Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Aatmaja Pandya
Aatmaja Pandya is a cartoonist and illustrator from New York. Her current project is Travelogue, a fantasy "diary" comic with a focus on worldbuilding. She likes drawing comics about wizards and video games and surly teens.
Abrams ComicArts
E 159, E 160, E 161
Abrams ComicArts publishes groundbreaking graphic novels and illustrated books about the creators and the history of comics art, animation, and cartoons.
Ada Price
J 286
Ada Price is a cartoonist and illustrator based in New York City. Her comics focus on people’s relationships and people’s shifting perspective of themselves and others. Her most recent comics are Caligula, about the friendship between the Roman emperor Caligula and his horse, and The Everyday Death of the Everyday Saint, based on the gruesome deaths of saints.
Alden Viguilla
G 242
Alden Viguilla is a freelance illustrator and printmaker originally from the Philippines and currently based in New Jersey. I make silkscreen prints and zines that takes inspiration from all kinds of Heroes, Villains, and the Cutesy.
Alexa Sharpe
F 223
Alexa Sharpe is a California-based Illustrator who specializes in book and sequential art. Her work delicately walks the line between beauty and horror, as she creates haunting series for fantastical stories like The Grimm Brother's 'Godfather Death' and Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'. Her current comic 'Dream Dossier', and much of the rest of her repertoire, chases the strange and supernatural across a backdrop of historical 19th century decadence.
Alexandra Filipek
J 284
Alexandra Filipek is a New Jersey based illustrator and comic artist whose work is based on nature and times when people lived closer to it. Historical themes are also prevalent in her work, especially the Bronze Age and Medieval time periods. She draws inspiration from the dramatic painterly techniques of the Romantic Movement despite working digitally. She loves a good neolithic comic as well!
Alexandra Glenn-Collins
J 277
AGLENNCO is a New Jersey based illustrator who haunts every cemetery simultaneously. She makes zines and comics about true stories, as long as you are willing to believe folklore, ghost stories, and myth.
Alexandra Lobo
F 212
i am a freelance illustrator, designer, and printmaker currently residing in the new jersey. i craft both traditional and digital works intended to be overall hauntingly or playfully beautiful. mostly, i work with a lot of bands, creating promotional posters, album artwork, merchandise designs, and more.
Alfonso de Anda
H 246 B
Alfonso de Anda is a Mexican illustrator based in New York, currently attending the School of Visual Arts Illustration as Visual Essay MFA program. His narrative driven work explores the possibilities of storytelling through still, animated and sequential images.
Alisa Harris
C 140
Alisa Harris makes comics about cats (The Collected Counter Attack!), vegetarian recipes (Cooking Up Comics), and her post-art school days of living in almost every borough of NYC (Urban Nomad). By day she is an animator, designer, and storyboard artist for a web-based, educational company.
Allison Conway
A 109 B
Allison Conway is an illustrator based in Upstate New York and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe and Vice. You can check out her recent comic series about a pillbug on Vice Comics. Her detailed illustrative style explores the serious and the fanciful, often combining elements of both horror and humor to convey her message.
Alyssa Jo Varner
I 266
Alyssa is a graphic designer, illustrator, and cartoonist living in Brooklyn. She is the writer and artist behind the series "Blown Away." Her graphic essay, "Foraging," was published in Hobart literary magazine in 2017. She has also written a horror comic forthcoming from So What? Press.
Alyssa Scerra
J 287
Alyssa Scerra is an illustrator and educator. When not shopping for lasers, phasers, and the occasional power ring she is drawn to sequential storytelling and bitting humor.
Amanda Chung
D 150
Illustrator who enjoys making wearable illustrations and short-form comics that are almost always about expressionless, relatable, round-headed beings. A Member of Part-Time Pigeon.
Amanda Tolentino
F 221, F 222
Amanda Tolentino is a 3D and visual development artist based in New York City. She graduated from the School of Visual Art's Computer Art, Animation, and VFX department with her first short film, "Hanami". Since then, her film has been accepted to festivals such as the Festival TOFUZI, FreeNetWorld, and The Short Film Corner at Festival De Cannes. In her spare time, she enjoys joining zines, gallery shows, and brewing up whimsical, fun, and colorful crafts for her Etsy shop.
Ameex Testing
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Amelia Onorato
A 121
A graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies, Amelia is a history buff from Rhode Island who gives tours of a haunted mansion by the sea by day and makes comics about the sea by night.
Angela Rizza
E 178 A
Angela Rizza is an illustrator based in upstate NY. Her work is influenced by the wildlife around her home, and her favorite stories she read growing up. When working on children's books, she creates images that appeals to her inner child, drawings with lots of details, color, and quality that captures the attention of the viewer. Her intricate work is hand drawn in ink and color is applied digitally, and sheis greatly influenced by classical storybook illustatrors and her favorite plants.
Angelica Alzona
Angelica Alzona is a local Filipino-American illustrator and animator. She currently works as an editorial illustrator for Gizmodo Media, formerly Gawker, making work for Gizmodo, Fusion, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, Lifehacker and Jalopnik.
April Malig
E 175
April Malig is a cartoonist and zine maker from California, living in Queens. She is most known for her fluorescent poetry photo comic zines and being on twitter a lot. Also April really likes fancy bakeries and potato salad.