01/12/2016 Announcing the 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival visual by Noelle Stevenson

 08/10/2015 Society of Illustrators Names New Venue For 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival!

 03/24/2015 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival Announces Programming Schedule:

 03/11/2015 MoCCA Arts Festival 2015 Announces Featured International Guests: Goetzinger, Manouach, Bagieu and More

 03/04/2015 The Society of Illustrators and SPX: The Small Press Expo are pleased to announce Alt-Weekly Comics

 02/26/2015 Announcing the 2015 Comic and Cartoon Art Annual Winners and Exhibit

 01/28/2015 The Society of Illustrators is proud to release the visual for the 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival by Eleanor Davis!

 01/22/2015 MoCCA Arts Festival partners with the historic High Line Hotel to host weekend programming!

 01/01/2015 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival IN THE NEWS

 01/01/2015 Society of Illustrators Announces the 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival Jury

 09/24/2014 Society of Illustrators Names First Guests, New Venue For 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival!

 01/14/2014 The Society of Illustrators is proud to announce the selection of Robert Newman as this year’s Richard Gangel Art Director Award recipient and Kadir Nelson as the Hamilton King Award Winner.

 12/05/2013 Joost Swarte Among International Guests for 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival

 05/10/2010 Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Fiona Staples and Robert Williams Headline 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival

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 02/24/2013 Announcing Jury for 2013 MoCCA Arts Festival Honors

 01/21/2013 Bill Griffith named Guest of Honor at MoCCA Arts Festival

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 12/14/2012 Society of Illustrators Announces Plans For Inaugural MoCCA Arts Festival

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 08/26/2012 Red Nose Studio describes working on the Call for Entries poster

 08/19/2012 SI donates OA books to New Alternatives

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 05/10/2010 Huffington Post features the Society's Illustrators 54 exhibit in this year's Armory Show

 02/07/2012 Untapped New York features a behind the scenes look at the Society

 11/06/2011 Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York proclaim the second week of Nov. to be ILLUSTRATION WEEK!

 10/01/2011 The Children's Book Council features The Original Art 2011

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 05/10/2010 NYC's Historic Society of Illustrators Receives Second NEA Grant

 04/12/2011 As R.Crumb is Feted by Fellow Artists, an Illustrated Homage by Drew Friedman, Vanity Fair

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 03/31/2011 Red Bull interviews Monte Beauchamp

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 01/04/2011 Asaf Hanuka and Koren Shadmi featured by the Consulate General of Israel in NY

 11/09/2010 New Robert Cunningham website!

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 11/01/2010 ShelfAwareness celebrates the OA's 30th birthday!

 10/25/2010 The Huffington Post features the 2010 Original Art Exhibit

 10/18/2010 The 2009 OA Traveling Show at the Hearst Center for the Arts

 10/18/2010 National Endowment for the Arts, a thank you from Michelle Obama

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 07/30/2010 EARTH exhibit closing on NY1

 07/19/2010 Audio Slideshow by onearth

 07/01/2010 2010 Summer Illustration Academy

 06/10/2010 SI and The Campanile Foundation announce the first recipients of the Society of Illustrators Scholarship in Memory of Joyce Rogers Kitchell.

 06/10/2010 Lunch with Murray, from Today's Inspiration

 06/10/2010 Daily News features ''EARTH''

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 05/09/2010 SCAD celebrates Darien McCoy's scholarship win

 05/09/2010 Lines and Colors reviews the 2010 Student Scholarship

 05/08/2010 Univeristy of the Arts Senior Wins Presitigious Scholarship

 04/27/2010 The Society of Illustrators has been awarded its first-ever National Endowment for the Arts grant

 03/24/2010 All Blab, No Flab By C. Edwards on City Arts

 03/17/2010 The Society of Illustrators in NYC presents "BLAB!: A Retrospective" by Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

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