Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


A.E. Kieren
G 238
A.E. Kieren is a freelance illustrator and performer. Clients include Target, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Salvatore Ferragamo, Refinery Hotel, Sleep No More/McKittrick Hotel, MM&M, Johns Hopkins Magazine, The Dramatist, and Daily Front Row. He holds a BFA in Illustration from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from School of Visual Arts.
F 218, 217
ABRAMS publishes stunning visual books on a wide variety of subjects, including groundbreaking graphic novels and illustrated books about the creators and the history of comics art, animation, and cartoons. Featured titles at this year’s MoCCA Fest are Bizarre Romance by Audrey Niffenegger and Eddie Campell, and The Bridge, by Peter Tomasi, Illustrated by Sara DuVall. Visit our booth at MoCCA Arts Fest for even more signed copies, discounts, limited advances, and daily giveaways!
Aditi Damle
F 233
Art // Illustration
Alden Viguilla
G 244
Freelance Illustrator and Printmaker of Heroes, Villains, and the Cutesy.
Alessandro Echevarria
C 138
Alessandro Echevarria is a Brooklyn based Designer from Vicenza, Italy. Focusing primarily on Illustration, and Animation, he currently works for Wieden+Kennedy NY. Though his work has been featured in international publications, animation showcases, used to advertise by major brands, and on TV, his parents still aren't that impressed.
Alexa Sharpe
F 213
Alexa Sharpe is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art. Her works- of ghosts, witches, and mysterious occurrences- are a delightful, frightful blend of horror and decadence. Her influence comes from a multicultural background: her love of gothic literature, and the rich, supernatural traditions of her Filipino heritage.
Alexandra Filipek
F 231
Alexandra Filipek is a New Jersey based illustrator and comic artist whose work is based on nature and times when people lived closer to it. Historical themes are also prevalent in her work, especially the Bronze Age and Medieval time periods. She draws inspiration from the dramatic painterly techniques of the Romantic Movement despite working digitally. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration.
Alfonso de Anda
E 181
Alfonso de Anda is a Mexican illustrator based in New York. His fun illustration and storytelling has lead him to take part of all sorts of projects ranging from editorial and animated series development to advertising, children's books and painting murals. His piece "thieves" was included in the Mocca Awards of Exelence show in 2017.
Alice Meichi Li
F 232
Alice Meichi Li is an illustrator who is originally from Detroit and currently living in Jamaica, Queens. Her art has appeared on Oni Press, Archie Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology and more. She regularly exhibits at Gallery 1988 and has also been shown at Museum of Chinese in America, Gallery Nucleus and others. Alice draws inspiration from not only her family's traditional Chinese roots, but also her lifelong studies in Astrology and mysticism.
Alii Bartoldus
J 288
Alii is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist who hails from the south shore of Long Island. Currently a content manager and graphic designer at Apple Industries, she is always looking for opportunities to combine her design intuition with her sharp picture-making skills.
Alisa Harris
A 119 A
Alisa is an animator, storyboard artist and character designer living in Queens, NY. Her self-published comics include stories about living in NYC post-art school (Urban Nomad), vegetarian recipes (Cooking Up Comics) and vignettes of her two unruly cats (The Collected Counter Attack!). When she’s not drawing, she enjoys hanging out with her cat Mr. Princess, traveling with her husband Allan, gardening, hiking and live music.
Alyssa Berg
Alyssa Berg is a Brooklyn based artist who creates and self-publishes small edition zines, comics, and art books. She was the Fall 2017 artist in residence at the SVA RisoLab. In addition to her self-published books, her work has appeared in print in INK BRICK, Perfect Wave magazine, Smoke Signal and online at The Rumpus and Comics Workbook.
Amanda Castillo
J 294
Amanda Castillo is an illustrator and cartoonist from the Bay Area of California, currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration at MICA. She strives to create stories that evoke strong emotional reactions through the exploration of everyday relationships and experiences, touching upon themes of nostalgia, memory, and coming of age in the process.
Amelia Fins
F 230
Amelia Fins is an animator, illustrator, and painter who wants her audience to feel and connect to her art whether its focused on emotional turmoil, innocent humor and anything in-between. She is a sucker for her aesthetic of pink,spice, and everything sarcastic and sells anything from paintings, stickers,prints, etc.
Amelia Huang
H 248
Member of LaGuardia High School's illustration club.
Amelia Onorato
I 267
Amelia is a New England cartoonist and history buff who splits her time between drawing comics in HP Lovecraft's hometown and working in a haunted house museum by the sea.
Anais Cantres
D 158 B
Anais is an artist in Sullivan County, New York. She is studying at State University of New York Fredonia. She is working toward a Dual Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation/Illustration and Drawing/Painting with a minor in Art History.
Angela Rizza Illustration
G 237 B
Owls, birds, ravens, and reverse mermaids! Come check out my table for tons of nature themed prints! This year I have copies of my new hardcover coloring book that features creatures of mythology and fantasy. I also have a variety of my enamel pins in silver and rose gold featuring tons of details.
Angelica Alzona
A 116
Angelica Alzona is a NYC-based Filipino-American illustrator from the DC metro area. She is currently the senior editorial illustrator for Gizmodo Media Group, formerly Gawker, making work for Gizmodo, Splinter, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, The Root, Lifehacker and Jalopnik.
Anna Haifisch
F 203
I was born in 1986 in Leipzig, Germany and I love drawing comics as much as print making. Books: "The Artist", Breakdown Press "Don't Worry" and "Drifter", Perfectly Acceptable Press "Von Spatz" Drawn and Quarterly
Annabelle Hayford
J 294
Annabelle Hayford is an Animator, Illustrator, and Cartoonist from Virginia Beach, VA, currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration at MICA. Their current work consists diverse characters and narratives, good vibes, and LOT of pinks. Annabelle also Orangized #DrawingwhileBlack, A viral hashtag to celebrate promote black artists around the world.
Annie Stoll
C 137
Annie Stoll is a Grammy nominated Art Director, Designer, Illustrator & Dreamer at Sony Music. Curator of the 1001 Knights Anthology and Hana Doki Kira.
Anuj Shrestha
B 124, 125, 126
Anuj Shrestha is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Philadelphia, PA. His illustration work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Wired, Popular Science, Playboy and Hazlitt. He is fond of chili sauce and chihuahuas.
April Malig
F 229
April Malig is a cartoonist and zine maker living in Queens. Her work consists of fluorescent colors, poetic feelings, and bad jokes.
Ashley Caswell
G 234
In the art world Ashley enjoys drawing plants and creating sequential, book, and editorial illustrations. In the non-art world she enjoys reading, cooking, and trying to stop her cat from killing her plants. She currently lives in Brooklyn, and is a Junior Designer at Hachette Book Group.
Athena Gil
H 248
Athena is apart of the Laguardia Illustration club. She is going to pursue a BFA in illustration and is excited to present her work at the festival.


Beatriz Gutierrez
H 251
Beatriz is an illustrator from Guadalajara, Mexico and currently based in Brooklyn, where she works in both freelance and personal projects. She combines digital and traditional methods to explore feelings of longing and yearning, while always expressing a sense of liveliness. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Fishs Eddy, and the Animation Block Party, among others.
Birdcage Bottom Books
E 180
We are both a publishing company and a distro representing nearly 100 self-publishing artists and small-presses. Our focus is on handmade comics, prints and apparel, often limited editions using customized printing techniques like risograph and silkscreen. Our goal is to help independent artists get their work into more hands.
Brandon Pogrob
F 212 A
Brandon Pogrob is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. His self-published comics range from anxious, amorphous blob people to absurdist accountants eating donuts in hell, to loose, pencily journal comics. Also sometimes Guy Fieri is there. Brandon works both digitally and traditionally, combining a blunt, poetic writing style with loose, flowing line-work and tone. Brandon really likes ginger tea, sloths, and keeping his desk hella tidy.
Brett Hobson
A 105
Brett Hobson is a comic artist and illustrator living in Evanston, Illinois. He is currently working on the Tales of the Night Watchman series, and in the past has worked on Art for Hope, Saint Germaine, and Fables.
Brooklyn Russell
H 261
Brooklyn is a mixed-media artist whose focus is custom greeting cards. She started Hello from Brooklyn in 2013 when her side art projects began to profit & earn requests from outside her family & friends. She has since illustrated several children's books & a yoga manual. Her "real job" is a yoga teacher & studio manager, but drawing is her true passion & she hopes to one day make it more than just a hobby. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter & two chihuahuas.


B 124, 125, 126
C.M.Butzer is a cartoonist, printmaker, and illustrator who lives and works in Hilo,Hawaii. He makes comics, zines, hand printed books, and silkscreened prints and textiles. He has illustrated for numerous books, magazines, and advertising agencies. He is currently working on a graphic novel for Island Press
Caitlin Cass
F 227 A
Caitlin Cass makes comics, drawings and counterfeit historical exhibits that folklorize historic failures and foretell grim futures. She publishes a bimonthly comic periodical called The Great Moments in Western Civilization Postal Constituent (now in it's eighth year). Her comics have also appeared online at and in print in the Chicago Reader and The Public.
Carey Pietsch
H 255
Carey Pietsch is a cartoonist and illustrator based out of Brooklyn, New York. She's currently working on the artwork for The Adventure Zone: Murder On The Rockport Limited. You might know her work from the Mages of Mystralia webcomic, Lumberjanes 29-32, or Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift. She makes comics about magic and empathy.
Cecilia Ruiz
J 283
Cecilia Ruiz is a Mexican author, illustrator and graphic designer living and working in New York City. She obtained a BFA in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a MFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The Book of Memory Gaps, her debut as an author was published in 2015 by Blue Rider Press (Penguin Random House). A Gift from Abuela (Candlewick Press) and The Book of Extraordinary Deaths (Penguin Random House) will be published in 2018
Celia Lowenthal
F 213
Celia Lowenthal is a comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for drawing patterns and puffy period sleeves; she cites folklore, mythology, and early literature as some of her biggest inspirations! She has a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, received the 2015 Will Eisner Scholarship Award from the Society of Illustrators, and lives in New York.
Chris Sinderson
A 104
Chris Sinderson is the Brooklyn cartoonist behind the daily gag cartoon, The President Trump Sketchbook, and the children’s book about screwy English plurals, Moose Should Never Be Meese. He will be debuting a 16-page science fiction mini-comic about the evolution of computers.
Christian Blaza
H 264
Christian Blaza is a New Jersey based illustrator interested in creating rich worlds and characters through his art. Tabling with fellow creatives, Christian Ruiz and Matt Verde. Christian Ruiz combines traditional and digital media for editorial, comic, and fantasy illustrations and animations. Matt Verde is a comic artist, writer, and living cartoon character who details the wild exploits of his friends in his webcomic, The Mello Crew.
Christopher Lucero
E 173
Christopher Lucero is a New York City born illustrator, comic artist, print maker, and co-founder of Part-Time Pigeon and Lucky Risograph. Never liking the idea of leaving NY, he is constantly creating imagery that combines epic adventures and fantasy with weird humor and occasionally screen prints on his coffee table.
City Tech Ink Club
F 210
Work from the students at New York City College of Technology's Ink Club; a club for illustrators and storytellers.
Clarissa Eck
E 182
Clarissa is an illustrator, designer, and maker of objects living and working in Philadelphia with her partner. After graduating form Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, she spent 3 years working in alternative education and is now pursuing art-making full time as a freelance artist. As an artist, Clarissa is drawn the natural world and uses her illustration to explore its warmth, whimsy and strangeness. She adores apple-picking, forest creatures, knitting and baking crazy good vegan desserts.
Coin-Op Books
A 110
Coin-Op is the small press publisher started by brother and sister artists Peter and Maria Hoey. They are debuting "Coin-Op # 7: The Doppler Issue" at MoCCA Arts Festival. An anthology of their comics will be published in June by Top Shelf Productions.
Colectivo Fantástico
F 209
Three argentinean small press projects join forces: Cocolin press (Natalia di Bernardo) works are known for its originality and exquisite finishing, making each product an art collectible. In bocca al lupo's main interest is the many ways of the zine, focusing on comics and illustration with an special interest on feminism and female authors. Moebius is a gallery, library and publisher working both with illustrators and comic artists such as Liniers and Carlos Nine.
Colin Lidston
E 170
Colin Lidston was born in Baltimore and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He holds a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in Painting from Indiana University, where he was a College of Arts and Sciences fellow. He has taught painting, drawing, and illustration to high school students, college students, and adults. The Age of Elves is his first comic.
E 159
ComicMix is a boutique publisher that's put out collected editions of John Sable, Grimjack, and more. Our most recent project, Mine!, is an ambitious comics anthology with over 150 creators to help benefit Planned Parenthood which will be available here at MoCCA Fest! Check our schedule for signings throughout the show with our creators.
Connie Sun (aka CartoonConnie)
F 208 B
Connie Sun is a cartoonist and daily comic strip creator, based in New York City. She was a 2016-2017 Artist in Residence for Brooklyn Boulders and a McSweeney's Graphic Columnist from 2014-2015. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Upworthy, Climbing Magazine, She Explores, Book Riot, Tabi Labo, NPR, BBC, AngryAsianMan, The Rumpus, and Audrey Magazine. Find her on Instagram at cartoonconnie.
Corey Chrapuch
F 230
Corey is a freelance illustrator and designer from NJ who loves to draw strong and powerful women. She also works in animation as a Production Coordinator on children's tv shows. Corey's life revolves around comic books, cartoons, and her three puppers.
Corinne Reid
D 149
Corinne is an Illustrator and designer specializing in publishing, editorial and fine Art. Delving into the unknown, she employs unconventional imagery to cultivate emotional connections with her audience. Her paintings adopt a narrative melody with accentuating tones of the natural world. Her work is award winning, globally recognized and travels more than she ever will, making its way to Australia, Europe, and across North America.
Cuddles and Rage
H 256
Liz and Jimmy Reed are the husband-and-wife team behind Cuddles and Rage, a world full of disturbingly cute stories with heart. What began as a webcomic featuring doodles and dioramas of anthropomorphic food has grown to include books, animation, and product design. Their work has been featured by Nerdist, The Washington Post, and NPR. Their first picture book, Sweet Competition, was released by HarperCollins in 2016. Their follow-up, Sweet Success, debuts on July 3rd, 2018.


Daisy Ruiz
F 225 B
Daisy Ruiz (Draizys) is an illustrator from the South Bronx, NY. Graduated from FIT with a BFA in illustration, she is influenced by her Mexican culture and experiences as a New Yorker through self- reflecting comics. Daisy is currently the co-creator and creative director for the zine Deadass Tho. NYC. Which promotes artists, photographers and writers who are born/ and or raised native New Yorkers.
Dancing Bears/ Ada Price
H 250
Ada Price is a Brooklyn based cartoonist and illustrator. Her current comic is MOON GLOP. Her other books include Caligula, Wandering Retreats, Other Me, and The Everyday Death of the Everyday Saint.
Dancing Bears/ Natalya Balnova
H 250
Natalya Balnova is a New York based illustrator, designer and printmaker. She self-publishes her own silkscreen books, zines, posters, cards and apparel designs. Her new books include: Bat's Fashion, Crown of Prayers, Suicidal Devils, Beastiarium.
Dandelion Wine Collective
G 234
Dandelion Wine Collective is a small publishing press, currently based in Baltimore, Maryland and founded by Paloma Hernando and Sunmi.
Dave Kelly
A 105
Dave Kelly is a Brooklyn-based writer and publisher of comics. Alongside Lara Antal, he is one-half of So What? Press and co-creator of the series, Tales of the Night Watchman.
F 225 B
DEADASS THO★NYC is the brainchild of a group of friends tied together by the geographic entity known as the NYC metro area. Our zine is a testament and celebration of our authentic New York (NYC, Suffolk and Nassau, North Jersey, "Upstate") culture in the form of photography, illustration, sequential art, collage, and more. We’ve watched towers fall and rise to levels that show you that the sky is truly Empire high.
Diana Schoenbrun
H 254
DIANA SCHOENBRUN is an illustrator, author, and designer who creates zines and children’s books. She is the recipient of the SOI 2016 Comic and Cartoon Art Annual Gold Medal for her handmade accordion book, A Walk in Brooklyn. She is excited to be illustrating her first picture book, Take Your Octopus to School Day, written by Audrey Vernick, forthcoming from Alfred A. Knopf in Fall 2018.
Dingding Hu
E 183 B
Dingding Hu is an illustrator and designer, she loves to draw characters and make stories. Dingding constantly gets hungry and think that feeding her stomach and mind is a very important priority. She created Hu is Hungry in 2016, a product line which reflects her passion and curiosity of life. She feels incredibly happy to be able to apply all her artistic talent to something she believes in, and she truly hopes the spirit of food will make your life a little better everyday!


E. L. Candrilli and Marisa D'Amato
H 263 A
Returning for another Mocca Fest, Erin L. Candrilli and Marisa D'Amato are two New Jersey based artists. Erin spends every free moment she has writing, drawing, and studying the art of visual storytelling to implement in her own comic and illustration work. While Marisa is an illustrator and concept artist who loves creating original characters and the worlds around them.
Ed Krayewski
A 109
Ed creates comics with his father, graphic artist and poster designer Andrew Krayewski. He has also written for various Washington-based publications such as Reason and The Hill, and teaches journalism at Seton Hall University.
Eli Neugeboren
A 101
Eli is an illustrator and professor who lives and works in Brooklyn. He writes & draws "The Long Shadows" and "Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab," & has drawn stories for Doug Latino and Gideon Kendall's auto-bio series "WAIT.. It Gets Worse," and is illustrating a story by Cameron DeOrdio for the upcoming anthology, "Corpus: An Anthology of Bodily Ailments", edited by Nadia Shammas. He also works on "Drawing the News", with over 1300 drawings to date in the series.
Elise Miguel
F 230
Elise Miguel is an illustrator, printmaker, and animator from New Jersey. She turns her nature and animal centered art into enamel pins, patches, stickers, and prints and her work has been featured in Maker’s Magazine’s Issue 4: Women.
Emily and the Yea Girls
H 257
The YEA Girls is a NYC-based studio collective run by a plucky trio of illustrators who are ready to take on the world. The artists behind the acronym--Yan Gabriella, Erica De Chavez and Angeli Rafer--met by chance at a SCBWI event and have since been worked together on exciting collaborative comics and zines. Also joining this trio is Emily Dahl, an East Coast Illustrator from Bowie Maryland, coming for the festivities in New York.
Emily Curran
H 251
Emily Curran is an Illustrator and Animator living in Connecticut, often traveling to NYC for work. Her personal work revolves around ghosts, the supernatural, and just anything that gives you the creeps. Despite the creepy theme, her work leaves you attached to unusual characters and looking for more of their stories.
Emily Forster
E 185 A
Emily Forster (aka inknose) makes comics about the two things that make life worth it: food and love.
Enchanted Lion Books
D 151, 152, 153
Enchanted Lion is an award-winning, family-owned, independent publisher based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We publish translations, original works, and reissues from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s for children and readers of all ages. We seek to publish books that respect the great curiosity of children and their high natural intelligence. We love books, well-told stories, and beautifully-rendered illustrations, marked by a vivid, lively line and an awareness of space.
Eric Alexander Arroyo
E 185 A
Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist who feels naked without a denim jacket. He co-edited Boy, I Love You: A BL Anthology, and makes comics & fanbooks featuring queer boys and giant robots with The Yam Fam.


Fanfare Presents
J 293
An umbrella for creators and independent publishers, boasting more than 16 Eisner nominations, and the best translated graphic novels and art books from around the world by more than a half dozen publishers, including Fanfare/Ponent Mon, Knockabout, Breakdown Press, Book Palace and Atlantic Press. Debuts at 2018 MoCCA include UDON NOODLE SOUP, FUKUSHIMA DEVIL FISH, ILLUSTRATORS: WAR IS HELL and RED HAZE.
Feifei Ruan
G 239 B
FEIFEI RUAN is a Brooklyn based Illustrator and Visual Storyteller. She received her MFA from the SVA Visual Narrative program in 2015. Her work showcases dynamic movement and is highly influenced by Eastern culture. She’s the author of comic books WEICOME TO CHINATOWN, SASHIMI, and THE STORYTELLER: GIANTS#4. She also made book covers for ADVENTURE TIME, LUMBERJANES and more. Her clients include PenguinBooks, HarperCollins, Boom!Studios, and The JimHenson Company.
Fem Foundry
G 246
Fem Foundry is a Brooklyn based collective of young female creators who believe in women supporting women and our ability to create influential work. Our goal is simple: to make cool things and inspire others to join. Through different mediums, we aim to connect women and bring together a vast range of artists by using a common theme or mission.
First Second Books
E 162
First Second Books publishes great graphic novels for every reader -- books for kids, teens, and adults from authors like Gene Luen Yang, Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, Faith Erin Hicks, Penelope Bagieu, Tillie Walden, Jen Wang, and Ben Hatke. With a dedication to the best in storytelling and in artwork, First Second's graphic novels are the new mainstream.
FORGE. Art Magazine
F 225 A
FORGE is a quarterly art magazine created by Toronto native Matthew James-Wilson. The goal of FORGE is to give exposure to young artists and celebrate the work of artists making an impact in their field. FORGE explores DIY music and art communities, documenting an oral history or contemporary scenes and creators. In addition to publishing the magazine online every three months, FORGE publishes zines, hosts gallery shows, produces videos, and prints merch all celebrating artists in the magazine.
Françoise Mouly
C 143
Françoise Mouly is the publisher and editorial director of TOON Books, which she launched in 2008. She has also served as the art editor of the New Yorker since 1993, where she’s been responsible for over 1,000 covers. In 1980, she founded RAW, a comics anthology that had a profound impact on the alternative scene and first published MAUS. After observing how her children learned to read, Ms. Mouly established a division to publish comics for kids, which lead to the creation of the TOON Books.
Frank Reynoso
A 107
Frank Reynoso is a comics creator, author and illustrator. His work has appeared in The Sweetness (Z2 Comics) Occupy Comics (Black Mask Studios), World War 3 Illustrated, and House of 12’s Touching Children’s Stories. His illustrations have appeared in numerous Mayfair Games, Physics of the Impossible for the Science Channel, Civil Rights For Beginners, Literary Theory For Beginners, and the forthcoming The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses (Penguin Books).
Frank Zerilli
G 235
Prehistoric robots and tasteful degeneracy.
F 204
"Even in the diverse world of Franco-Belgian independent comics, there is no publisher quite like Frémok. The name itself is a neologism-a combination of Fréon and Amok, the two publishers who merged to form the new entity. A hybrid itself, Frémok constanty reproaches, readdresses, and reinvents the comics medium by repeatedly hybridizing fine arts and narration at the extreme limits, willfully disregarding the convention of the comics form." Erwin Dejasse in World Literature Today, march/april


Gallery 13
I 272, 273
Gallery 13, Simon & Schuster’s new graphic novel imprint, publishes award-winning and unforgettable graphic novels, championing distinguished visual storytelling as a mainstream convergence of art, literature, and entertainment. From luminaries such as Stephen King & Bernie Wrightson and James O’Barr, to the stunning talent of today like Jeff Lemire, Christophe Chabouté, Iasmin Omar Ata, and Michael Kupperman, Gallery 13 inspires, challenges, and expands the graphic novel reading experience.
George O'Connor
A 103 B
George O’Connor is the cartoonist behind Olympians, a series retelling classic Greek myth in comics form. His latest installment is volume 10, Hermes: Tales of the Trickster.
Gerardo R. Casas
E 175
Gerardo R. Casas was born in Queens, New York. He graduated from LaGuardia Community College and School of Visual Arts. Gerardo was the curator of five successful comic exhibitions: “New Voices of Comic Art”, “Critical Glitch”, “Heroes & Villains”, “Nightmares” and “Farewell” at a Brooklyn based gallery called Ouchi Gallery and he is the creator of his self-published comic book titled “The Gang”, which narrates the daily insane tribulations of Rick, Yuriko, Carlos, and Megan.
Gideon Kendall
A 101
Gideon is a graphic novelist based in Brooklyn. He is the artist of Harvey Kurtzman's "Marley's Ghost" (ComiXology Originals/Kitchen Sink). He is the creator of the sci-fi comic book series "WHATZIT" and the co-creator (with Doug Latino) of the auto-bio anthology series "WAIT...It Gets Worse". He is a regular contributor to Full Bleed Quarterly (IDW). He has illustrated several children's books including Dino Pets (Penguin) and The Fall of General Custard" (White Cloud Press).
Giselle Sarmiento
F 231
Giselle Sarmiento is a New York City based freelance artist who specializes in comics and dabbles in illustration. She's an alumni of NYC's The School of Visual Arts BFA Cartooning program. Giselle's introduction to art came via falling in love with video games, comics and cartoons alongside her older brother early in her childhood. Her current artistic goal is to grow into a better storyteller with the hopes of inspiring and connecting with people who come across her work.
Glynnis Fawkes
E 178
Glynnis Fawkes is a cartoonist and archaeological illustrator. This year she has published several comics on the New Her memoir (in progress) Alle Ego won the MoCCAfest Award of Excellence in 2016. Greek Diary won the award in 2017 and was also nominated for the Slate Cartoonist Prize. Her autobiographical comics are collected in Reign of Crumbs, published by Kilgore Books in 2017.
Greg Kletsel
A 111 A
Greg Kletsel is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, ESPN Magazine, Playboy and Entertainment Weekly. His self-published zines "Exercise the Demon" and "Conceptual Bar Mitzvah Video" won the MoCCA Fest Award of Excellence in 2014 and 2015. In addition to illustration, Greg teaches at Pratt Institute and created an animated short called "Farkels" for Nickelodeon.
Gregory Benton
Once more unto the breach, dear friends… Gregory Benton is a local cartoonist. His book B+F won the inaugural MoCCA Award of Excellence. His book SMOKE garnered a Publishers Weekly Starred Review. This MoCCA Arts Fest will have the debut of his art-board book CROMAG, along with new mini art ‘zines, pins, comix, prints and original art.


Haan Lee
I 278
Haan draws and writes comics about small people navigating big worlds, about people stuck in existential prisons, and about quiet lives punctuated by violence. His debut graphic novel "Noodle Fight, Volume 1" is about drug cartels, 90's hip hop, and kickboxing, and will be released in Spring 2018 through Bergen Street Press.
Haejin Park
F 223
Haejin Park is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from RISD in 2015, Haejin has been making zines, comics, and illustrations for various clients.
Haley Potter
J 287
Haley Potter is a Jersey-born cartoonist and illustrator who spends most of her time scribbling musicians and making comics about New York.
Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy
F 233
Hayley is an East Coast based, West Coast born illustrator, designer, and maker currently pursuing her MFA in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art. Her drive to create is fueled by a passion for narrative, feminist ideals, and an appreciation for the little overlooked moments that make up the fabric of our daily lives.
Hazel Newlevant
E 183 A
Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised, Queens-residing cartoonist. Their comics include Tender-Hearted, Sugar Town, No Ivy League, and If This Be Sin. They are the editor and publisher the anthologies Chainmail Bikini and Comics For Choice. Their work has been honored with the Ignatz Award, Xeric Grant and the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.
Hazel Newlevant
E 183 A
Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised, Queens-residing cartoonist. Their comics include Tender-Hearted, Sugar Town, No Ivy League, and If This Be Sin. They are the editor and publisher the anthologies Chainmail Bikini and Comics For Choice. Their work has been honored with the Ignatz Award, Xeric Grant and the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.


Instant Rabbit
D 150
Instant Rabbit started as a collaborative zine project by three illustrators-Boyeon Choi, Hye Jin Chung, Hyunyoung Kim-who share interests in making craft goods and zine culture. Since 2012, the group has been printing zines on different issues of personal interest with amusing and humorous sensibility of each artist. In order to make our artworks accessible to broader audience, Instant Rabbit also produces various items with their work printed on.
Isabel Roxas
B 124, 125, 126
Isabel Roxas is an illustrator and ceramicist with a taste for the odd and uncommon and for tales that go awry. She has illustrated several books for young readers, including Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown (Sterling Books, 2014), Let Me Finish! by Minh Lê (Disney-Hyperion, 2016) and The Littlest Viking written by Alexandra Penfold (Knopf, 2018). She is the creator of The Adventures of Team Pom Vol. 1: Squid Happens.


ipsy bipsy studio
A 116
ipsy bipsy studio is an independently run riso press in maryland operated by freelance designer/illustrator erica federhen ✨


J.T. Yost
E 180
J.T. Yost is the Big Enchilada at Birdcage Bottom Books as well as a cartoonist. He'll be debuting his third collection of short comics ("Thonger Dongers") at MoCCA this year.
Jaime Hernandez
D 152 , 151 and C 143
Jaime Hernandez is the co-creator, along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario, of the comic book series Love and Rockets. Since publishing the first issue of Love and Rockets in 1981, Jaime has won an Eisner Award, 12 Harvey Awards, and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. The New York Times Book Review calls him "one of the most talented artists our polyglot culture has ever produced." Jaime’s TOON Book, The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America, is his first book for young readers.
Jarad Greene
J 290
Jarad Greene is a cartoonist originally from Lutz, FL. He graduated from the University of South Carolina, where he studied Criminology, Theatre, and Public Relations. In 2017, Jarad earned his MFA at The Center for Cartoon Studies, where he currently works as their Administrative Coordinator. Last Fall, Jarad's mini-comic, Memories of a Former Porcelain Doll, was one of six new works awarded a mini-grant by the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo.
Jennifer Hayden
E 178
Jennifer Hayden is the Eisner-nominated author and artist of THE STORY OF MY TITS. Her first collection UNDERWIRE was excerpted in The Best American Comics 2013. She is currently at work on an anti-cookbook for Top Shelf/IDW called WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S DINNER. It will be her first graphic novel in full color. Visit her at
Jensly Baez
J 288
Jensly Baez makes work based on food, animals and sad girls trying to be happy.
John Hendrix
C 135
Professional Drawer (not furniture.) Author + illustrator of "Drawing is Magic" and the upcoming "The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler," Fall 2018, Abrams Books. Creator of the webcomic The Adventures of The Holy Ghost.
Jonathan Baylis - So Buttons Comix
A 111 B
Jonathan Baylis is the author of the autobiographical comic series, So Buttons. In the tradition of Harvey Pekar's American Splendor, Baylis matches his stories with groundbreaking artists to capture down-to-earth slices of everyday life and pop culture. He has collected his stories into the self-published, “So Buttons” series, of which there are eight issues and a coupl’a specials.  He lives in the birth borough of his dad, Brooklyn, with his wife Ophira, their son Lucas, and their dog, Mocha.
JooHee Yoon
D 154
Illustrator/printmaker based in Brooklyn. Designed the 2018 MoCCA fest poster.
Jordan Jeffries
H 262
Jordan Jeffries is a cartoonist from Jersey City, NJ. His comics include Just One of the Girls, So Young, and the forthcoming collection of five years of movie journal comics, The Complete Matinee Junkie.
Jorge Aguirre
E 162
Jorge Aguirre is a Colombian-American from Columbus, Ohio. He's written for everything from the most popular children's shows to documentaries about Romanian exorcisms. The final volume in his graphic novel trilogy, Monsters Beware!, came out from First Second this spring. He lives in New Jersey.
Jorge Martins
F 230
Jorge is currently an art director for a children's newspaper. He has been featured at the Society of Illustrators and Gawker. Jorge also specializes in cover design, editorial illustration, and doggos.
Josh Neufeld
I 270 A
Josh Neufeld creates nonfiction, journalistic comics about political and social upheaval, to give voice to stories that wouldn't otherwise be heard. He is the author of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, the illustrator of The Influencing Machine, and the force behind the solo comics series The Vagabonds. His journalistic pieces have been published by Columbia Journalism Review, Foreign Policy magazine, The Boston Globe, Medium, Al Jazeera America, Fusion, and The Atavist, among others.
Julia Gfrörer
E 183 A


Karl Stevens
E 179
Author of the forthcoming book The Winner from Retrofit/Big Planet. He also did some cat comic called Penny for The Village Voice.
Kate Lacour
B 123 A
Kate Lacour lives in New Orleans. Her graphic novel, Vivisectionary, is forthcoming from Fantagraphics. She was a 2016 MoCCA award winner. Her metaphysical body-horror series, The Disciple, appears on Study Group Comics. She is a middle-aged, Christian, suburban mom.
Katherine Arnoldi
A 119 B
The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom (Graymalkin, 2016) by Katherine Arnoldi, first published in 1998 by Hyperion, won a NYFA arts award in drawing, two American Library Association Awards, was named one of the Top Ten Books of the Year by Entertainment Weekly, nominated for a Will Eisner Award and optioned by Kennedy/Marshall company. Arnoldi, Ph.D., a Fulbright Fellow to Paraguay in 2008-9, has received a NYFA Award in Fiction, a DeJur, Henfield Transatlantic Award and a Newhouse.
Kati Lacker
E 181
Kati Lacker is an illustrator, designer, and screen printer living in Brooklyn. Her work often explores nature and the everyday; focusing on subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed in the midst of the mundane. Much of what she creates is driven by her love of color, line, and patterns.
Katrina Kopeloff
F 214
Katrina Kopeloff is an illustrator who recently relocated to Philly from Brooklyn, NYC. She creates illustrations for picture books. Katrina is introducing her new mini comic "Banana Shoes" starring a tennis playing robot and a banana obsessed baboon, as well as fresh linocut prints, vinyl stickers and more!
Kelly Alonso Braga (Poupée Rouge Publicações Independentes)
B 123 B
Writer, illustrator, painter and embroiderer She is the founder of Poupée Rouge Publicações Independentes, which in addition to publishing adult and children’s books, develops the series of magazines “Take your magazine and get lost!,focusing on aspects of everyday life and on the psychological disturbances present in all of us. As an embroiderer she has created “Canned embroidery” which, using recycled sardine and tuna cans . She teaches in workshops at cultural centers.
Kelly Fernandez
E 168
Kelly Fernandez is a cartoonist from Queens, New York. She was a winner of Scholastic’s “Get Published by Graphix” competition and her work has appeared in various comic anthologies such as Mine! and Dates: Volume 2, as well as the teen literature/comics magazine CICADA. Her work often stars Latino women, and usually has something to do with folklore, monsters, or video games.
Kelsey Short
F 229
Kelsey Short an illustrator and cartoonist originally from Los Angeles now based in Queens, New York. She enjoys libraries, her cat, and drawing empowered women, snakes and all things spooky.
Ken Wong (Origami Comics)
G 242
Ken Wong is a comics creator/writer/artist known primarily for his ORIGAMI COMICS, artisanal comics presented in folded forms. Stop by to see hand-folded prints and production artwork from Wong's ORIGAMI COMICS include (e.g., PANDORA’S BOX, SCHRODINGER’S CAT). Original sketches and other comics such as BONETTI'S DEFENSE (a comic about the swordplay in The Princess Bride) will also be for sale. Available for commissions.
Keren Katz/Humdrum Collective
F 212 B
Kevin Jay Stanton
C 137
A workaholic freelance illustrator with a green-thumb. Co-curated the 1001 Knights Anthology and Burl & Fur.
Kevin McCloskey
C 144
Kevin McCloskey is the author of the critically acclaimed TOON Books Giggle and Learn series and an illustration professor at Pennsylvania's Kutztown University. His first TOON Book, We Dig Worms, was described as “a winning combination of facts and gross-out fun” by The New York Times. When his wife (a librarian!), asked for a fun worm book to read at the library, he came up with an informative and silly story that evolved into a beloved series of four.
Kou Chen
E 185 A
Kou Chen is a Taiwanese American cartoonist who grew up in California, then Taipei, Taiwan, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He co-edited Boy, I Love You - a BL comics anthology and likes to draw ropes and knots.
Kriota Willberg
I 269, 268 A
Kriota Willberg uses comics, needlework, history, bioethics, and her career in massage therapy to explore the body/sciences. She teaches artists about injury prevention through workshops and her new book, Draw Stronger (Uncivilized Books). Her other comics appear in:, SubCultures, Awesome Possum, Comics For Choice, The Strumpet, The Graphic Canon, and the journals Intima and Broken Pencil. Willberg is the inaugural Artist In Residence at the New York Academy of Medicine Library.


La Shel Summer || LSHLSMMR
J 288
Artist and Illustrator based in New York, born in Trinidad. I am a plant and food enthusiast and lover of lines.
Lara Antal
A 105
Lara is a cartoonist who creates stories about magic, monsters, and badass women. ✖ If you dine in NYC you might see one of her infamous "Choking Victim" posters. ✖ She runs So What? Press, an award-winning comics imprint, with Dave Kelly. ✖ Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Huffington Post and clients Penguin Random House, Netflix, and Warner Brothers. ✖ She enjoys black humor, black coffee, and colorful coats.
Laura Boren
H 254
Laura is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in DC who produces quirky work that combines sincerity and subtle humor. She loves using her work to tell stories and enhance viewpoints for clients and for self-driven projects. Some of these projects include editorial illustration, illustrated books -- such as cookbooks and counting books, merchandise, and surface design.
Laura Ķeniņš
E 179
Laura Ķeniņš is a comic artist and journalist who has lived and worked in Halifax, Toronto, Latvia and Hungary. She is the author of Steam Clean (Retrofit, 2017) and the Doug Wright Award-nominated Alien Beings (kuš!, 2016). Her comics have also appeared in Kuti Magazine, Truthout, The Puritan, Carte Blanche, the Los Angeles Review of Books and other publications. She has worked with the Ladydrawers and Femicomix Finland. Currently she lives in Toronto with her tuxedo cat.
Leland Goodman
F 229
Leland works in television and film as a background artist and as a freelance illustrator. She writes and illustrates the comic series Basement Dwellers, published by Pyrite Press. Loves to watch slime videos on Instagram.
Liz Suburbia
J 286, 285
Liz is an ARMY brat born during the Reagan years and raised by the DC punk scene. She is also a recipient of an Alex Award for her book SACRED HEART (Fantagraphics), which was listed as a top 10 Graphic Novel for Teens by the Young Adult Library Services Association in 2016. She is currently working on the next chapter of SACRED HEART and a collection of her CYANIDE MILKSHAKE zines.


Madeline Zuluaga
F 231
Madeline Zuluaga is an illustrator/storyteller working in NYC. Her work is influenced by unusual occurrences in ordinary settings. She loves to create stories that make unlikely characters and situations believable. This is because her interests and aesthetics can be strange and involve her to obsess over drawing talking turnips and capybaras. At the end of the day, she just wants to create art to make people smile.
Marcellus Hall
E 160 A
Marcellus Hall is a New York City based illustrator. His first cover for The New Yorker was published in 2005. His debut graphic novel, Kaleidoscope City, was published in 2018 with Bittersweet Editions. Hall has illustrated children’s books that include City I Love (Abrams 2009), The Cow Loves Cookies (Simon & Schuster 2010), What's New? The Zoo! (Scholastic 2014) Duddle Puck The Puddle Duck (Simon & Schuster 2015), and the self-penned Everyone Sleeps (Penguin 2013).
Marguerite Dabaie
A 107
Marguerite Dabaie, author of "The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories," is an illustrator and cartoonist with a socio-political and historical-fictional flare. Besides drawing, Marguerite also works for several Palestine-related institutions and manages a museum.
Maria Scrivan
A 121
Maria Scrivan is a cartoonist, author and licensing artist. Her syndicated comic “Half Full” appears in newspapers daily across the US including the LA Times and on Her work is published in MAD Magazine, National Lampoon, American Bystander, Parade Magazine, Prospect Magazine and many other publications. Maria licenses her work for greeting cards and other products to companies in the US and UK including Recycled Paper Greetings, RSVP, Design Design and Designer Greetings.
Marleni Gomez
F 230
Marleni is an illustrator based out of NJ. In addition to her freelancing and design work, she is the creator of Kinda!Con Art Expo, a convention with a focus on supporting new artists and creators. Marleni eats all of her veggies, reads books to her pets, and has seen every Simpsons episode ever.
Matt Rota
C 138
Matt Rota is an illustrator working out of Brooklyn. His clients include The New York Times, The New Yorker, The LA Times, The Criterion Collection, The Village Voice, McSweeny's, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Chronicle Books, Pro Publica, Vice. His comics have appeared in the anthologies Rock Bottom, Top Shelf 2.0, Amazing Forrest, Study Group, Rabid Rabbit, and Gutter. He's the author of the books The Art of Ballpoint, and Pencil Arts Workshop, from Rockport Press.
Mattea Guldy
D 158 B
Mattea Guldy is a Junior studying at SUNY Fredonia in the Animation Illustration program. Her work was featured in the staff selected Student Showcase and was also recognized with an Honorable Mention at the SUNY Wide Film Festival. She is currently a teaching assistant for the Intro to Animation class, and will continue as a teaching assistant for Intermediate Animation. In addition, she is the President of the Animation Illustration club.
Max Temescu
F 212 A
Illustrator and designer whose work has appeared in/on/through Wired UK, Field & Stream, The Atlantic, Men's Health, Sony Pictures, Adult Swim, Popular Science. Real good kind of.
Megan Brennan
H 255
Megan Brennan is an artist and writer from New Jersey who has worked on comic scripts (Amazing World of Gumball graphic novels), collaborated as an artist on a webcomic (School of World) and work for hire, as well as self-publishing her own comics.
Melissa Neuburger
D 158 B
Melissa is a junior Animation and Illustration major at SUNY Fredonia. She enjoys creating creatures and incorporating her sardonic humor into her work.
MFA Visual Narrative
J 299, 300, 301
When you put STORY FIRST, words and visuals merge into a whole new language - yours. SVA's low-residency MFA Visual Narrative program offers a visionary approach to storytelling that equally emphasizes creative writing and visual communication across all media. APPLY NOW!
MICA Illustration
J 294
MICA’s BFA in Illustration fosters an understanding of the current dynamic illustration practice and prepares students to not only take their place, but to shape it’s future and emerging markets. Our students create work with a strong personal voice that resonates and reflects contemporary culture.
Michele Rosenthal
H 262
Michele Rosenthal is a freelance illustrator living in Brooklyn, where she drinks tea constantly and plays trivia poorly. Her work features bright colors, day to day life, friendship, aliens, and Kraftwerk.
Micheline Hess
D 155 A
Born and raised in New York City, Micheline Hess started her professional comic book career in the early 90s with Milestone Comics as a colorist. She has several creator owned works such as the fantasy-adventure comic series ‘Malice in Ovenland’ and ‘The Anansi Kids and the All Saints’ Day Adventure’. In addition to being an Independent Comic Book Creator, Micheline is also an accomplished digital painter, with her work shown nationally at various Art Shows annually
Mike Diana
E 170
Mike Diana started Xeroxing his comics as a teenager and by the self-publishing boom of the early nineties he had built a following for his zine Boiled Angel. But then he attracted the wrong kind of attention—in 1994 he became the first artist to be convicted of obscenity in the US. He lives in New York and continues to make art. He is the subject of Boiled Angels, a documentary by filmmaker Frank Henenlotter. Read the new interview with Mike in the Tiny Report #5, debuting at MoCCA Fest.
Molly Fehr
J 287
Molly Fehr is a children and young adult book designer by day and freelance illustrator by night/weekend. Her work is heavily based in fantasy and fairy tales, and probably includes a ton of plants!


Nadia "ToughSpirit" Burgess
E 174
Nadia is a Multi-Artist, Filmmaker, and Cake Creator that resides in Brooklyn, New York. She illustrates crossover art that reflects cartoons, movies, video games, and TV shows along with a vivid coloring style. She is currently working with elementary school kids in teaching them various types of art as well as pursuing her creative career while traveling abroad.
Narciso Espiritu
G 235
Narciso is an illustrator making a lot of different things. Also a designer at Culture Fly. Kind of. Come by and we can talk about it and other stuff okay.
NBM Graphic Novels/Papercutz
D 148, 147
NBM presents graphic novels by leading North American and European artists. Meet TJ Kirsch of Pride of the Decent Man The Library Journal called "A complex story told in a thoughtful, moving manner” in a starred review and browse the latest publications like ‘Satania.’ Papercutz is top children’s comics. Meet David Gallaher of Only Living Boy Depth of Field called “An entrancing ballad of a little boy lost, an epic fantasy with an intimate focus” and High Moon and don’t miss our latest kids GNs.
Nicholas Offerman
E 172
Nicholas Offerman is a cartoonist from New Jersey, currently living in Brooklyn. He graduated from SVA in 2011, won a MoccaFest Award of Excellence in 2013, and was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent in 2014.
Nicole J. Georges
F 205
Nicole J. Georges is the author of the award-winning graphic memoirs "Calling Dr. Laura" and "Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home". She is the host of the podcast Sagittarian Matters, has been publishing diary comics for 20 years, and teaches at CCA MFA in Comics Program.
Nicole Scerra
J 292
Nicole Scerra is a native New Yorker. Both an Illustrator and Educator; Nicole received her BFA in Illustration, and Master of Arts in Teaching from Maryland Institute College of Art. She spends her days as your friendly neighborhood visual art educator and her dark nights building an illustration empire.
Normandie Luscher
F 233
Currently studying in the Illustration Practice Grad Program at MICA. My work is playful and colorful and often consists of pizza and doughnuts but also self love and politics.
Now What Media
G 243
Now What Media publishes illustrated humor books, comics and a satirical website. We also publish a weekly political illustration package at Our latest titles include Gertrude et Alice: More Cult Comics Classics and Trump Tweets Alt-American History.


Olivia Fields
J 291
Olivia Fields is an African-American illustrator born, raised, and residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is largely influenced by Black beauty and identity, which she seeks to represent and uplift. Having obtained her AAS at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she is currently pursuing a BFA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts.
Owen Brozman
A 107
Owen Brozman is the illustrator of the New York Times best seller You Have to F--king Eat (Akashic) and the acclaimed graphic novel Nature of the Beast (Soft Skull). He has illustrated for Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, Scholastic, Grand Central Publishing, and numerous other clients. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Pain Pals
G 245
We are Ghost.
E 171
Pantheon is part of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and continues to publish world-class literature. Our groundbreaking, award-winning graphic fiction and nonfiction artists include: Marjane Satrapi, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Ben Katchor, David Mazzucchelli, Chip Kidd, and Craig Thompson.
Patrick Sinnott
E 175
A Brooklyn based, two time Eisner award nomination watching cartoonist whose work you may have seen in Ouchi gallery or in the pages of Cloudwrangler Comics' new title Blaze of Glory, Patrick is the artist and author of the webcomic Lax Legends. He hopes you enjoy his Crypt Keeper/Classic Scifi inspired scifi-fantasy work and should probably stop writing in the third person.
Pénélope Bagieu
E 162
Pénélope Bagieu was born in Paris in 1982, to Corsican and Basque parents. She is a bestselling graphic novel author and her editorial illustrations have appeared all over the French media. She blogs, drums in a rock band, and watches lots of nature shows. Her books with First Second include Exquisite Corpse and California Dreamin', and the just-published Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World.
D 156
We are an independent book publisher that makes strong exciting books with young artists from all across the world, that you might have even seen on the internet. We don't make books with old comic artists!
Pinky Weber
I 274
Pinky Weber is an award-winning professional doodler, muralist shmuralist, zine queen, and donut enthusiast based in — you guessed it — Brooklyn. Pinky earned her street cred from Parsons School of Design in 2014, where she co-founded the Crybaby Collective in her senior year. Her professional Rolodex includes clients like The Boston Globe, Bud Light, Mental Floss, Pringles, Scholastic and Witchsy. Most importantly, she has a wiener dog named Crinkle.
Plum Press
F 223
Plum is a collective of artists who publish zines and other printed products, host events and work in other various art forms. We publish a biannual collaborative anthology as well as publish individual artist’s comics. We hope to expand our range of publications and experiment with other book forms! Plum is Haejin Park, Paige Mehrer, and Sophie Page.
PM Press
B 134
PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks seeking to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books to entertain, educate, and inspire.
Prentis Rollins
D 158 A
Prentis Rollins is a veteran of DC Comics, having worked on such projects as ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth,’ ‘JLA: Incarnations’, ‘DC: One Million’, and ‘Batman: The Ultimate Evil’. He is the author of ‘How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopias’, ‘The Making of a Graphic Novel’, and ‘Survival Machine (Stories)’. His sci-fi graphic novel ‘The Furnace’ will be published by Tor Books in July of 2018. He and his family live in London.
Priya Huq
H 263 B
Comic artist and illustrator from Brooklyn.
Pyrite Press
F 224
Pyrite Press publishes the gold standard of comics, artist books, and literary zines. Founded in 2015 and based in Brooklyn, NY, we provide a platform for undiscovered talents, established artists, and distinguished storytellers to expose printed, tangible forms of their work.


R. Sikoryak
I 271
R. Sikoryak is the author of Masterpiece Comics, Terms and Conditions, and The Unquotable Trump (Drawn & Quarterly). His adaptations of literary classics have appeared in The Best American Comics 2015, The Graphic Canon, Drawn and Quarterly, and Fable Comics. His illustrations have appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, Fortune, and The New York Times Book Review. Sikoryak teaches at Parsons School of Design and hosts the live cartoon performance series, Carousel.
Rebecca Kirby
J 286, 285
Rebecca is a South Philadelphia-based illustrator and cartoonist with her BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts. She makes her own mini-comics and is currently working on a very mysterious story with the very mysterious John Arcudi to be published later this year.
Reilly Hadden
I 267
Reilly Hadden is the creator of the award-winning cosmic fantasy series ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL. He produces a new mini comic every month to dozens of subscribers through patreon. "Reilly Hadden’s Astral Birth Canal may be my favorite continuing series published today. " -Rob Clough
Renée Park
E 173
Renée Park is a Brooklyn based Korean illustrator. She currently works as a freelance illustrator. Her past clients include Learning A-Z, Benchmark Education, Loot Crate, Boom! Studios, Amarante Music, and more.
Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics
E 179
Retrofit Comics is a small press comics publisher that was founded in 2011 by comics artist Box Brown to bring a selection of short works by different comics creators to the public on a regular schedule. Now teamed up with Jared Smith from Big Planet Comics, Retrofit Comics has published work from some of the best comics creators in North America, as well as creators from around the world, including France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Retrofit Comics publishes out of Washington DC.
Richard Alexander/ Richy Vegas
E 185 B
Richy Vegas Comics are graphic memoirs of the author's struggle with mental illness. "The Legend of Richy Vegas, part 1," is the first of 11 or 12 volumes that chronicle the author's decent into diagnosis and treatment.
RISD Illustration
E 167
Work from students in the RISD illustration department
J 302, 303, 304, 305
The SVA RisoLab will allow attendees to explore the Risograph medium and learn how to use it effectively as a tool for self-publishing. Demonstrations by top artists will provide background information on mark making, color and form, along with how to approach color separation, pagination, and self-publication. And a raffle for a free Riso workshop! The SVA RisoLAB comes to MoCCA through the generous sponsorship of SVA, Riso Inc. and LDI Color Toolbox.
Robin Enrico
E 183 A
Robin Enrico is the writer and artist behind the graphic novels Jam In The Band and Life of Vice published by Alternative Comics. He also reviews comics for Broken Frontier.
Robin Ha
A 106
Robin Ha is the author and the illustrator for Cook Korean!: A Comic Book With Recipes, a New York Times bestseller cookbook graphic novel. Her work has been published in independent comics anthologies as well as in the pages of Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine. She is currently living in Washington D.C., working on a graphic novel memoir about her immigration from Seoul to Alabama in 1995.
Robyn Chapman
E 170
Robyn Chapman is an editor, a publisher, and (sometimes) a cartoonist. She is the proprietor of Paper Rocket Minicomics and the Tiny Report. She has had many different jobs in comics: she was a program coordinator and faculty member at the Center for Cartoon Studies, a cashier at Desert Island, and the author of Drawing Comics Lab (Quarry Books). In the spring of 2016 she debuted Twin Bed, her first solo comic in a long, long time. Currently she is an associate editor at First Second.
Robyn Smith
J 290
Robyn Smith is a Jamaican cartoonist currently based in Vermont. She's worked on comics for NECIR, College Humor and The Nib and has also self-published the mini-comic The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town (featured on The Comics Journal list The Best Short Form Comics of 2016 and also The Illustrated Pen by Whit Taylor) She's currently, working on the upcoming comic 'Wash Day' with writer Jamila Rowser, more sad weird auto bio, and stays holding on to dreams of returning home, to the ocean.
Rose Wong
E 182
Rose is an Illustrator based in Brooklyn. In her work, she loves to mix the natural and the unnatural.
Rosemary Valero-O'Connell
J 286, 285
Rosemary is a cartoonist and illustrator with a BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She was raised in Zaragoza, Spain, but now lives in a little apartment in the ice and snow of Minnesota. She writes and draws her own comics, including the very well received WHAT IS LEFT, and is currently illustrating the upcoming graphic novel LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME with Mariko Tamaki for First Second.
F 203
Rotopol is a publishing house for graphic storytelling. Since 2007 we publish comics, illustration books, paper toys, and stationary from artists and designers with personal styles and stories. We are located in Kassel, Germany and next to our office we run a store & gallery with exhibitions and events year-round. We look at Rotopol as a platform that brings together the creative potential around us, developing it and making it visible in multiple ways.
Rumi Hara
F 214
Rumi is an illustrator and comics artist working in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently making a series of minicomics "Nori," a story about a little girl called Nori and her sidekick Grandma in a small Japanese town. Rumi will be at MoCCA with Nori 1-3 and some other fresh books and prints.


Sam Grinberg
F 221 A
Sam Grinberg is a NYC born cartoonist who lived most of his life in the woodsy suburbs of New Jersey (where he got most of his inspiration) before relocating to L.A. He spends his nights & weekends making comics, stickers, and band flyers and works on The Simpsons by day. You can find him selling this stuff at comic shows across the country.
Sam Neukirch
J 289
Sam is an illustrator/cartoonist/artist from Long Island. She's done work for Amazon Publishing, Vice Media, Snap Inc., and folks who just want drawings of their fursona. In 2018, she's going to finally focus on doing those comics she's always wanted to do - for real this time.
Sara Lautman
E 180
A Baltimore-based cartoonist and illustrator, author of Ghost Sex, Lying and Cursing, The Ultimate Laugh (nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2016), and, most recently, Pictures of Bananas and Funny Bugs (Birdcage Bottom) and I Love You (Retrofit/Big Planet). Her work appears in Playboy, Mad, The Paris Review, The Awl, and regularly in the New Yorker. Sara is a faculty member at the Maryland Institute College of Art, teaching comics in the Humanistic Studies department.
Sara Varon
D 155 B
Sara Varon is an illustrator and graphic novelist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her books include Robot Dreams, Bake Sale, Odd Duck, and Sweaterweather. She will be at MoCCA peddling her new graphic novel from First Second Books "New Shoes," along with assorted items, such as pins, hats, and mini-comics. John Douglas will also be at her table with his mini-comics.
Sara Woolley Gómez
Sara Woolley Gómez is an award-winning illustrator and visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, and most recently by 3×3 Magazine. Her current project a sci fi short entitled BODYMOD, was included in the Bitch Planet Triple Feature Anthology, published by IMAGE Comics. Sara is illustration faculty for the New York City College of Technology, CUNY.
F 219, 220
SelfMadeHero publishes ground-breaking and beautiful work by authors and artists from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. Based in London, the company is proud to bring readers graphic novels and visual narratives that provoke, entertain, inspire and inform. Recent releases include Nick Cave by Reinhard Kleist, Magritte: This is Not a Biography by Vincent Zabus and Thomas Campi, and The Smell of Starving Boys by Loo Hui Phang and Frederik Peeters.
Siobhan Gallagher
B 131
Siobhan Gallagher is an illustrator, senior designer at Abrams Kids & ComicArts, and author of In a Daze Work: A Pick-Your-Path Journey Through the Daily Grind, published through Penguin RandomHouse. Her work often involves observational humor, personal confessions, and feminism. She is currently working on her second book.
Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College
I 270 B
Located five miles from downtown Boston, the Solstice MFA Program helps students reach their full potential as writers in a learning environment that fosters community and celebrates the individual by offering concentrations in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, comics & graphic narratives, and writing for children & young adults. Working with some of the best writers in the country, our diverse student body emerges with a deep knowledge of their art and a strategy for continuing their work.
Sophia Marie Pappas
G 236
Sophia is a freelance illustrator, printmaking enthusiast, lifelong doodler, and experimental gardener. She works from her home studio in Pittsburgh, PA.
Stephanie Rodriguez
E 168
Stephanie Rodriguez is a Bronx-born comic book artist and illustrator. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 with a BFA in Illustration. Stephanie creates illustrations and self published comics depicting the highs and lows of everyday life. She takes on various topics like heart break, slut shaming and anxiety. Stephanie currently resides in Brooklyn, NY
Stephanie Zuppo
I 267
Stephanie Zuppo is a cartoonist, designer and educator currently residing in Vermont. They run Conosaurus, a website that tracks comic conventions and zine fests across the US and Canada. They are also the editor of Vermont's only free femme comics newspaper, The Ladybroad Ledger.
Steve Thueson
J 290
Steve Thueson is a cartoonist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their comics and illustrations have appeared in Razorcake, and SLUG Magazine. Their comic, Quest Mania, is currently being serialized on They received their MFA in Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2017, live in Philadelphia, and are pretty okay.
Summer Pierre
E 178
Summer Pierre is the author of the autobiographical comic series, Paper Pencil Life, as well as the books The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week and Great Gals: Inspired Ideas for Living a Kick-Ass Life. She lives and works in the Hudson Valley of New York.
Syracuse University
I 279, 280
Syracuse University offers BFA and MFA degrees in Illustration. Illustration majors take studio courses: drawing, painting, digital, and other media. They develop conceptual thinking, narrative skills, and familiarity with the field. Students are encouraged to develop their individual vision. Syracuse is a major research University with opportunities to take courses in other disciplines and to study abroad. Illustration alumni are successful in licensing, publishing, animation and gaming.


Taipei Cultural Center in NY
F 206, 207
The Taipei Cultural Center in New York is delighted to feature award-winning comic artists Ruan Guang-Min and Zuo Hsuan at 2018 MoCCA Fest. We welcome everyone to visit our booth F206 & 207 and experience Taiwanese culture through the artists' fantastic comic books. Furthermore, we host the “Taiwan Comics Night” workshops with NYPL and Society of Illustrators on Apr 9 &10. For more info, please visit our website and FB:
Tara Sunil Thomas
H 251
Tara is an illustrator and animator from Kerala, India currently based in New York City. Tara loves traditional sketching and digital painting. She is currently working as a freelancer creating character designs and backgrounds for animation companies in New York City.
Taylor Mauldin
J 294
Taylor is an illustrator and comics enthusiast based in both New Orleans, LA and Baltimore, MD. She likes black cats, tarot cards, and has an affinity for attracting cursed objects. She is easily summoned with the right cup of medium-roast coffee, or just through shooting her an email at
The Center for Cartoon Studies
I 276
The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education to students interested in creating visual stories. CCS’s curriculum of art, graphic design, and literature reflect the wide array of skills needed to create comics and graphic novels. CCS emphasizes self-publishing and prepares its students to publish, market, and disseminate their work. CCS programs include a two-year MFA degree, one- and two-year certificates in cartooning, and annual workshops.
Tim Hamilton
A 104
Tim Hamilton is an author / illustrator who lives in Brooklyn, NY. His cartoons have been featured in The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine and used by Amazon Studios. He has produced work for Dark Horse, Marvel, DC comics and self publishes his own comic, Rabbit Who Fights. Tim has written and illustrated several Children's picture books, and adapted Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451″ into a Eisner award nominated graphic novel for Hill & Wang.
Toby Cypress
J 286, 285
Toby is an artist that has worked with every major comic book publisher over his 20 year career, most notably with his work on RODD RACER, THE WHITE SUITS and BLUE ESTATE. He is currently working on LAND OF THE DEAD with Brian McDonald for First Second, as well as GRAVEDIGGERS UNION with Wes Craig for Image Comics.
Tom Daly
A 102, 103A
Tom Daly makes comics about whatever is on his mind at the moment; getting thrown out of a store when he was a little kid, creepy neighbors or how cool post-it notes are. For MOCCA 2018 he’ll have new comics including two floppies of essay comics and the first issue of WEST SIDE, a long-form comic about the disintegration of the Westies gang in NYC in the 1980s. When he isn’t making comics, he likes to draw, take long walks in the city and write about himself in the third person.
TOON Books
C 143
TOON Books are the first high-quality comics designed for children ages three and up. Each TOON book has been vetted by educators to ensure that the language and the narratives will nurture young minds. Our books feature original stories and characters created by veteran children’s book authors, renowned cartoonists and new talents, all applying their extraordinary skills to fascinate young children with tales that will welcome them to the magic of reading.
Tran Nguyen
J 284
Tran Nguyen is an award-winning illustrator, gallery artist, and muralist. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she is fascinated with creating visuals that are in the realm of fantasy and surrealism. Her paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper. Nguyen has worked for clients such as the Smithsonian, Tiger Beer, World Wildlife Fund, VH1, and has showcased with galleries across the world.


Uijung Kim
G 235
Uijung Kim is an illustrator and designer originally from South Korea who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is inspired by childhood experiences and the family and friends she grew up with. Uijung likes making fun, happy and sometimes sad illustrations. Her work is strongly rooted in Korean culture through color, tone and narrative. Her purpose for making art is for people to feel happy when they see her illustrations. She wants to speak to kids of all ages.


Virginia Gagnon
A 120
Virginia Gagnon is a Baltimore based illustrator, concept designer, and comic creator, graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Their work, heavily inspired by folklore, urban legends, and history, explores both the uncanny, unsettling and horrific, and the vibrant, bubbly, and fantastical.


Wellington Sun
G 237 A
Wellington Sun is a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Printmaker based in Queens. He collects taxidermy and likes to draw skulls.
Westine Leung
H 248
Westine Leung (a.ka Shiyado) is a current student at LaGuardia High School and member of its illustration club. Still exploring which direction to go in art and just excited to meet and connect with other artists alike!
World War 3 Illustrated Collective
B 133
Radical Comix from the Heart of the City Founded in 1979, by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated was among the first American magazines to treat comics as a medium for serious social commentary and journalism. For 35 years, the magazine has been a labor of love, run by a volunteer collective of political activists and artists, both first-timers and established professionals. We're based in New York City and seek to provide a home for comics from around the world.
Wren McDonald
D 156
Wren McDonald is the author of cyberpunk epic, SP4RX (Nobrow) and dystopian revenge story, Cyber Realm (Nobrow) as well as several other self-published minicomics. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he spends most of his time in his bedroom.


Yinfan Huang
B 132
Born and raised in China, Yinfan Huang is a New York-based illustrator who creates joyful, whimsical work for children’s books, magazines, brands and institutions around the world. Some of her clients including Kids Can Press, PLANSPONSOR, Warby Parker, and 3M. When she is not working on fun commissions for clients, she busies herself making hand-crafted, quirky ceramic homewares, accessories, and illustrated paper goods for her store, In Fun Handmade, and drawing comics of her life in NYC.
Yiran Guo
J 294
Yiran (Eva) Guo is a freelance illustrator and animator originally from the plains of northern China. She moved to New York after graduating from the MFA program in illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art, looking for more opportunities. Throughout her time in the states, she has created award-winning window displays, gifs, and illustrations. In her free time, Yiran loves to make mochi and bake bread, and she is an avid lover of milk. She splits her time between New York and Los Angel


Zach Hazard Vaupen
E 179
Zach Hazard Vaupen is a cartoonist and printmaker living and working in NY who loves printing on unexpected materials and loves writing unexpected stories. Pick up his book Combed Clap Of Thunder from Retrofit/Big Planet Comics