Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Fanfare Presents
A 107
As both a publisher of the best international graphic storytelling and distributor of indie publishers from around the world, Fanfare Presents has garnered more than a dozen prestigious Eisner Award nominations, among many other industry awards. At the 2017 MOCCA Festival, Fanfare Presents is proud to feature from SPAIN creator Rosario Villajos, who will be signing copies of her debut, FACE, throughout the show at BOOTH A107
Fantagraphics Books
C 135, C 136, C 137, C 138
Publisher of the World's Greatest Cartoonists Since 1976.
Fernanda Sanovicz
H 258 B
Fernanda Sanovicz is a Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator. Passionate about drawing in location, and working mainly with printmaking, she designs posters, editorial illustrations, and handmade books. After more than three years living in New York, Sanovicz is deeply influenced by the city's frenetic rhythm. Her pieces are somehow a document of daily life happenings.
First Second Books
E 157, E 158
First Second Books is a publisher of great graphic novels for every reader. From kids to teens to adults, across genres of science fiction and fantasy to romance, mystery, nonfiction, memoir, and more, First Second has a graphic novel for everyone who loves to read.
Fitness Club
H 254
Fitness Club is a team of four fit and trim artists from Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Diana Schoenbrun is a powerhouse aerobics instructor who illustrates children's books. Laura Boren enjoys feelin’ good, “sweatin’ to the oldies” and illustrates life as it occurs to her. Ligang Luo knows in order to stay buff and beautiful you have to work fast — hands to pencil to paper. Josh Fronk works out his muscles while drawing to 80's metal with a fury that would make Kirk Hammett gawk.
Fuzzy Poet by Drew Gold
J 294
I'm an Author and Artist working in a variety of media. Made in England & raised in NYC, my books are loaded with humor and life observations delivered by way of a few words and bold, rendered panels. With a sweet subtle approach, I hope to excite you, please you and broaden your imagination and sense of what picture books and comix art can be.


fang fu
Fang Fu is an illustrator currently study and live in Baltimore. She creates moody scenes, wandering characters, and wired creatures. Her images are mostly in-between memories and reality. Watching things from the aspect of being an outsider.