Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List

Jonathan DeDecker
Born in 1992 in Tucson, Arizona, Jonathan DeDecker. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in the Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Department at Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia, PA.


Aatmaja Pandya
Cartoonist, illustrator, and little brown bird.
Ada Price - Dancing Bears
Ada Price is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Brooklyn. Her books include Moon Glop, Caligula, The Everyday Death of the Everyday Saint, and Wandering Retreats.
Akeem is a comic book artist, illustrator, and animator based in Brooklyn. He has been drawing since childhood, and loves to draw a range of characters that represent the diversity he wanted to see when he was younger. Akeem draws comics about his daily life with his partner and their two cats as well as illustrations of people, animals, and the city. Akeem is on Instagram and Twitter as @akeemteam.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres is an artist from Brooklyn who makes comics, zines, paintings, collages and wrestling belts. He sells his work for BIG MONEY. His books 'Alex Torres Artist Jam vol.1' and 'Alex Torres Art Explosion' will be at MoCCA and he will be exhibiting as a part of the ARTech Collective. Instagram: otorresexit
Alfonso de Anda
Alfonso de Anda is a Mexican illustrator based in New York. His fun illustration and storytelling has lead him to take part of all sorts of projects like editorial illustrations, animated series development, advertising campaigns, children's books and painting murals to name a few.
Alison Wilgus
Alison Wilgus is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and cartoonist who's been working in comics for over a decade. Her latest work is Chronin, a queer historical science-fiction duology from Tor books, and Science Comics: Flying Machines, which was published by First Second and illustrated by Molly Brooks. In her spare time, she co-hosts a podcast about comics publishing called “Graphic Novel TK” with Gina Gagliano.
Allison Conway
Allison Conway is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration in 2016. She has worked with clients like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Yale University, and for over two years has published a comic strip in Vice about a pillbug named Millie. She has a debut graphic novel coming out with Top Shelf Productions in February 2020 titled The Lab.
Angel Chang
Angel Chang is an illustrator from Taiwan. Her artwork tends to reflect her appreciation of subtle emotions and beauty in imperfections. She often got inspired by relations of space and time.
Angela De Vito - Shadowcat Studios
Angela De Vito is a freelance animator, storyboard artist and character designer working in NYC. She graduated from SVA with a BFA in Animation in 2014 and since has worked on animation for commercials and series pitches. Angela has worked for such studios as Hornet Inc. , Titmouse Inc. , Aardman Nathan Love, Man vs Magnet, CHRLX, Click 3x and Disney Digital Network. She is currently working on her first graphic novel, Heartless Prince, for Disney Hyperion.
Angela Rizza Illustration
Angela Rizza graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in 2011 and since, has been creating artwork in Mahopac, NY. Her work is inspired greatly by the wildlife around her home, and her favorite stories she read growing up. The intricate work is hand drawn in ink and color is applied digitally, and she is greatly influenced by classical storybook illustrators and her favorite plants and animals.
Ann Xu
Ann Xu is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and illustrator working in Baltimore. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her comics are filled with themes of childhood, home, and relationships.
Ashcan Digital Academy
F210, 211, 212
Founded in 2017, the Ashcan Digital Academy provides opportunities for its students to thrive as digital artists. Our school has grown into a large community of artists of all ages and skill levels, along with a faculty comprised of talented entertainment artists who share their knowledge and experiences. It is our firm belief that anyone can become a great artist with hard work, but we at Ashcan are also here to help our students every step of the way.
Ashley Valera - Vahlre
Ashley Valera is a Latina illustrator and graphic designer. Her friends know her as a lover of galaxies and witches. Ashley's illustrations often show women through a magical lens. She hopes to capture confidence, relatability, and emotion in her illustrations. Ashley graduated from New York City College of Technology with a Degree in Communications Design in 2018.
Aya Kakeda
A103, 104, 105, 106
Aya Kakeda was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and is based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is widely influenced by folk art and folktales, and reflects the current world from her personal perspective. Aya Also takes her imaginary friends to travel, exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the world. Come by and check out her new RISO books!


Ben Granoff
Ben Granoff has been cartoonisting in New York City since 2002. He collaborates with and supports the ARTech Collective and teaches storyboarding at the New York Film Academy. SEMPER COMICS!
Ben Nadler
F208 A
Ben Nadler is an illustrator and writer from Wisconsin living in Chicago, IL. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has published "Heretics!" with Princeton University Press in 2017 and "The White Snake" with Toon Books, out this spring. In addition, he self publishes an annual risograph anthology comic called "Sonder".
Birdcage Bottom Books
Celebrating a decade of publishing & distributing innovative comics with a focus on compelling storytelling and art!


Carlo Quispe
Carlo Quispe is a NYC based cartoonist, originally from Lima, Peru. He works as an arts educator and freelance artist. Carlo created the humor comics magazine Uranus, published by Printed Matter in 2010 with cartoonist Mike Diana and contributed to comics like Strapazin, WW3 Illustrated, Alphabet, Juicy Mother Vol. 2, and 2014 Ignatz award winner QU33R. Find out more at
Catarina Rodrigues
Catarina Rodrigues is a digital artist from New Jersey. During her early years as an artist, Catarina has gathered inspiration from works of Stephen Gimmel, Greg Simkins, and Jim Henson. Catarina attended Montclair State University to earn a B.F.A in Animation and Illustration. Her background consists of working alongside animators, mocap artists, game designers, and children book illustrators. Today, Catarina is developing her whimsical vision through her digital paintings and illustrations.
Chloe M. Giroux
A103, 104, 105, 106
Chloe M. Giroux is a New York based illustrator, born and raised just outside of the city. She recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2018 with a BFA in Illustration. Her many zines, artist books, and paintings feature her love of nature and wild mythologies of her own creation.
Christian Ray C. Blaza
Christian Blaza is a New Jersey based illustrator. He graduated Montclair State University in May 2015 with a BFA in Animation/Illustration. Now a member of Society of Illustrators and Society of Philippine American Artist, he works freelance with an interest in editorial and fantasy illustration. When he’s not doodling, he enjoys being a huge nerd with a passion for video games.
Christopher Lauto
I266 A
Christopher Lauto is a New York based freelance illustrator. His work joins traditional printmaking with the digital medium. Many of his pieces incorporate tradition linoleum prints as their line work. He is an alumni of both St. John's University and Queens College and he has completed work for the D&D Twitch stream "Rivals of Water Deep" and is currently working on the graphic novel "1629".
A103, 104, 105, 106
Ciou succeeded to gain a relevant place in the world of lowbrow . The exhibit that gave her international visibility was in 2004 at the Flux Factory gallery in New York City with the group show » Cute and Scary » . Since then she was exhibited all around the world : Japan, Usa, Europe and Australia . She is represented in the Netherlands by the gallery Kochxbos in Amsterdam. Heterogenous, abundant and firmly alternative, Ciou’s world is a visual compendium of fantastic themes and styles.
Clair Gunther
Clair Gunther makes comic books which you can find around town. The all new Fruit Friends #5 will drop the night before the festival so pick one up, yo! She won the Will Eisner Scholarship last summer.
Clarissa Eck
Clarissa is an illustrator-turned-potter. She produces pottery on the wheel and carves illustrations into each piece individually. In addition to pottery, she is a painter and printmaker. Clarissa uses natural imagery to evoke a sense of the sublime, elevate the divine feminine, and draw attention to the human relationship with the larger cosmos. She studied Illustration at Pratt Institute.
Coin-Op Books | Peter and Maria Hoey
Brother and Sister artists. Since 2007 they have independently published their comics under the name COIN-OP. The first hardcover collection of their work: COIN-OP COMICS ANTHOLOGY 1997-2017, published by Top Shelf Productions / IDW Publishing, is out now. Their new accordion fold book: AMERICAN NOIR is debuting at MoCCA Fest!
Colin Verdi
Colin Verdi is an illustrator and designer living and working in Manhattan. His illustration work spans several different types of media, including both traditionally and digitally painted artwork. He has been featured internationally in publications, drawn advertisements which have been recognized by the Society of Illustrators for inclusion in their 61st annual, and has also been commissioned to draw live for clients including: The Met Opera, Kiehl's, Google, and more.
Cuddles and Rage
Liz and Jimmy Reed are the husband-and-wife team behind Cuddles and Rage, a world full of disturbingly cute stories with heart. What began as a webcomic featuring doodles and dioramas of anthropomorphic food has grown to include books, animation, and product design. Their work has been featured by Nerdist, The Washington Post, and NPR.
Cynthia Soto
Cynthia Soto is an artist from New York City. Prints of her work will be available at table G236 as a part of the ARTech Collective.
Czap Books
H253 B
Czap Books is a micro-press based in Providence, RI dedicated to publishing comics that celebrate the poetic, the personal, and the weird. They also co-publish the art-inspired comics series Ley Lines.


D.B. Dowd
D.B. Dowd is a writer & illustrator who publishes the journal Spartan Holiday as well as other titles, including Stick Figures: Drawing as a Human Practice, issued in association with the Norman Rockwell Museum. Spartan Holiday No. 3: French Lesson is debuting at MoCCA. Dowd is Professor of Art & American Culture Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. He writes on the history and theory of illustration and teaches in Wash U’s new MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture program.
Dan and Jason
Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson are: cartoonists, writers, and all round bon vivants. Jason is a contributor to the New Yorker and Dan’s comics were published in Nickelodeon magazine. They’ve worked with Art Spiegelman, created shows for Disney and Nickelodeon, and their new children’s comic Blue, Berry, and Pancakes is being published by First Second Publishing. Their stories mix of twisted humor and heartfelt joy. Here at MoCCA they are debuting their new all ages comic Barb The Last Berserker!
Danielle Draik
Danielle Draik (D. Draik) is an internationally collected multimedia artist, born and based in New York City. Her work focuses on identity, the occult, and what shapes the Self. She really digs zines and self-publishing, having art books on demons, death entities, hypnagogic hallucinations, and bodily glitches. She really likes making largescale public work.
David Hillman
Picked up a pencil at the age of 6 and nobody had the good sense to stop him, David kept right on drawing. Started working professionally right after high school , David has worked in many fields of illustration such as comicbooks, storyboards, gaming, animation, and publishing. David is debuting his first picture book, Berkley, A Nose Tale.
Deanna De Maglie
Deanna "Dean" De Maglie is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator based in Brooklyn. Dean likes to make work about connection and lack there of with levity.
Dingding Hu - Hu is Hungry
Dingding Hu is a New York based illustrator who specializes in documenting daily life in a simplified modern digital style and presenting it with little surprises and humor. Her goal is to reveal daily extraordinary as well as delight and inspire others with illustration. “Hu is Hungry” is a stationery collection of Dingding's work, which reflects her passion and curiosity of life. Dingding constantly gets hungry and think feeding her stomach and mind is a very important priority.


Earl Womack
Connecticut born Illustrator and Co-Creator of the graphic novel Tunnel Rat (written by Matt Durand).
Eddie Ahn - Pie Club
Eddie Ahn is an illustrator and artist based in San Francisco. While working as an environmental nonprofit lawyer, he has been recognized a Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, and his art can be enjoyed on
Eli Neugeboren & Tiny Art Directors
Eli is an illustrator & professor who lives and works in Brooklyn. He writes and draws The Long Shadows, and other titles, and his series "Drawing the News" has over 1400 drawings to date. The Tiny Art Directors are Zack (8) and Leo (5) and they love to draw the Titanic, zombies, superheroes, and pretty much everything.
Ellen Lindner
Creator of Cranklet's Chronicle, a comix zine about women, baseball and social change, and the editor of The Strumpet, a yearly anthology of work by cartoonists identifying as women. Author of the Ignatz-nominated The Black Feather Falls, and Undertow.
Elvin Flores
Elvin Flores' artwork reflects joy. He has been exhibiting in New York City since 2007 at MoMA, The Queens Museum, Pace University and beyond. He is exhibiting as a part of ARTech Collective.


First Second Books
First Second Books publishes high quality graphic novels for everyone who loves to read. We are committed to excellence in storytelling, in artwork, and in production. First Second publishes books of lasting value, books that stay in your heart and mind, and on your bookshelf.
FIT MFA In Illustration
Earn your MFA in New York City, Study with award winning professional illustrators.The FIT MFA in Illustration is focused on visual communication with an emphasis on drawing foundations, contextual and theoretical knowledge, and the professional application of the current illustration industry. FIT is part of the State University of New York system.
Forward Comix
Forward Comix is an award-winning, indie publisher, based in Brooklyn, New York. Our socially conscious brand currently publishes select works in the form of graphic novels. With a strong commitment to excellence, we follow our passion to see works of fiction that reflect a better understanding of the world in which we live, and remarkable visions of the future.
Fran Meneses FRANNERD
E177 A
New York based Illustrator and author. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, uploads comics regularly on instagram and sells stationery, self published books and zines. When she's not kissing her fat cat Hamburguesa (or drawing) Fran uploads videos of her daily life as an artist on youtube and she's currently working on her new graphic novel.


Gaby Ramirez
I'm a woman on the Spectrum who creates Manga under the pen name Puella Comicò. My dream is to break into the Japanese market and have my work adapted into various media. My comic "Guardians of the Two Worlds!" is debuting at MOCCA fest. I am exhibiting as a part of the ARTech Collective.
Gideon Kendall
Gideon is the Eisner Award-winning artist of Harvey Kurtzman's Marley's Ghost (ComiXology/Kitchen Sink). He is also the artist of MegaGhost (Albatross Funnybooks) and a regular contributor to MAD Magazine and Full Bleed (IDW). HIs self-published works include DOOMmates (with Josh O'Neill) and WAIT...It Gets Worse (with Doug Latino).
Giselle Sarmiento
Giselle is a New York City based freelance artist who specializes in visual storytelling via comics and illustrations. Her favorite mediums includes inks, pens and brushes which she uses to capture a sense of excitement and energy in her work. Giselle has been featured in graphic story collections such as : Dirty Diamonds, Rookery, and When the Rules Aren’t Right. She’s been featured in various zines and enjoys collaborating with other creatives.
Glynnis Fawkes
Glynnis Fawkes's books Charlotte Brontë Before Jane Eyre (Center for Cartoon Studies Presents/Disney Hyperion) and Persephone's Garden (Secret Acres) will both be published this fall. Her books Alle Ego and Greek Diary won MoCCAfest Awards in 2016 and 2017. Her comics have appeared on The New, Spiralbound, Popula, and MuthaMagazine.
Greg Manchess
After receiving the Best Fantasy Artist Award last year at the World Fantasy Convention, Greg is back to sell and sign copies of his widescreen novel, Above the Timberline, table A112! The acclaimed painter and now author has had his worked featured on magazine covers such as Time, National Geographic, and the Atlantic Monthly, as well as countless book covers and national ad campaigns. Recently his paintings appeared in the Coen Brothers’ new film, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.
Gregery Miller
Gregery Miller is a professional illustrator, writer, and designer. His artwork is inspired by many things like nature, mythology, dreams and folklore. He writes and illustrates an original fantasy series called The Tales of Reverie and he is currently producing the next volume. Throughout his career so far he has worked with many studios and clients including Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Hitpoint Games, Disney, Microsoft, Radiodiaries Podcast, and Transistor Studios.


Haleigh Mun
Haleigh Mun is a Korean illustrator based in New York City. She is a colored pencil artist and her works are very colorful. Haleigh likes to draw things that make her happy which are lots of dogs, flowers, New York City and memories from her childhood.
Hyesu Lee
Hyesu Lee is a South Korea born, Brooklyn based illustrator/artist/muralist loves to share the hidden beauty and happiness through drawing and doodling. She believes anything warm and cheerful is contagious. Currently, Hyesu enjoys working on a series of comics based on living in NYC.


Instant Rabbit
Instant Rabbit is made up of three Korean illustrators' collaborative artworks and produces various goods to share their aesthetics with the public.


J.T. Yost
Founder of Birdcage Bottom Books and creator of mostly depressing content.
Jamie Tanner
F208 B
Cartoonist, illustrator, designer. Author of THE AVIARY (2008 Eisner Award nominee), and THE BLACK WELL. Publisher, Consumptive Press. Occasionally releasing new comics online and in THE CONSUMPTIVE, an ongoing minicomics anthology series, the new issue of which will debut at this year's MoCCA Arts Fest.
Jennifer Hayden
Jennifer Hayden is the Eisner-nominated creator of THE STORY OF MY TITS. Her new mini A FLIGHT OF CHICKENS is a sampling of her short-form autobio work. Her first collection UNDERWIRE was excerpted in The Best American Comics 2013. She is currently finishing a graphic anti-cookbook for Top Shelf/IDW called WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S DINNER, and is distracting herself by also creating a long-form mini about her dicey relationship with France. Visit her at
Jess Worby
Jess Worby is an illustrator and professor at NYIT. His art has been featured in a variety of places, from a wall in the Brooklyn Historical Society to a large Taittinger window display at Sherry-Lehmann. His work has been recognized by Best American Comics, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators, as well as sites like Buzzfeed, HuffPo, and Kotaku. He founded the Brooklyn Draw Jam, a monthly drawing meet-up. His literary work is represented by Ed Maxwell of Greenburger Associates.
Jie Ren is a Chinese illustrator and visual storyteller based in New York City.
Jimmy 'Bond' Martin
Jimmy Martin writes movie posters that appear in 'AHRC Superheroes are for Everyone'. He is inspired by ACTION and ESPIONAGE and is exhibiting as a part of the ARTech Collective.
Jo Yeh
B132 B
Jo Yeh is an illustrator and graphic designer who was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She has been living and working in NYC since 2015. Jo’s illustrations can be seen across print and digital media, and her comics are profoundly inspired by her personal experiences and day-to-day life in a big city.
Jo Zixuan Zhou
Jo is an illustrator and visual artist based in New York. She’ll soon graduate from the School of Visual Arts in 2019. Her work is largely inspired by strong shapes and colors and often discuss the subconscious thinking in her mind.
John F. Malta
John F. Malta is an award-winning illustrator and art director based in Ridgewood, NYC. He art directs projects with the Portland-based studio Bent Design Lab and has worked on a myriad of editorial, advertising, and commercial projects. Additionally, he has self-published over 30 books, zines, anthologies, and comics. He is the editor of Universal Slime - an annual contemporary comics and art anthology and his most recent comic Haunted Francis will debut at MOCCA Fest 2019.
Jon Burgerman
Things with googly eyes on them.
Jonah Newman
Jonah Newman is a comics writer and artist. He's the author of the historical fiction webcomic EMPIRE ON EDGE as well as several short memoir and nonfiction pieces. He's really into Napoleonic history, queer folk rockers, and the Oxford comma.
Jose Zambrano
Jose Zambrano hails from Parts Unknown (ok, Queens). His work is inspired by video games, horror movies and wrestling. His art zine 'Galactic Warriors' is both awesome and available at table G236 where he will be exhibiting as a part of the ARTech Collective.


Kate Lacour
D150 A
Kate Lacour's comics are inspired by a love for the aesthetics of science and a fascination/revulsion towards bodies. Her debut graphic novel, Vivisectionary, will be released by Fantagraphics in July. She is a 2016 MoCCA Award winner.
Kati Lacker
Kati Lacker is an illustrator, designer, and screen printer currently living in Brooklyn. Her work often explores the everyday; spending time with subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed. Much of what she creates is influenced by her city surroundings and a love of color, line, and pattern.
Keren Hasson
Keren (aka Sarofoxx) is a native New Yorker, illustrator, and printmaker currently living in Brooklyn. Her work is inspired by monsters, folklore, and the adventures of childhood stories. She also really loves playing video games, cheese, petting animals, and drawing strange creatures.
Keren Hasson
Keren (aka Sarofoxx) is a native New Yorker, illustrator, and printmaker currently living in Brooklyn. Her work is inspired by monsters, folklore, and the adventures of childhood stories. She also really loves playing video games, cheese, petting animals, and drawing strange creatures.
Kevin Caamano
Kevin Caamano is a comics writer and artist from Queens. Kevin loves Nintendo, Don Bluth movies, Doctor Who and all kinds of Spoooooky stuff. His Castlevania comic appears as a backup in 'AHRC Superheroes are for Everyone'. Kevin is exhibiting as a part of the ARTech Collective.
Kevin Speidell
F224 A
Kevin Speidell is an illustrator living in Manhattan. He first got his start in illustration during his time as the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Kevin's work has been recognized by both Society of Illustrators, and Creative Quarterly. To name just a few, Kevin gets his inspiration from rock music, horror movies, and the most whimsical of animals. Because of this, he prides himself on being able to connect his work to both children and adults alike.
Kou Chen
A119 A
Kou Chen is a genderqueer, Taiwanese American cartoonist. He co-edited Boy, I Love You - a BL comics anthology, and makes zines with The Yam Fam. His work usually involves romance or erotica, and sometimes has a dash of fantasy.


Liam Donnelly
Liam Donnelly is a cartoonist, illustrator, and Sad Gay Boy™ based in Queens. He likes to make comics about boys having feelings and illustrations of queer couples being cute. His comics work has previously appeared in Lilies, Vagabond Comics, DRØME, and, most recently, the Kieron Gillen-curated 24 Panels anthology, which was published by Image in November 2018.
Lidan Chen
I266 B
Lidan is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist from China. She illustrated Ben 10 original graphic novel:The Truth is Out There.
Lucas McCaslin
H253 A
A Writer/ Comics lover from Brooklyn who writes the Rough Ones Webcomic.
Lucky Risograph
We are a risograph printing press and gallery hybrid operating from YUI in Chinatown, New York. We work with local and international artists and designers to reinterpret Risograph printing through art books, zines, prints, and community projects.
Lung-Chieh LI
J283, 284
Taiwanese comic artist, Li Lung-chieh’s characters feature strong lines and deep contrasts. Groundbreaking drawing techniques retell history in interesting ways. In 2016, he won Silver Award at the 9th International Manga Award with his work, Ichthyophobia. In 2018, His work, Koxinga Z, about the Ming dynasty loyalist general who ousted the Dutch from Taiwan in the 17th century, won Comic of the Year at the 9th Golden Comic Awards, the most important national award for comic in Taiwan.


Madeline Zuluaga
Madeline Zuluaga is an illustrator/storyteller working in NYC. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2016 with a BFA in Illustration. Watercolor & mixed media is her jam to make art. She loves everything about vibrant colors, characters and storytelling. Her goal is to create stories/illustrations that make unlikely characters and situations believable. Her interests currently involve shonen anime/manga and capybaras & vegetables.
A103, 104, 105, 106
My first visual shocks were those comic books covers and old horror movie posters, I was also influenced by religious and mythological representations.I’m fascinated by Bruegel, Walt Disney, Tex Avery Bosch, Kuniyoshi, Ishinomori , the tokusatsus and the Pre-Raphaelites. Monsters are the true heroes of my universe :saints and even gods
Marianne R. Petit
Marianne R. Petit is an artist and educator whose work explores fairy tales, anatomical obsessions, and collective storytelling practices through mechanical books that combine animation and paper craft. She is a member of the Forward-Backward Collective.
Mark Wang
Mark Wang is an Illustrator and comic artist original from Tucson, Arizona, but is currently located in the fabled NYC. His illustrations and comics have been feature on Vice, New York Times, Buzzfeed, ETC. Sometimes those drawings are funny, and sometimes they're not. Go figure huh.
Mika Song
Mika Song is a children's book author/ illustrator. She makes stories about round foods, animals (cats, squirrels, raccoons) friendship and belonging. Her graphic novel for kids called Donut Feed the Squirrels comes out in 2020 from Random House Graphic. She will be debuting her kid's mini comic Night Chef at MOCCA.


Nadia "ToughSpirit" Burgess
Nadia Burgess aka ToughSpirit is a Multi-Artist, Filmmaker, and Cake Creator that resides in New York. She's known for her bright colors, ethereal backgrounds, and crossover fan art. FOLLOW her on Facebook: ToughSpiritCreations and Instagram: @thetoughspirit
Natalya Balnova - Dancing Bears
Natalya Balnova is a New York based illustrator, designer and printmaker. She self-publishes her own silkscreen books, zines, posters, cards and apparel designs. Her new books include: Beastly Heads, Internal Incubation of Spirit and October 16, 1793 / The Guillotine Letter.
NBM Graphic Novels
D149, 150 B
NBM is featuring renowned and outspoken cartoonist Ted Rall premiering his revised Year of Loving Dangerously, now in paperback at a larger format and Dave Gallaher premiering Only Living Girl from sister co. Papercutz and the sequel to Only Living Boy. See the rest of our recent releases as well such as The Rolling Stones in Comics, Silent Invasion, Val Mayerik’s Dust & Blood, David B’s Hasib & the Queen of Serpents, Annie (Girl in Dior) Goetzinger’s bio of Colette and much more!
New York Review Comics
NYR Comics presents new editions of out-of-print masterpieces and new translations of books that have never before appeared in English, from intimate memoirs to absurdist gags, lyrical graphic novels to dizzying experiments. The latest books are "MacDoodle St." by Mark Alan Stamaty, "Letter to Survivors" by Gébé, and "Piero" by Edmond Baudoin.
Nicole Fieger
Queens based illustrator, comic maker, and designer with a love for telling stories whose work is primarily focused around high-fantasy and LGBTQ+ themes.
Nicole Scerra
Nicole A Scerra is a native New Yorker. Both an Illustrator and Educator; Nicole received her BFA in Illustration and Master of Arts in Teaching from Maryland Institute College of Art. Nicole spends her days as your friendly neighborhood Visual Art Educator and her dark nights building an illustration empire.


Patrick Sinnott
Patrick Sinnott is a Brooklyn based webcartoonist and illustrator whose work is strongly influenced by Mike Mignola, Bill Watterson, the 90s/early 2000s manga scene and his parents using a subpar internet blocker. In addition to his science fantasy webcomic Lax Legends he's ventured into artwork for gaming sourcebooks, horror/military comics and some children/YA work. Stop on by the table! We have kept the artist appropriately sedated so it should be safe for contact with the public.
Other publishers HATE THEM. Peow's books are so cool other publishers DON'T want you to look at them! See how this small press publisher is creating amazing looking comics that is turning everyone else jealous.
Peter Kuper
Peter Kuper’s cartoons appear regularly in The New Yorker, the Nation, The Nib and MAD where he has written and drawn Spy vs Spy since 1997. He is the co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated and has produced over two dozen books including Ruins which won a 2016 Eisner award and most recently, Kafkaesque.
PM Press
PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. We create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, T-shirts, visual and audio materials to educate, entertain, and inspire you.
Pyrite Press
Pyrite Press publishes the gold standard of comics, artist books, and literary zines.


Qiaoyi Shi
Qiaoyi Shi is an illustrator and printmaker based in New York City. She has lived in many different countries, including China, Russia and the United States. Creating images of food, her work inspires her to travel and explore new cuisines.


Richard Alexander/ Richy Vegas
A119 B
Richard Alexander will have THREE new eighty page issues of Richy Vegas Comics available at the show. The THREE new issues are parts 2, 3, and 4 of "The Legend of Richy Vegas." "The Legend of Richy Vegas" chronicles Richard Alexanders struggles with mental illness and his descent into diagnosis and treatment.
RISD Illustration
RISD ILLUSTRATION takes an expansive view of illustration as art that influences thought and behavior across boundaries of space and time. The program seeks to promote the creation of images that communicate with poetic insight, emotional resonance and aesthetic richness. At MoCCA, we will be displaying and selling student-made comics and illustrations produced in the classroom and beyond!
Robyn Chapman
Robyn Chapman is an editor, a publisher, and (sometimes) a cartoonist. She is the proprietor of the micro-press Paper Rocket Minicomics where she publishes the Tiny Report, among other titles. She has had many different jobs in comics and currently is a senior associate editor at First Second.
Rommelle Anne Roy
Rommelle Anne Roy is a Flipino-American artist based in New York City. She graduated from the School of Visuals in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Arts. Her work is inspired by the aesthetics and characters of various anime, manga and video games. Her primary mediums are oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink and digital. She is currently in the character and story creation process of her original story, Wayward Magick, which will have Filipino culture mixed in with fantasy/adventure elements.
Rumi Hara
Rumi is an illustrator and comics artist from Japan working in NYC. Her comics series Nori was nominated for Ignatz Awards in 2018 and is to be published from Drawn & Quarterly in 2020.


Sam Grinberg
Sam Grinberg was born in NYC but lived most of his life in the woodsy suburbs of New Jersey. He currently lives in Burbank working as a character designer on The Simpsons by day but spends his nights and weekends making comics and zines. He is currently working on his comic series "Scumburbia".
Sara Varon
D156 A
Sara Varon is the creator of several children’s books and graphic novels including Robot Dreams, Bake Sale, and New Shoes. She will be sharing her table with John Douglas, boxer and artist. They will be exhibiting books, zines, and other handmade items.
SCAD: The University for Creative Careers
The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees at distinctive locations and online to prepare talented students for professional careers. SCAD offers degrees in more than 40 majors. Visit the official SCAD blog at or
E166, 165
SelfMadeHero is an independent publisher of graphic novels and visual narratives. Based in London, the company publishes ground-breaking and beautiful work from authors and artists from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. SelfMadeHero is committed to bringing readers books that provoke, entertain, inspire, and inform. Releases for 2019 include Guantánamo Kid by Jérôme Tubiana and Alexandre Franc and Blossoms in Autumn by Zidrou and Aimée de Jongh.
Shadowcat Studios
Shadowcat Studios is team of 3 animator ladies, Angela De Vito, Caitlin Fogarty and Courtney Vonada, who love designing and creating all sorts of things.
Shreyas R Krishnan
Shreyas is an illustrator-designer from Chennai, India. Rooted in research, her non-fiction work takes on the forms of comics, editorial illustration, and documentary drawings. She is curious about the construction and endurance of memory – how, why and what we remember. Through drawing and writing, she tries to understand the ways visual culture and gender intersect. Shreyas teaches in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St.Louis.
Siobhan Gallagher
SIOBHÁN GALLAGHER is an illustrator and book designer living in New York City. Her illustrations have been featured in publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Elle Canada, US Weekly, and Huffington Post. She is the author/illustrator of In a Daze Work, published by Penguin Random House in 2017, and self-publishes multiples zines per year. Siobhán draws every day, is often a ball of anxiety, and is in a constant state of nostalgia.
Sisi Yu ( Jingyi Yu)
illustrator/ Print maker based in NY. Member of Deep Sleep Press ( table)
Sophie Margolin
Sophie Margolin is a freelance illustrator born and raised in Houston, TX, and currently living in New York City.
Sunmi is an illustrator & cartoonist based in Baltimore, MD. Their work explores themes of emotional distance and fantastical femininity, within a framework of LGBTQ, Asian-American, and Korean diasporic identity, mythology, and history.


The Yam Fam
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The Yam Fam makes queer romance comics & zines, exploring the love that blooms in kitchens and space wars. Together they’ve published Boy, I Love You: A BL Comics Anthology, and a variety of original minicomics & fanbooks about boys kissing. The Yam Fam includes Kou Chen, Emily Forster, and Eric Alexander Arroyo!
The Yea Girls and Friends
The YEA Girls is a NYC-based studio run by a plucky trio of 20-something-year-old illustrators who are ready to take on the world. The artists behind the acronym--Yan Gabriella, Erica De Chavez and Angeli Rafer--met by chance, and since then have worked together on exciting collaborative comics, zines and illustrations. Joining this trio are Emily Dahl and Elizabeth Ko, illustrators from Maryland and Virginia respectively, coming to the Big Apple for this year's festival.
Thomas Gambaro
Gambaro specializes in using Sculpey clay. Influenced by Mickey Mouse, he depicts the playfulness of characters with a story for each creation. His work has been commissioned to recreate Hall of Fame players from the New York Yankees.
Tim Hamilton
Tim Hamilton lives in Brooklyn, NY. His clients include: The New Yorker, The New York Times, Cicada Magazine, Dark Horse, Marvel, DC Comics, Mad Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine, Dow Jones, Lifetime, ABC Television, Holiday House, Fast Company Magazine and PublicAffairs. He self publishes a one man anthology called, Rabbit Who Fights. In 2010 
he adapted Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 into a graphic novel for Hill & Wang with Mr. Bradbury’s blessing.
Tim Peacock
Tim Peacock is an illustrator and cartoonist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Drawing much of his influence from early European, Japanese, and Alternative American Comics, his playful and detailed illustrations have been recognized by The Society Of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Society of Publication Designers to name a few. He also has self published a variety of comics, zines and prints and is working on his first graphic novel.


Wren McDonald
Wren McDonald is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s the author of cyberpunk epic, SP4RX (Nobrow) and dystopian revenge story, Cyber Realm (Nobrow) as well as several other self-published minicomics, including his ongoing series Precinct X99.


Yinfan Huang
Born and raised in China, Yinfan Huang is a New York-based illustrator who creates joyful, whimsical work for children’s books, magazines, brands and institutions around the world. Some of her clients including Kids Can Press, Flow Magazine, Warby Parker, and 3M Post-it Notes. She also busies herself making hand-crafted, quirky ceramic homewares and accessories for her online store, In Fun Handmade, drawing comics of her life in the Big Apple as a foreigner.
You Jung Byun
NYC based author, illustrator & comic artist, You Jung Byun was born in Queens, NY and was raised in US, Korea and Japan. Living in different countries and cultures as an outsider had a profound influence on her work. She creates fanciful unknown worlds that are lush with soft candy coated colors but they also carry a somber sense of transformation and loss. Come and see her colorful Riso prints and comic 'Waiting For The Moon’, which is about unconditional everlasting love...with an alien cat.
You-Shi KO
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Cory Meticulous Paper Director Young girl’s comic book author Cory’s four-box comic illustration column “Cory Paints Cory” serialized in young girl’s comic book monthly MonMon in 2008 won resounding feedback and caused a heated debate among the readers. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, the campus love story serialized in Honey monthly starting January, 2009, quickly captivated the hearts of the readers with its clear, translucent illustration style and the outstanding flowing storytelling. She also publ