Illuminated Editions with Paul Pope, Rebekka Dunlap, and Maëlle Doliveux

May 30, 2019 |
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join us for a conversation with publishers and artists behind the series Illuminated Editions, a collection of titles that matches the greatest graphic artists in the world with classic works of fiction, prose and poetry from centuries past. Featuring Beehive Books publishers Josh O'Neill and Maëlle Doliveux with Rebekka Dunlap (The Blazing World) and Paul Pope (The Willows and Other Nightmares). 

Learn more about the books and our current exhibit ILLUMINATED EDITIONS: Classic Books, Reimagined Through Illustration.

$15 Non-members | $10 Members | $7 Seniors/students (Undergrad with valid ID)



Beehives Books presents the series Illuminated Editions