Annual Exhibitor List


Toma Vagner
Toma was born on Sakhalin Island, Russia, now living and working in New York City as an illustrator. She graduated with BFA from The School Of Visual Arts. In her work she breaks down her subject matters into evolving sequences, movement and characters, creating wonderfully chaotic compositions. Alongside commissions and commercial work, Toma is constantly working on personal projects, with her subjects ranging from music and fairy tales to toys and mazes.
Francis Vallejo
Francis Vallejo is a Detroit native, American artist. He has worked with Candlewick Press, Folio Society, Snapple, VIBE, and Camelbak as well as exhibiting at The Anchorage Museum, Gallery Nucleus, and Pixar studios. Vallejo is an Assistant Professor of Illustration at the College for Creative Studies. His work can be characterized by traditional media experimentation with a heavy foot in classical picture making and draftsmanship.
Colin Verdi
Digital painting done for Babeland Toys, featuring a cheeky tarot card reading. Used as digital advertising on Instagram and
Amber Vittoria
Amber Vittoria is an artist working in New York City; her work focuses on the accurate portrayal women within art, and she has collaborated with like-minded brands, such as Gucci, The New York Times, and Instagram, on pieces that further said narrative.