Exhibitors A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z
2d CloudTable: E 173

2d Cloud is a comics publisher and visual purveyor based in Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 2007 as a loose collective of local artists focused on the advocacy of experiments in visual narrative, the label has since expanded its scope to publish challenging, expressive work by both new and established creatives across North America and beyond. We seek out and champion artists with a distinct vision, one that questions norms both within comics and culture at large.

3-Armed SquidTable: F 212
Three-Armed Squid is a comics collective that self publishes an anthology zine exploring and expanding on a theme of 4.
3 Guys Making ComicsTable: F 221
7 years, with our powers combined, we didn't form Captain Planet. What we did was a create a small company by the name of 3 Guys Making Comics. 3 Guys making comics is an independent comic book publisher, known for producing a combination of creator-owned and internally developed titles, including their best known title, How to Survive Working Retail. The 3 guys who make comics are Lisandro, Markell and Ronnie.
Abrams ComicArtsTable: G 235, 236

ABRAMS COMICARTS publishes groundbreaking graphic novels and illustrated books about the creators and the history of comics art, animation, and cartoons. To learn more about our books, visit abramsbooks.com/comicarts and follow @abramsbooks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Action Mystery AdventureTable: D 150 A


Ada Price Comics and IllustrationTable: I 273
Eddie H. AhnTable: E 177
Eddie H. Ahn is the writer and illustrator of "Wish the World," a children's science fiction series, and "Sidewalk Empire,” a serialized comic strip published by Hyphen Magazine. He has been recognized as a Cartoonist-in-Residence by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and a featured artist by Kearny Street Workshop hosted at the SF Cartoon Art Museum.
Ethan M. AldridgeTable: D 147 B

Ethan Aldridge is an illustrator and author living in New York City. He is the creator of the webcomic ESTRANGED, an urban fantasy about two changeling boys. Ethan grew up in a small farming town in Utah, where he would draw dragons, monsters, and whatever dinosaur took his fancy at the time. He now does the same thing for work. Ethan has had the pleasure to illustrate for Electronic Arts Games, Penguin Random House Publishing, and the 1001Knights project, among others.

Allen Spiegel Fine ArtsTable: F 217, 218

Allen Spiegel Fine Arts is the agency which represents all the artists listed on this website. Arrangements for services of any of the artists represented can be made through this site for all commercial work and fine art gallery shows. Allen Spiegel Fine Arts is also the publisher of limited edition prints, books, postcards, cd's and more!

Natalie Andrewson Table: I 264
Natalie is a North Carolina raised illustrator and comic artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Best known for her comics Lemon & Ket published by Swedish studio PEOW! and Mamuanna, a southern adventure story about a demon girl and her cat. Her clients include The New York Times, BOOM!, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Titmouse and NoBrow. She is represented by literary agent Jen Linnan. 
Olga AndreyevaTable: J 291

Digital illustrator and developer working on a running multi-media webcomic called XANTARA. Stop by the table for physical comics, prints and more. 

Arielle Jovellanos, Boya Sun, & Janet SungTable: G 241

Arielle Jovellanos is an illustrator and comic artist based in NY. She's contributed work to "Fresh Romance" and the "Jem and the Holograms Outrageous Annual" among other fun things. arielle-jovellanos.com Boya Sun is an illustrator and comic artist who, after traveling all over the world, resides in the charming city of Baltimore. boyasun.com Janet Sung is an illustrator, designer and art educator based in Brooklyn. janetsungart.com

Katherine ArnoldiTable: J 287 A
Art and Design Highschool Table: J 294, 293, 292
Amir Avitzur - Lemonade Stand AnimationTable: I 263 B

Amir Avitzur is the writer and creator of the Legend of Novo book series. The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe humanity's past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones.

Ascolon PressTable: F 222
AZURE KNITS + // AZ's Half-A**ed Comic : AZ vs BiscuitTable: D 146
AZURE KNITS+ is on the verge of renaming itself to AZURE KNITS and Sundries, bringing you a first-time mother's weekly comic AZ vs Biscuit, knits, yarns, kid's apparel and more. Especially if you are expecting, know somebody who is expecting, parents yourself, grandparents, or looking for some sweet mother's day gift, please stop by! Comic website athttp://azurecomic.tumblr.com/ and store at AZURE KNITS + store at http://knits.azure-m.com
Bear BrainsTable: F 214 A
Since like at least 2010, Nate Bear has been lurking in a cave deeping in Brooklyn, stapling together silly drawing and claiming they're some sort of comics. Every so often scurries out into the daylight and tries to exchange these clumsily assembled stack of bear scat and toner  for praise and human currency. Don't be fooled by his antics, and please, do not feed the bears!
Gregory Benton, Hang Dai EditionsTable: A 112
Courtney BernardTable: A 107
Originally from the land of Great Lakes and mittens, Courtney Bernard is a New York City based illustrator & designer. Her work experience spans children's book illustration, comic art, graphic design, and the occasional dabble in animation.
Birdcage Bottom BooksTable: I 270


BBB is a micro-press and distro with a focus on handmade and limited-edition comics. Our artists include Dakota McFadzean, Sam Spina, Jamie Vayda, Sara Lautman, Aaron Whitaker, Melinda Tracy Boyce, Ben Snakepit & J.T. Yost. Our anthologies include "Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology" and "CRINGE: An Anthology of Embarrassment". 

Ilana BladyTable: G 233

Ilana Blady is an illustrator and cartoonist from Brooklyn. She graduated from Pratt Institute in May of 2015, and has previously tabled at Paper Jam Small Press Festival. Her most recent comics explore insecurity, the grotesque, and the nuances of growing up. 

Blood BakeryTable: F 213

We are Ghost.

Allison BoeschTable: J 288
Illustrator based out of Richmond, VA.
Myken BombergerTable: D 152
Tyler BossTable: G 239

Tyler Boss was born in America. He makes comics.

Ian BraunerTable: F 220
Brooklyn Draw JamTable: F 216

Brooklyn Draw Jam–repped here by cartoonist/illustrators Jess Worby, Gant Powell, Jason Das and more–is a collaborative drawing free-for-all on first Mondays, 7-10 pm at Shoestring Press (663 Classon Ave). Participants create jam comics and other drawing experiments. All are welcome to join. Initial sales go towards accumulated costs and helping Shoestring keep its doors opens as a print shop, gallery, and event space. Email brooklyndrawjam@gmail.com or look us up on Facebook.

C.M.ButzerTable: C 133, 132

C.M.Butzer makes comics, illustrations, and screenprints. His work has been published by Harper Collins, Little Brown, and Penguin Books. He wrote and drew "Gettysburg" Graphic Novel.

Nadia "ToughSpirit" BurgessTable: D 153

Nadia is a Multi-Artist, Filmmaker, and Cake Creator that resides in Brooklyn, New York. She illustrates crossover art that reflects cartoons, movies, video games, and TV shows along with vivid colors and a unique style. She currently is an undergraduate as a film production major and she tries to travels abroad as frequently as she can while creating her own short films. 

Annelise CaposselaTable: B 126 B
Tricia CaseyTable: E 164
Tricia Casey is an illustrator and recent Parson's graduate residing in Long Island. For the last two years she has spent most of her time doing freelance work of varying degrees. Outside of that, she passes time with her boyfriend enveloped in all things nerd culture and constantly on the lookout for her new favorite scotch. She is also a firm believer that there is no greater meal than breakfast and that everyone who says otherwise can take solace in the fact that they were given the freedom to be so wrong. 
The Center for Cartoon Studies Table: E 174, 175
The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) offers a two-year course of study that centers on the creation and dissemination of comics, graphic novels and other manifestations of the visual narrative. Experienced and internationally recognized cartoonists, writers, and designers teach classes. CCS programs include a two-year Master of Fine Arts Degree, One- and Two-Year Certificates in Cartooning, and annual summer workshops. The school is located in historic downtown village of White River Junction, VT.
Bodie Chewning IllustrationTable: F 228
Bodie Chewning is a self taught illustrator & cartoonist from Bucks County, PA currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. His first sequential work appeared in the Locust Moon anthology/tribute Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream.
Amanda ChungTable: H 245
Aaron CockleTable: J 298
Cool Kid Utopia Table: G 230


Comic Book Legal Defense FundTable: E 160,161,162, 163
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics medium. Our work takes us into courtrooms, classrooms, conventions and libraries all over the United States where we provide legal aid, education, and advocacy to protect the First Amendment rights of the readers, creators, retailers, publishers, and librarians of comics, manga, and graphic novels.
Creation Imagination Art StudioTable: J 282 B
Ryan CruzTable: F 211

Sent from the year 2046, Ryan Cruz has a singular mission: to ensure the survival of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Since Ryan was accidentally sent 53 years after Kennedy's assassination, he instead devotes his life to drawing. He's grown fond of 2016 video games, though they are primitive. He just wishes they were compatible with the very expensive neural interface he painfully installed into the base of his skull before traveling back in time.

The Crybaby CollectiveTable: J 285, 286 A
The Crybaby Collective is a group of Brooklyn-based female artists and friends. We began sharing ideas and working with one another while studying illustration at Parsons The New School for Design. Though we each maintain different approaches towards creating, we formed the Crybaby Collective with the goal of fostering a supportive, engaging environment for making and exploration.
Cuddles and RageTable: D 151 A

Liz & Jimmy Reed are the husband and wife team behind Cuddles and Rage, a disturbingly cute comic about food and animals. They're best known for their mixed media style, telling stories through both illustrations and sculpted dioramas. Their work has been featured on HelloGiggles, BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post. Their debut picture book, Sweet Competition, comes out November 2016 with HarperCollins. 

Evan DahmTable: I 276 A
Evan lives in Brooklyn, and has created and self-published the fantasy adventure graphic novels Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu. He is a co-founder of the publishing company Benign Kingdom.
Dancing Bears/ Ada PriceTable: I 273

Ada Price is a Brooklyn based cartoonists and illustrator. Her current comic is about the doomed friendship between the Roman emperor Caligula and his horse. Her other books include Wandering Retreats, Other Me, and Red. 

Dancing Bears / Natalya BalnovaTable: I 273

Natalya Balnova is a New York based illustrator, designer and printmaker. She self-publishes her own silkscreen books, zines, posters, cards and apparel designs. Her new books include: Epic Songs of Naked Bones, Annie Oakley: A Very Brief Biography and A Book of Legs, Tails and Horns.

Michael DeNicolaTable: F 211
Michael DeNicola is NYC native and comic book illustrator. A former fine artist turned sequential illustrator, his work has been covered in Juxtapoz magazine and his street art has been featured in Gothamist and the Huffington Post. In his free time he enjoys watching Netflix and consuming crippling amounts of peanut butter.
Dirty Diamonds

Dirty Diamonds is an award-winning annual all-girl comic anthology edited and published by Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman. Featuring work from around the world, our goal has been to give women in comics a dedicated outlet for sharing their talents and experiences through autobiographical stories. Each book has a central theme, the most recent of which was Beauty. All six issues of Dirty Diamonds are archived in the permanent comics collection of the Library of Congress.

Disney Design GroupTable: A 109
Maëlle DoliveuxTable: B 126 A
Johnny DombrowskiTable: B 127
Patrick DorianTable: A 103 B
Pat Dorian is the author of Lon Chaney Talks and Savage Brute. He has drawn for The New Yorker, The New York Times, IDW, MAD, and other publications. Follow @patdorian on Instagram or patdorian.tumblr.com.
Allan DorisonTable: I 267
Brendan DuffeyTable: J 280 B
Brendan is a New York City based animator and illustrator, although he originally hails from the balmy shores of Boston, Massachusetts. By day he works as a motion graphics artist designing television graphics for ABC News, and by night he draws pictures that tell stories. 
Ryan DunlaveyTable: J 278
Ryan Dunlavey is the cartoonist of Action Philosophers! (American Library Association Best Graphic Novel for Teens), Dirt Candy: A Cookbook (with James Beard award-winning chef Amanda Cohen), The Comic Book History of Comics, MODOK: Regin Delay, Tommy Atomic, the webcomic Li’l Classix and the upcoming Action Presidents graphic novel series. He lives in New York City with graphic designer Liza Pagano and their two children.
Abigail DunnTable: G 243
Drowned Town PressTable: F 219
DWTable: F 210
Comics, coffee and cannoli.
Easy Pieces by Neil DvorakTable: F 209
Have you ever felt perfectly balanced? Do your relationships blossom in pure simultaneity? Does your gut align harmoniously with your brain, gifting you with limitless ability to make decisions? Ah, but I could ask these questions forever... SO I WILL.
Jensine EckwallTable: F 206
Eisner Scholar Table Table: B 130
Brian EligTable: F 215
Austin EnglishTable: E 173
Narciso EspirituTable: A 106
Hey. I can only tell you that Narciso Espiritu Jr. is a person who creates mostly brooding, sometimes dramatic, menacing, mysterious imagery with ink and digital color. Ok. Here's more. Narciso recently completed drawings for a comic book called Terrors from the Deep: True Tales of Surviving Shark Attacks, published by Capstone Press. He’s working on a few of his own including Tales of Caution and Heavy Squad, out in 2016, sometime. This goon loves dogs, but doesn't draw them enough. Weirdo. 
Every Day OriginalTable: J 295

We curate affordable small works of original art from popular artists and illustrators. Grab something truly unique this year at MOCCA!

Evil Twin ComicsTable: J 278
Fem FoundryTable: J 277

Fem Foundry is a Brooklyn based collective of young female illustrators, painters, designers and animators who believe in women supporting women and our ability to create influential work. Standing as a group, we have found inspiration in our unique talents.

Fenway FanTable: A 109
Fenway Fan is an award winning designer, illustrator and multimedia artist. She grew up in China, after receiving her MFA degree from RIT, she lived and worked in: NYC, DC, Orlando FL, now she is based in Boston, MA. Fenway works with Disney, designing Tsum Tsums, Vinylmations, pins, and many more. Meanwhile she is a WonderGround Gallery artist, lead designer on UPA documentary, founder and art directer of IOO Studio. Her artworks have been featured, exhibited and awarded worldwide.
Fanfare PresentsTable: I 271

Fanfare is a trading company incorporated on July 4th, 1997 in the UK by Stephen Robson after almost 20 years working at Titan’s distribution arm (now defunct). In his constant search for quality he formed trading links with the best European producers of comic-based material. One of these, Ami Reuveni in Spain, became his publishing partner in 2003 and Ponent Mon was born to bring the best storytelling from around the world to an English speaking audience. Robson expanded this in the troubled noughties to include other quality publishers so “Fanfare Presents¹” emerged.

FantagraphicsTable: C 136, 137, 138, 139

Publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists since 1976.

Fashion Institute of Technology, MFA in IllustrationTable: E 168, E 169
Fashion Institute of technology Comic Arts Club Table: A 105
Glynnis FawkesTable: H 255

Glynnis Fawkes is an archaeological illustrator, cartoonist, and teacher living in Burlington, VT. Debuting at MoCCAfest is AlleEgo, a memoir of a summer in Greece that began my entrenchment in archaeology. AlleEgo in Ancient Greek means "good friend" or "alter ego": the friendship with a fellow Classics student in Greece and an affair I was escaping with a painter in Boston. Much of the work on this book I did on a residency at La Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme, France last summer.

Kelly FernandezTable: B 131
Kelly Fernandez is a Maine based cartoonist from Queens, NY. She likes drawing and making comics about animals, monsters, and folklore.
First SecondTable: D 144

First Second Books publishes great graphic novels for every reader. With the highest editorial and design standards, First Second publishes graphic novels for people who love reading in every form. 

Daniel FishelTable: A 106

Daniel Fishel is an illustrator based out of Queens, NY. He has worked with the NY Times, Washington Post, GQ Magazine, NPR and more. He is recognized as one of 2015's Print Magazines 15 under 30 new visual artist, 2016 Forbes Magazines 30 under 30 art/style and has been included in the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration and 3x3 Annuals.

Claire FolkmanTable: F 208 A

Claire Folkman is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She creates out of Mercer Street Studios where she makes comics, collages, videos and costumes. She is co-editor and contributor to the award-winning all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds, which has been archived in the US Library of Congress, and serves as an ex officio member of a Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby team 'Dont Be Such A...', which has won 'Best Costume' for the last four years running.

FORGE. Art MagazineTable: J 286 B
FORGE. is a quarterly online art magazine based out of New York City. The goal of FORGE. is to showcase the work of young and underexposed artists as well as celebrate several artists who are leaving a huge impact in their fields. Each issue centers around a single theme, and is written, curated, edited by Matthew James-Wilson. FORGE. also publishes small works by artist involved with the magazine, and will by joined by illustrator Kendra Yee to debut several new zines at MoCCA 2016. 
Fem FoundryTable: J 277


Forward ComixTable: G 232
Frankie Comics & Please Keep WarmTable: I 268

Rachel Dukes draws comics for Boom Studios (Steven Universe), Roar Comics (Care Bears), Silver Sprocket (As You Were), & self-publishes the series Frankie Comics about her cat. Rachel is thankful for coffee, gingham, & readers like you. Mike King creates Please Keep Warm: a comic about a freshly broken up pop punk band that still lives together who are also rabbits. Mike previously self-published the webcomics Lion’s Teeth & Teen Wizard. Mike likes his cats & hates using the internet.

Fresh CorpsTable: D 151 B

We are THE fresh to death art collective.

Fuzzy Poet by DrewTable: E 180

Fuzzy Poet by Drew is a comic zine, book & poster series written & drawn by Drew Gold. Drew’s bold and whimsical art is the real hook here and his work has graced the pages of The New York Times, Sunday Book Review (and other publications) and have been featured in the Joe Boxer Kids Sleep, Swim, Outerwear brand for over 10 years."- Almost Normal Comics

Siobhan GallagherTable: F 203
Bob GlasscockTable: A 117 A
Bob Glasscock draws the comic Casey At The Bat. Casey follows a young gay man and his friends' adventures in life, love and sports.
Alexandra Glenn-CollinsTable: E 164
Alexandra Glenn-Collins haunts every single cemetery in Brooklyn simultaneously. Her work explores ghosts, the afterlife, and complaining about camping. She is pretty sure dogs are going to take over the world and she is more than happy to aide them in their campaign. She has a bright future as a dog propaganda artist.
Gay BreakfastTable: J 289 B


Igor GnedoTable: C 141

Igor Gnedo is a Brooklyn, NY based illustrator, printmaker and designer. Igor's work has been exhibited internationally in Russia as well as published in 3x3 Illustration Annual 2015 and Illustration Friday. His current work explores mixed medias, using bold shapes and a style that is graphic, flat and employees the use of negative space.

Leland GoodmanTable: J 288

Leland Goodman is an illustrator and comic artist based out of Queens, and the creator of Basement Dwellers.

Sara Woolley Gómez & Alex GavryushenkoTable: A 111

Sara Woolley Gómez is an award-winning, Brooklyn based illustrator. Her creator owned graphic novel, Los Pirineos was recognized by the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture. To see more of her work please visit WWW.SARAWOOLLEY.COM. Alex Gavryushenko was born in Ukraine and lives in Brooklyn, NY. He runs www.psychoscimitar.com, makes art, makes toys, teaches kids, likes pudding, plays handball, rollerblades in public, and pets soft cats. 

Reilly HaddenTable: H 246 A
Reilly Hadden is a Center for Cartoon Studies graduate and the creator of the existential fantasy series ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL, with issue five debuting at MoCCA this year. He is a co-founder of the games+comics collective BLANK PARTY! and writes and draws about the Super Nintendo at snesparty.com
Rumi HaraTable: A 108
Rumi lives in New York City and makes comics and watercolor illustrations. Her new mini-comic "Nori and the Bats in the House" is a story about a little girl and a pack of auspicious bats. 
Alisa HarrisTable: G 231

Alisa writes and draws comics about the quirks of living in NYC (Urban Nomad), the antics of her unruly cats (The Collected Counter Attack!) and vegetarian cooking (Cooking Up Comics). She lives in Queens and also works as an illustrator, colorist, character designer, layout artist and 2D animator.

Dean Haspiel, Hang Dai EditionsTable: A 112
Jennifer HaydenTable: H 255
Jennifer Hayden is the author and artist of THE STORY OF MY TITS, named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, NPR, GQ, Mental Floss, and Forbes. Her first collection UNDERWIRE was excerpted in The Best American Comics 2013. 0nline, her strips include the diary comic RUSHES and autobio strip S'CRAPBOOK. She lives and works in Central New Jersey. goddesscomix.blogspot.com, jenniferhayden.com.
High School of Art & Design's Cartooning & Animation DepartmentTable: J 294, 293, 292

The High School of Art and Design is the only high school for the development of artists interested in the commercial arts. Studio classes are conducted as in a professional agency. We support a sense of self as artists and encourage the most positive environment for growth. We require the most rigorous courses in art and academics and 90% of our graduates go on to great success in post secondary education.

Priya HuqTable: D 147 A

Comic artist and illustrator.

Igor Gnedo IllustrationTable: C 141
Ink and Rubbish ComicsTable: J 281
INP ComicsTable: I 269
INP Comics - we make Comics for Kids. Period. The Hero Machine is a 3 issue series, all about the creativity of comics. Yes, the heroes fight bad guys, yes, there are giant robots, but the essence of the story is the MACHINE itself, an actual on-line app that spurs kids on to be creative. And this year, look for NORMALVILLE,SUPERTOWN - ripped from the pages of The Hero Machine. Early Readers, young readers, ALL AGES - The Hero Machine is available for library and comic book store events 
Instant RabbitTable: F 223 B

Instant Rabbit started as a collaborative zine project by three illustrators-Boyeon Choi, Hye Jin Chung, Hyunyoung Kim-who shares interests in making craft goods and zine . Since 2012, the group has been printing zines on different issues of personal interest with amusing and humorous sensibility of each artist. In order to make our artworks accessible to broader audience, Instant Rabbit also produce stationery goods such as cards, posters and tote bags with artworks hand-silkscreened or sometimes digitally printed.

David IseriTable: E 177

David Iseri is a Brooklyn based comics creator and has been self-publishing minicomics since his teenage years. He has been releasing split minicomics with Paul Lau for the last few years while in NYC. His current work is called PURE BADDD, which is the pure drama and pettiness of a high school. David will be hanging with Pie Club! A Brooklyn comics collective, selling a variety of comics and art.

Jack Kirby MuseumTable: H 244
Jordan Jeffries Table: H 260
Jordan Jeffries is a cartoonist currently working in Jersey City. His comics include SO YOUNG, KEEP YOUR HAIR BLACK, and the "movie journal" series MATINEE JUNKIE.
The Jelly EmpireTable: G 240
Scott B. JonesTable: F 228

Scott B. Jones is a comic artist from New York who sure does love drawing with fountain pens! His daily therapy of illustrating with these instruments are detailed in in his new book "SCOTT B. JONES: 365 Consecutive Days of Drawings Plus One Comic Book". He is honored to be personally signing and providing art in his new book at this years MoCCA Arts Festival 2016.


Jenn JordanTable: H 261
Co-author of Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell with Sophie Goldstein.
Arielle JovellanosTable: G 241
Ben KahnTable: I 275

Ben Kahn is a Manhattan based writer. His debut graphic novel with Bruno Hidalgo, Shaman, was published by Locust Moon Press to critical acclaim in 2015. A tale of magic and mayhem, Shaman has been described as the cross between Venture Bros. and Hellblazer. Ben is a former Silicon Valley game designer who sold his soul for a suit and is now earning his business degree. He’s never stopped loving and making comics.

Gene Kannenberg, Jr.Table: I 266

Gene Kannenberg, Jr. (@genekjr) is a Chicago-area cartoonist who creates asemic and abstracted comics. Some of his COMICS MACHINE work was published in the latest issue of the poetry journal ILLITERATURE. He's also a comics historian and occasional co-host of The Comics Alternative podcast.

Hannah Kaplan
Hannah Kaplan has been drawing the the autobiographical comic series "Is This OK?" since 2011, and has also drawn several other semi-autobiographical and fictional mini comics. She graduated for the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2015 and currently lives in Philadelphia.
Gideon KendallTable: A 110
Jacques KhouriTable: I 274
Kin ComicsTable: I 276 B
Kin Comics is the comic collaboration between siblings Will and Kati Lacker. What began as comic strips has since branched out into short form, single panel and illustrated explorations. Their comics are funny, dark, innocent, bizarre and heavily influenced by their childhood growing up in Florida. For many years the two worked together through a long distance collaboration, but Kati recently joined Will in NYC and they have been expanding their illustrated operation ever since.
Kendra Josie KirkpatrickTable: J 280 A
Kendra is a comic artist who also dabbles in screenprinting. She enjoys large amounts of black on both her comic pages as well as her clothes, and has a passion for music that features people screaming. 
Francis KrauseTable: F 223 A
Fran Krause makes a comic series called "Deep Dark Fears," where he catalogs his reader's unusual and irrational fears.
Peter KuperTable: H 250
Cassey KuoTable: A115, 116

Currently based in New Jersey, Cassey Kuo is an aspiring visual development artist, a passionate illustrator and, on occasion, a deft klutz. She stands ready for almost anything with a pen in one hand and a cup of coffee or cake in the other.

Kutztown UniversityTable: A 114


Kati LackerTable: I 276 B
Kate LacourTable: H 259

Kate Lacour was born in New York and lives in New Orleans. She is the creator of Milk Teeth, Eye Sees Eye and Zero is. Her weekly webcomics, Vivisectionary and The Disciple, can be seen at StudyGroupComics.com. 

Joseph LaneyTable: D 150 A

Joseph Laney is illustrator and cartoonist living in New York City. Joseph has written and illustrated a number of comics including Iron City and Z West series. Iron City: Book 2 was selected for The Society of Illustrators Comic and Cartoon Art Annual Exhibition in 2015

Laura Lannes
Will LarenTable: H 246 B
Hanna LefcourfTable: G 233

Hanna Lefcourt is an illustrator and designer from Orangeburg, New York, and is currently based in Brooklyn. Hanna enjoys the finer things in life such as state quarter collecting, petting dogs, and fuzzy socks. Hanna's favorite color is black, and her other favorite color is rainbow. Her favorite celebrity is Guy Fieri, and her favorite food is string bean casserole.

Haan LeeTable: E 177
Haan Lee is a comics creator and illustrator. He likes stories about the barely surreal, the vaguely weird, and the quietly absurd. He likes stories where small picture people wander big picture worlds. He likes stories that have roots in science, science fiction, and speculation. Haan lives in New York with his wife, baby and a ridiculous cat.
Hyesu LeeTable: A 108
HYESU LEE is a happy, clumsy, and messy illustrator based in Brooklyn. She loves to share the hidden beauty and happiness in the world with everyone through her work. Her belief is that anything warm and cheerful is contagious.
Fred Van LenteTable: J 278

Fred Van Lente is the writer of Archer & Armstrong (Harvey Award nominee), Action Philosophers! (American Library Association Best Graphic Novel for Teens) and Cowboys & Aliens (with Andrew Foley), the basis for the feature film. His other titles include Resurrectionists, The Comic Book History of Comics, The Incredible Hercules (with Greg Pak), Taskmaster, Marvel Zombies and Amazing Spider-Man. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, the playwright Crystal Skillman, and some mostly ungrateful cats.

Rachel LevitTable: D 154
Monica Ramos is an illustrator from Phillipines, Rachel Levit is an illustrator from Mexico, they both live, laugh and love in New York.
Jeffrey LewisTable: H 253
Jeffrey Lewis is a comic book artist and indie-rock musician; he often hosts the semi-weekly AWEMP comix/drawing gathering in the East Village. His self-published comic book series “Fuff” is currently up to issue 11; each issue contains a balance of fiction and non-fiction shorts. Jeffrey's writing, illustrations, comic books and music have been featured by The Guardian, NPR, The History Channel and The NY Times.
Alice Meichi LiTable: F 205
Ellen LinderTable: H 254 B
Alexandra LoboTable: J 282 B
Locust Moon PressTable: H 252

A small press and creative collective based in West Philadelphia, Locust Moon has earned multiple Eisner and Harvey Award wins and nominations for its books, including their broadsheet-sized Winsor McCay tribute anthology, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. Last year they teamed up with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to produce Prometheus Eternal, a comic put on view in the PMA alongside the work of Rubens and Michelangelo.

Lonnie ComicsTable: J 287 B
I grew up doodling in class and reading comics outside of class. Though I always knew I loved drawing, I didn’t realize how much I liked telling stories (and that I could combine those two passions) until I went back to school for a while at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Thoughts From Iceland is my first complete, long-form comics project. It's a travelogue comic about (surprise!) a trip I took to Iceland, and the experiences I had there.
Celia LowenthalTable: B 130

Celia Lowenthal is a graduating illustration student at Maryland Institute College of Art. Originally from New York, she specializes in narrative illustration, literary comics, and fancy period fashion. Her work has been noted for its dynamism, patterning, costume detail, and "epic" nature. She wants to pick up embroidery one of these days, but of course there's never time. 

Christopher LuceroTable: H 245

Christopher Lucero is a New York City born and based illustrator, comic artist, print maker, and designer. He likes to combine epic adventures and fantasy with weird humor. Check out his stuff along with other awesome people at table H245!

Chrisila MaidaTable: E 164

Chrisila Maida is a Brooklyn-born illustrator and writer who is fascinated by anything old and antiquated. Her work usually centers around superstitions, the outdoors, and sometimes beards and tattoos.

Andres Vera MartinezTable: B 131
Andrés Vera Martínez is the co-author and Illustrator of the award-winning graphic novel Little White Duck: A Childhood in China. He is currently illustrating Courage to Dream for Scholastic Graphix and working on his next graphic novel titled Espiritu, Texas 1887-2015 Andrés Vera Martínez illustration clients include The New York Times, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, CBS/Showtime, and ESPN, and his work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3x3, Junior Library Guild, Slate Cartoonist Studio, School Library Journal, Horn Book Magazine, NPR, and The New York Times. 
Maryland Institute College of Art MFA in Illustration PracticeTable: F 224
The MFA in Illustration Practice is a full residence interdisciplinary program where students reinvent their work & thinking on what it means to be an illustrator. It is a laboratory where students gain the courage & recklessness needed to follow their native creativity. Considering technologies, social needs & artistic perspectives, students intelligently break existing perceptions to be pioneers in the future of illustration. Directed by Whitney Sherman, she & Kimberly Ellen Hall as faculty are devoted educators/practitioners who persist in finding new areas of investigation.
Maryland Institute College of ArtTable: F 225
Comics, prints, and other products from illustration students at the Maryland Institute College of Art.
Dan Mazur / Ninth Art PressTable: B 129
Dan Mazur, artist, writer, editor, publisher from Cambridge, Mass. Debut-ing at MoCCA: the Golden Age/Modern Art mashup "Hooves of Death." Other comics include the historical mystery "The Jernegan Solution." Anthologies published by Ninth Art press include "Muqtatafat," the first Arab independent comics collection published in English, the zodiac-themed "What's Your Sign, Girl?" and "SubCultures."
Anna McGlynnTable: H 246 A
Anna McGlynn is a cartoonist from Philadelphia, currently living in Burlington, by way of Osaka. She is one half of the small press Rod&Cone.
Emily McLeanTable: D 151 B
Lillian MelcherTable: E 164

Lillian Melcher is an illustrator from Boston living in New York. She loves to draw animals, food, animals made from food, and flowers. When she is not obsessively painting her life away, she likes to laugh at medieval Iconography at he Met and bake pies with her friends. Lillian has a degree in illustration from Parsons the New School for Design. She is a dog person, a collector of unnecessary paper scraps, and wishes she was Aquaman. 

Melkmann ComicsTable: H 251
Michael Manomivibul IllustrationTable: F 226

Michael is a freelance illustrator whose work thrives on mystery and atmosphere. He’s been known to work on books about spooky beings and grand adventure. Select Clients: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Tor Books Scholastic IDW The Folio Society Scientific American 

Sylvan MigdalTable: H 261
Meredith MiotlkeTable: A 107
Mixtape ComicsTable: I 268
Holly Mongi and Karlen TamTable: D 145

Holly Mongi is an NYC-metro area artist who loves drawing animals and is currently working on her first children's book. See more of her work at: http://cargocollective.com/hollymongi Karlen Tam is an illustrator with heavy fondness for myths and fairy tales. Her most recent project is a book of stories and sketches based on Japanese Folktales. Her work can be found at riotofinvention.com

Montclair State UniversityTable: G 234


Moore College of Art & DesignTable: H 247, 248

Moore College of Art & Design is dedicated to excellence in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the first and only visual arts college for women in the United States. Exhibiting at MoCCA 2016 is a selection of senior illustrators and animators displaying their comic work at the height of their academic careers.

Maasa MuelhauptTable: D 146
Joanna NagyTable: E 178

Joanna Nagy is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Creating cute art is what she does best.

National Cartoonists SocietyTable: E 165


NBM PublishingTable: D 149, 148

Find and peruse the latest highly acclaimed graphic novels from NBM including ‘Cruising Through the Louvre’, the ‘Dungeon’ series’ final volumes, ‘Walking Wounded’, ‘Story of Lee’, ‘Persia Blues’ and much more with previews of forthcoming graphic novels. Also meet Julian Voloj of the bestselling ‘Ghetto Brother’. And bring your kids to see the latest from Papercutz from the charming ‘Ariol’ to the ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Thea Stilton’ series to the launch of the exciting online phenom ‘Only Living Boy’.

Josh Neufeld, Hang Dai EditionsTable: A 112
Sam NeukirchTable: J 297
Sam Neukirch (@samneukirch) is a local illustrator from Long Island. She loves campy retro sci-fi, giant robots, and underwater science adventures.
Jeremy NguyenTable: B 125
New York Review BooksTable: G 243
Nobrow (US) Inc./Flying Eye BooksTable: A 123, 122


Nobrow and Flying Eye Books are home to the finest work from illustrators all over the world. From graphic novels to children's picture books and unique objets d'art, we've always been on the frontiers of publishing expertly printed art with compelling stories you won't find anywhere else. We believe that nothing compares to the thrill of holding a beautiful book in your hands and watching a story come to life in front of your eyes, and we work to make sure that every story looks amazing!

Northwest PressTable: H 262

Northwest Press publishes a full line of graphic novels, collections, and comics that feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters of all kinds. We believe that comics are for everyone! We are delighted to be returning to MoCCA this year, with our special guests Dave Ebersole and Delia Gable, the creators of the new noir crime series DASH!

Carolyn NowakTable: F 207

Carolyn Nowak is a cartoonist and illustrator from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Now What MediaTable: E 170

Now What Media is a publisher of humor books and comics along with the satiric website nowwhatmedia.com. We're happy to return to MoCCA to premiere our brand-new collection of hilarious film criticism FLICK AND FLAK: MORE POISON CAPSULE REVIEWS. We'll also be featuring the gripping graphic novel THE GOLEM'S VOICE and our book of surprising sequels FURTHER ADVENTURES: NOW WHAT ANTHOLOGY No. 1.

Pamela NúñezTable: E 179 A
Sequential Artist and Illustrator based in Chicago, when she is not studying or working she is probably crying over fictional characters, she also draws two webcomics, Bitter Sweets and The Witch of Luminoza. 
Nicholas OffermanTable: J 279
Kensuke OkabayashiTable: J 282 A
Ken Wong's Origami ComicsTable: I 266

Ken Wong is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist best known for his ORIGAMI COMICS (self-published mini-comics emphasizing aspects and constraints of comics as folded paper artforms). He also self-publishes small-batch, artisanal comics such as Cyrano de Bergerac’s Ballade and Bonetti’s Defense. Ken’s other works in comics include pieces written for Secret Identities, the Asian American Superhero Anthology (The New Press) and Classics Illustrated: Cyrano de Bergerac (Papercutz).

Lily PadulaTable: F 204
Aatmaja Pandya Table: F 214 B
Aatmaja Pandya is a cartoonist and illustrator from New York. Her current project is Travelogue, a fantasy "diary" comic with a focus on worldbuilding.She likes drawing comics about wizards and video games and surly teens.
Pantheon BooksTable: E 159, 158
Pantheon Books was founded in 1942 in New York City by Helen and Kurt Wolff who had come to the United States to escape fascism and the Holocaust. Pantheon has published many critically acclaimed graphic novels and comics collections, including Ice Haven, La Perdida, Read Yourself RAW, Maus, In the Shadow of No Towers, and Black Hole. Many of its comics publications are high-quality collected editions of works originally serialized by other publishers.
Paper Rocket MinicomicsTable: H 253
Renée ParkTable: H 245

Illustrator and animator

Parsons the New School for DesignTable: J 283, 284
The Parsons Illustration program cultivates each student's unique vision while preparing him or her to translate it into a wide range of traditional and emerging media. Parsons Illustration's curriculum emphasizes visual thinking, art and design history and theory, and awareness of social and cultural concerns. Classes include the narrative-based Picture Story Workshop; the highly interdisciplinary Visual Politics; Toy Concept and Design, and Experimental Comics. Students expand the depth of their education by taking courses in other programs at Parsons and The New School. 
PEOWTable: H 258
Meg PetrilloTable: I 263 A

Sequential Artist and FIT student. 

Betsy PeterschmidtTable: J 290
Phase Seven Comics & Tugboat PressTable: E 176
Since 2002 Alec Longstreth has been proudly self-publishing his Ignatz Award-winning minicomic, Phase 7. Phase Seven Comics also publishes collections of Phase 7 and a variety of other zines. Tugboat Press is a micro-publisher of zines and minicomics from Portland, Oregon best know for their comic book anthologies Papercutter and Runner Runner. 

Kelly PhillipsTable: F 208 A

Kelly Phillips is a cartoonist living in West Philly. She is the creator of the recently concluded comic series Weird Me: the true story of her teenage years as the moderately successful webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site. She has appeared in publications such as Philadelphia City Paper, Quarter Moon, Superdames Comics, and Secret Prison. She is also the co-editor and publisher of the award-winning annual all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds.

Summer PierreTable: H 255
Summer Pierre is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer, and teacher living in the Hudson Valley, New York. She is the author of The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week ("A virtual bible for artists and day jobs" -The Boston Globe) and Great Gals: Inspired Ideas for Living a Kick-Ass Life. Her writing and art have appeared in The Rumpus, Hobart, The Nashville Review & Booth Literary Journal, among other places.
Carey PietschTable: F 207
Carey Pietsch (@careydraws) is a cartoonist and illustrator based out of Brooklyn. She's the artist on Lumberjanes issues #21-24 as well as the Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift miniseries. Her original work includes Keepsakes and other comics about magic & empathy. 
Bill PlymptonTable: C 140
PM PressTable: H 249

PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, visual and audio materials to entertain, educate, and inspire you.

Pyrite PressTable: J 288

Pyrite Press publishes the gold standard of comics, artist books, and literary zines. Based in Ridgewood, New York, we support distinct storytellers, providing a platform for undiscovered talents and established artists to expose printed, tangible forms of their work. We are proud to share these creative endeavors from authors we admire.

Andrew PrattTable: B 124
Pronto ComicsTable: I 265

Pronto Comics is an independent non-profit publishing company that has a general meeting regularly on the first Thursday. The meeting is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in making comics. We pair up writers with artists to work on self published projects, and it is our mission to help our members take the necessary steps to achieve their goals of working in the professional comic book industry.


Punkrock*Jazz PublishingTable: A 117 B
Pyrite PressTable: J 288



Monica Ramos and Rachel Levit Table: D 154
Monica Ramos is an illustrator from Phillipines, Rachel Levit is an illustrator from Mexico, they both live, laugh and love in New York.
RebusTable: E 172
Jessica RiessTable: I 263 A

Jess is an Illustrator from Westchester, NY. Using Ink, watercolor, and digital media, she likes to create work with an emphasis on mood and character. She is also overly fond of cats, which is evident from some of the stuff she has at her table. 

Gregory RenaudTable: E 179 B
Angela RizzaTable: A 103 A


Aedan RobertsTable: J 296
Aedan Roberts is an artist and animator living out of Bushwick, Brooklyn. His current projects include an exploration of Inner Demons and a satirical series of Nintendo Nudes.
Rod & Cone PressTable: H 246 A
Michele RosenthalTable: H 260
Michele Rosenthal is a freelance illustrator living in Brooklyn, where she plays trivia enthusiastically but poorly. She also runs the blogs "Criterion Affection" and "Queer Portraits in History."
Bill RoundyTable: I 267

Bill mostly makes non-fiction comics about being a drunk in Brooklyn. He draws comic strip bar reviews for the Brooklyn Paper ("Bar Scrawl"), recounts his life of stylish poverty in the journal comic "The Amazing Adventures of Bill," and sometimes draws sexy monsters for fun. His comic about dating transgender men, "Orientation Police," was an Internet sensation in 2014, but thank goodness that's over with. 

Kenan RubensteinTable: D 147
Chris RussoTable: J 297


Chris Russo is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer making his debut at MoCCA this year. He graduated Pratt Institute in 2011 and currently works in the publishing industry.

Greg RuthTable: F 217, 218
Greg Ruth is a New York Times Bestselling Author of The Lost Boy and has worked making books and comics since 1993.  He has created two music videos for Prince and Rob Thomas, and has worked on nearly a dozen children's picture books including Our Enduring Spirit (with Barak Obama) and Coming Home. Greg and Ethan will be publishing their first graphic novel together, INDEH this June 7. He lives and works in Western Massachusetts. 
Christina RyczTable: C 134
School of Visual ArtsTable: A 119, 118

Represented by the Cartoon Allies, SVA's student-run, comics-based organization, the School of Visual Arts is a college of art and design that aims to educate future generations of artists, designers and creative professionals across the spectrum of the visual arts, from cartooning to film and video. We offer a professional standing faculty, a passionate student body, rigorous curriculums, industry standards within our studio facilities, and the energy and excitement that is New York City.

School of Visual Arts/ MFA Visual Narrative Table: A 121, 120

If you are a visual storyteller working in illustration, design, photography, film, animation, or a "multi-disciplinarian" interested in improving your original content and finding your narrative voice, the MFA Visual Narrative program might be what you are looking for. Comprised of three eight-week summer sessions in NYC and two academic years online, the program is designed for both working professionals and recent graduates from all creative disciplines, dedicated to the art and craft of visual storytelling as both artist and author. Applications remain open for June 2016. 

Secret AcresTable: F 201
Amanda ScurtiTable: H 257
Amanda Scurti is a Queens-based illustrator, cartoonist & colorist. 
SelfMadeHeroTable: G 237, 238


UK-based graphic novel publisher SelfMadeHero publishes ground-breaking and beautiful work by authors and artists from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. SelfMadeHero's spring 2016 releases include An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist, Irmina by Barbara Yelin, and Munch by Steffen Kverneland.

Kate SheridanTable: G 233

Kate Sheridan is a fantasy comic artist, illustrator, and animator preparing to graduate from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her work features magic, Celtic folklore, cats, and girls with swords.

Anuj ShresthaTable: C 133, 132

Anuj Shrestha is a Nepali-American cartoonist and illustrator. His comics have been listed in several editions of The Best American Comics anthology. His illustration work has appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy and Hazlitt. He is currently working on an ongoing horror/noir comics series, Genus. More of his work can be viewed at anujink.com.

Kim Sielbeck Table: C 133, 132
Gwenevere SingleyTable: D 150 B

Gwenevere Singley is an illustrator, comic creator, and mastermind of the Wayward Queen webcomic, an account of the challenges faced by people trapped in a world plagued by a wayward queen whose ramblings add to the landscape: "Where the Queen goes, the realm grows", and chaos follows soon after! Myriad other projects percolate from the Gwenesphere at intervals, from extravagant paintings to odd tales. Recently, a batch of inky imps has emerged, and what they are up to is anyone's guess!

R. SikoryakTable: B 128 A

R. Sikoryak is the author of Masterpiece Comics (Drawn & Quarterly) and iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel (itunestandc.tumblr.com). He has drawn for The New Yorker, The Onion, MAD, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and many other places. His comics have recently been included in The Best American Comics 2015, The Graphic Canon, Drawn and Quarterly, and Fable Comics. He also hosts the long-running comics performance series Carousel. 

Gwenevere Singley Table: D 150 B
Siren's Calling: A Horror NoirTable: A 106

SIREN'S CALLING: A HORROR NOIR is a creator-owned graphic novel by John T. Trigonis & Lauren Clemente that spins a sordid story of Lorie Lye, a mythical siren from the sea who, fed up with her man-eating ways, chooses to leave it all behind her for a shot at the glitz and glamour of starlet life in Hollywood, California, 1947. 

So What? PressTable: I 272
So What? Press, started by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal, has been publishing comics of all shapes and sizes since 2011. Their series "Tales of the Night Watchman" was featured in the book "Blood in Four Colours: A Graphic History of Horror Comics"; Lara Antal's "A Comic Guide to Brewing" is arguably the best-selling comic about coffee; and their minicomic "Invisible Wounds" by Jess Ruliffson is a recipient of the MoCCA Award of Excellence.
Kevin Jay StantonTable: A 102
I'm a freelance illustrator with a green thumb and penchant for creating more work than one person can handle. Making zines and pretty things. Also the co-creator of 1001 Knights!
Static Fish/Pratt Comic ClubTable: F 229

We are Pratt's student run comic club and anthology! We produce our biannual Static Fish, run a club for Pratt students to gather, partake in drawing games and collaborate on comic projects! We operate out of Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood at the Pratt Institute. Our anthology has been printing since 1985.

Noelle StevensonTable: C 135
Annie StollTable: A 102

By day Annie Stoll is an award winning designer/illustrator as well as a Grammy nominated Art Director. By night, she loves to work on comics & anthologies. Annie is the artist behind the webcomic, Odecomic.com with writer T Ferrara. She is also the art director & creator of the Year 85 group which recently published the shojo anthology, Hana Doki Kira. Annie is currently working on the massive people-positive anthology 1001 Knights along with co-creator, Kevin Jay Stanton. (She also bakes a mean pineapple upsidedown cake.)

Wellington SunTable: H 256
Wellington Sun is a cartoonist and illustrator. He lives in Queens with his fiancee and their cat baby.
Jia SungTable: F 208 B

Jia Sung is a painter and illustrator, born in Minnesota, bred in Singapore, now based in Brooklyn. In her spare time, she is a monkey.

The Illustration Program at Syracuse UniversityTable: E 166, 167

Illustrators arouse curiosity, stimulate interest, tell stories, and illuminate issues. Syracuse University's B.F.A. and M.F.A. degree programs balances imagination and individual expression with continual refinement of skills in drawing, painting, design, digital skills and research. Alumni in the program are successful in such areas as illustration for children's books, graphic novels, newspaper and magazine publishing, greeting cards, licensing, and advertising, as well as visual development in animated films, television, and the video game industry.

Whit TaylorTable: B 128 B
Whit Taylor is a cartoonist, writer, and editor from New Jersey. 
Veronica TolentinoTable: A 115, 116

Veronica Tolentino is an illustrator and print maker who graduated from the School of Visual Arts. She manages her time as a graphic designer, freelance illustrator, and owner of her online store featuring her silk screen and illustration work. You can visit her shop on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/veronicatolentino.

TOON BooksTable: A 113
ToughSpirit CreationsTable: D 153
Uncivilized BooksTable: D 155
Rosemary Valero-O'ConnellTable: G 242
Alyssa Jo VarnerTable: I 272

Alyssa is a freelance graphic designer + illustrator living in Brooklyn. She writes + draws the comic book series "Blown Away."

Windsor & Newton
Noella WhitneyTable: J 289 A
Alison WilgusTable: G 231
Kriota WillbergTable: B 128 A

Kriota Willberg makes comics and art about body-oriented sciences. As a cartoonist she is best known for her mini comics about injury prevention for drawers. Her comics appear(ed) in Sub Cultures, The Intima Journal, and the next Graphic Canon. Kriota’s Pathology Laffs series explores and jokes about anatomy, epidemiology, history, and everything in between. This spring she is teaching anatomy for artists at the New York Academy of Medicine.

Brigitte WoltjenTable: H 257
Dana WulfekotteTable: I 274

Dana Wulfekotte [wolf-kah-tee] is an animator, comic artist, and children's book author/illustrator. She has done work for clients such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox, and The Onion. Her debut picture book, Rabbit and Possum, will be published by Greenwillow some time in the not-so-distant future. She currently lives in Queens with her boyfriend and two rabbits. You can see more of her work at danawulfekotte.com

Yao XiaoTable: I 264

Yao Xiao is a China-born illustrator based in New York City. Yao Xiao creates artwork depicting a poetic visual world where complex concepts and human emotions are examined, amplified, and given physical form. Her work has helped people all over the globe connect at unique moments, from the celebration of the 20 Year Anniversary of the SXSW Interactive Festival, to the grand release of pop singer Katy Perry’s single ‘Dark Horse.’ She has created deeply emotional and beautiful graphics for editorial print publications, pop music record covers, concert posters and book covers.

Wendy XuTable: E 157
Xin YinTable: A 109
Xin Yin is an illustrator, animator and designer working in New Rochelle, NY. She studied Animation in RIT, and got her master degree in 2014. Her thesis animation A FLOWER IN THE BOX was showed in many Film Festivals. Currently she is working on her own illustration projects. 
Youth in DeclineTable: F 202


Daniel ZenderTable: A 104
Z2 ComicsTable: C 142, 143