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Illustration by Benton Clark
Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

illustration by Mary Blair

Since 1958, the Society of Illustrators has elected to its Hall of Fame artists recognized for their distinguished achievement in the art of illustration. Artists are elected by former presidents of the Society and are chosen based on their body of work and the impact it has made on the field of illustration.



2014 Hall of Fame Honorees:

Al Jaffee
Al Jaffee 2014 Al Jaffee began his career in 1941 working as a comic-book artist for several publications including Timely Comics and Atlas Comics , both precursors to Marvel Comics . He first appeared in Mad in 1955, and as of 2014 remains it's longest-running contributor. In 1964 Jaffee created the Fold- ...
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Alex Raymond
Alex Raymond 2014  Alex Raymond was an American cartoonist, best known for creating Flash Gordon in 1934, is known as "the artist's artist" and his personal style has become much admired. His ability to combine craftsmanship with emotions and all the gimmicks of a good adventure strip earned his work immediat ...
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Ed Sorel
Ed Sorel 2014 Sorel works in various mediums-pen and ink, pastel, grease pencil, and watercolor-depending on whether he is drawing a political cartoon, illustrating a children's book, or creating a mural. Whatever his method, his art invariably contains wit, draftsmanship, and gestures that reveal character. So ...
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Mary Blair
Mary Blair 2014 Mary Blair, an honored Disney Legend, began her lifelong multifaceted art career as a graduate of the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. While her fine art and illustration she created outside of her association with Disney is not widely known, Blair's bold and groundbreaking color design s ...
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Syd Mead
Syd Mead 2014 Syd Mead's accomplished career is shown in the variety and breadth of his work. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in 1959, he immediately secured a position in the advanced styling studio of Ford Motor Company where his unique design style and illustration technique began to b ...
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Walter Everett
Walter Everett 2014 Based on the surviving fraction of his work that he himself mostly destroyed, Walter Everett is often judged to be one of the finest painter-illustrators of the Golden Age. He studied with Howard Pyle and worked for a number of popular magazines, including Ladies' Home Journal, Scribner's, ...
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William Cameron Menzies
William Cameron Menzies 2014 William Cameron Menzies was an Academy Award-winning film production designer (the first of his kind), and an art director who also worked as a director, producer, and screenwriter during a career that spanned five decades. He established himself in Hollywood with his elaborate sett ...
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