Character Puppet Project: Lion Character

1. Collect Materials 

You will need a paper plate or stiff paper cut into a circle approx 9” round. A popsicle stick, straw or rolled paper - approx 6” long. Colored pencils, crayons, markers, small scissors and tape. 

2. Facial Expressions 

Use a paper plate or use stiff paper cut into a circle - draw around a salad plate approx 9” then draw around a saucer to create the face and mane. Draw the outline of the facial features of your character, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, ears, eyebrows. Think about the expression: happy, fierce, funny. Which way are his eyes looking? 

3. Coloring 

Choose your colors and have fun coloring in your character - for the lion he can have a fun multicolored mane, making short line strokes with your pencil or pen will create hair strands. 

4. Haircut 

When you are happy with your coloring, take your regular scissors (or multi- blade craft / herb scissors if you have some) and cut small snips..... Fluff the strands for a hairy effect!

5. Puppet Stick 

Tape your stick to the middle of the back side of your lion so that 4” hangs below for you to hold. See photo. Now you can make more characters. Think of fun ones to make. You can cut different head shapes too. With your character puppets you can create a puppet show! 

Download and print Activity Sheet here. Activity created by Clare Pernice.