Aaron Meshon, Supa Sento

Steven Tabbutt, Infest

Brian Rea, Modern Love
Illustrators 54: Sequential-Series, Moving Image and Uncommissioned

January 04, 2012 - January 21, 2012


Elizabeth Baddeley, Swimmer Girls, Sequential Gold Medal winner



The first of the three-part “Annual Exhibition: Illustrators 54,” the Sequential/Series, Moving Image and Uncommissioned Exhibit will be held at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators January 4 to January 28, 2012. It features works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide, selected by a prestigious jury of professionals.


Sequential/Series work includes multi-image projects for which a sequence of images is necessary to fully convey an idea or story.  Examples include work produced for comic books, art journalism or graphic novels.    This year's Gold Medal winners include Elizabeth Baddeley, Alessandro Gottardo and GB Tran.  Silver Medals go to Brian Rea and Michael Sloan.


In its first year as a new category, work featured in the Moving Image section feature animation for commercial purposes such as tv or online advertisements, short or feature length movies, ebooks, apps.  Gold Medal winners include Leo Espinosa, Ian Higginbotham, and Emiliano Ponzi.  Silver Medals are awarded to André da Loba and Bill Plympton.  Moving Image pieces will run in the new Winsor McCay Screening Room in the Lower Gallery of the Museum.


Uncommissioned pieces include all self-generated work.  Gold Medal winners include Chris Buzelli and Aaron Meshon.  Silver Medals go to Daniel Hertzberg, Steven Tabbutt and Brian Won.


Aaron Meshon

Supa Sento

Uncommissioned Gold Medal Winner

acrylic on paper


Steve Tabbut


Uncommissioned Silver Medal Winner

acrylic on paper


Brian Rea

Modern Love

Sequential Silver Medal Winner

pencil, pen, ink and digital

Art Directed by Rodrigo Honeywell and John Cohoe

New York Times