Gabrielle Bell, "Twenty-Eight"

Gabrielle Bell

Save the Date: An Evening with Bell and Boulet

April 25, 2013
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


from the comic "Fiscal Fantasy", Boulet



With a good mix of humor and pathos, Boulet and Gabrielle Bell both write webcomics inspired by anecdotes from their daily lives. These short stories take on society and contemporary life, travels, travails, and preoccupations.  Sit down with these witty and incisive authors at the Society of Illustrators for a conversation moderated by Karen Green, graphic novel librarian at Butler Library, Columbia University.


This event is presented in conjunction with the series: Picture This! Conversations with illustrators from Paris and NY, organized by Cultural Services of the French Embassy (more info).



Suggest donation $10

Please plan on arriving early, seating is limited!




Boulet's work floats from fantasy to comedy.  He got his start fifteen years ago, while still an art school student in Strasbourg, France, and has since produced two volumes for the series "Dungeon" with Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim.  Back in Style (NBM) is available in the U.S. and Noirness (Adhouse Books) will be launched in April.  In France, Boulet has published more than forty books including his children's comic series "Raghnarok".  His webcomic BouletCorp is wildly popular in both French (with 50,000 daily visitors) and English (with around 8,000 daily visitors). 


Gabrielle Bell can't seem to stop collecting.  In 1998 she began her "Book of" miniseries, which resulted in the collection When I'm Old and Other Stories.  She gathered the best episodes from her semi-autobiographical comic strip blog "Lucky" in her latest book The Voyeurs (Uncivilized books). Her work has been selected for the 2007 and 2009 Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction.  Bell's comic "Cecil and Jordan in New York" was adapted for the film anthology Tokyo! by Michel Gondry.