as promotional material for the artist. From the more than 1,400 entries in this category, 70 were chosen this year.  Gold Medals are awarded to Marc Burckhardt for Himmelblick, Koren Shadmi for Ebb & Flow and Sachin Teng for Paper Tiger.  Silver Medals are awarded to Nick Iluzada for After Life, Nimit Malavia for and Martin Wittfooth for Saints Preserve Us.


Medals will be presented to award winners during the Awards Ceremony at the Opening Reception on January 7th at the Society of Illustrators.  Other artists featured in the exhibit include Guy Billout, Cathie Bleck,  Alessandro Gottardo, Rebecca Guay,   Peter Kuper,  Yuko Shimizu, Mark Todd, Nate Williams and many more!


“Now in its 53rd year, the Annual Exhibition is the premier international showcase for illustrators,” said Anelle Miller, Director of the Society of Illustrators. “We’re honored to host this remarkable event, which celebrates the most outstanding illustrative works created by our colleagues in the past year.”


To view a list of featured artists click here.