Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Fanfare Presents
J 293
An umbrella for creators and independent publishers, boasting more than 16 Eisner nominations, and the best translated graphic novels and art books from around the world by more than a half dozen publishers, including Fanfare/Ponent Mon, Knockabout, Breakdown Press, Book Palace and Atlantic Press. Debuts at 2018 MoCCA include UDON NOODLE SOUP, FUKUSHIMA DEVIL FISH, ILLUSTRATORS: WAR IS HELL and RED HAZE.
Feifei Ruan
G 239 B
FEIFEI RUAN is a Brooklyn based Illustrator and Visual Storyteller. She received her MFA from the SVA Visual Narrative program in 2015. Her work showcases dynamic movement and is highly influenced by Eastern culture. She’s the author of comic books WEICOME TO CHINATOWN, SASHIMI, and THE STORYTELLER: GIANTS#4. She also made book covers for ADVENTURE TIME, LUMBERJANES and more. Her clients include PenguinBooks, HarperCollins, Boom!Studios, and The JimHenson Company.
Fem Foundry
G 246
Fem Foundry is a Brooklyn based collective of young female creators who believe in women supporting women and our ability to create influential work. Our goal is simple: to make cool things and inspire others to join. Through different mediums, we aim to connect women and bring together a vast range of artists by using a common theme or mission.
First Second Books
E 162
First Second Books publishes great graphic novels for every reader -- books for kids, teens, and adults from authors like Gene Luen Yang, Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, Faith Erin Hicks, Penelope Bagieu, Tillie Walden, Jen Wang, and Ben Hatke. With a dedication to the best in storytelling and in artwork, First Second's graphic novels are the new mainstream.
FORGE. Art Magazine
F 225 A
FORGE is a quarterly art magazine created by Toronto native Matthew James-Wilson. The goal of FORGE is to give exposure to young artists and celebrate the work of artists making an impact in their field. FORGE explores DIY music and art communities, documenting an oral history or contemporary scenes and creators. In addition to publishing the magazine online every three months, FORGE publishes zines, hosts gallery shows, produces videos, and prints merch all celebrating artists in the magazine.
Françoise Mouly
C 143
Françoise Mouly is the publisher and editorial director of TOON Books, which she launched in 2008. She has also served as the art editor of the New Yorker since 1993, where she’s been responsible for over 1,000 covers. In 1980, she founded RAW, a comics anthology that had a profound impact on the alternative scene and first published MAUS. After observing how her children learned to read, Ms. Mouly established a division to publish comics for kids, which lead to the creation of the TOON Books.
Frank Reynoso
A 107
Frank Reynoso is a comics creator, author and illustrator. His work has appeared in The Sweetness (Z2 Comics) Occupy Comics (Black Mask Studios), World War 3 Illustrated, and House of 12’s Touching Children’s Stories. His illustrations have appeared in numerous Mayfair Games, Physics of the Impossible for the Science Channel, Civil Rights For Beginners, Literary Theory For Beginners, and the forthcoming The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses (Penguin Books).
Frank Zerilli
G 235
Prehistoric robots and tasteful degeneracy.
F 204
"Even in the diverse world of Franco-Belgian independent comics, there is no publisher quite like Frémok. The name itself is a neologism-a combination of Fréon and Amok, the two publishers who merged to form the new entity. A hybrid itself, Frémok constanty reproaches, readdresses, and reinvents the comics medium by repeatedly hybridizing fine arts and narration at the extreme limits, willfully disregarding the convention of the comics form." Erwin Dejasse in World Literature Today, march/april