MoCCA Arts Festival Gallery

The MoCCA Arts Festival exhibitor hall located, at Metropolitan West at West 46th Street between 11th and 12th Avenue, features a gallery of original art. Special guests and masters in the field will display their iconic images on the second floor. Entrance to the gallery is included in the price of your entry ticket.

The Society of Illustrators is proud to present a collection of work from Drew Friedman's exhibit "Heroes of The Comics".

Drew Friedman’s two recent books Heroes of the Comics and More Heroes of the Comics, published by Fantagraphics books, depicted the great early comic book creators who entered into the dawn of the business between 1935–1955, a milestone in the early history of comic books. The Museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators is proud to present 100 original, meticulous color illustrations from Friedman’s two books.

Among the colorful subjects are comics pioneer Max (M.C.) Gaines, the creators of Superman Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, and Superman publishers Harry Donenfled and Jack Liebowitz, and comic book legends including Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Will Eisner, (the subject of a large concurrent exhibition also at SI celebrating his 100th birthday), Jack Kirby, Martin Goodman, Harvey Kurtzman, Stan Lee, Wally Wood, William M. Gaines, C.C. Beck, Joe Kubert, Jack Cole, Steve Ditko, Al Jaffee, Carl Barks, Jules Feiffer, James Warren, and many more.

Also included in the gallery will be several early female creators including Marie Severin and author Patricia Highsmith who began her career writing for comics, and several African American creators, among them Matt Baker, Alvin Hollingsworth  and Orrin C. Evans. The greats and the near greats, many long forgotten with the passage of time but who deserve recognition for their work, now revived in Friedman’s two books and this exhibition.

Drew Friedman will also be featured as a Guest of Honor at the MoCCA Arts Festival. Further scheduling information regarding his visit will be available in future announcements. Following the MoCCA Arts Fest exhibit, "Heroes of the Comics" will move to the Society of Illustrators at 128 East 63 Street, to be on display from May 2 - June 4.