Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Gideon Kendall
F 225
Gideon Kendall is the creator of two series: WHATZIT, a sci-fi/horror epic and WAIT…It Gets Worse, an anthology of mostly humorous auto-bio stories done in collaboration with Doug Latino and a range of other artists. He is currently working with Josh O’Neill (Locust Moon) on Marley’s Ghost, Harvey Kurtzman’s unfinished adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, coming this fall from Kitchen Sink/Comixology. He is the artist of Mega-Ghost, an all-ages bi-monthly title written by Gabe Soria.
Giselle Sarmiento
J 284
Giselle Sarmiento is a New York based visual storyteller who specializes in making comics. Her great love of the medium and storytelling grew out of the great love for escape and imagination she discovered while discovering manga, cartoons, animation and American comics. She loves creating works that focuses on female protagonists who come in all shapes and sizes along with themes including magic, adventure and humor. She has a soft soft for magical things and cute things.
Glynnis Fawkes
C 139
Glynnis Fawkes was a winner of the MoCCA Arts festival Award in 2016 for AlleEgo, a memoir about a first trip to Greece, and her comics for were nominated for an Ignatz Award also in 2016. Greek Diary (debuting at MoCCA) is about daily life on an excavation and how a family vacation elicits memories of life before children. Her book of comics about her children, Reign of Crumbs, will be published by Kilgore in April.
Greg Kletsel
B 129 A
drawing machine
Gwenevere Singley
Gwenevere Singley is an illustrator, comic creator, and mastermind of the Wayward Queen webcomic, an account of the challenges faced by people trapped in a world plagued by a wayward queen whose ramblings add to the landscape: "Where the Queen goes, the realm grows", and chaos follows soon after! Myriad other projects percolate from the Gwenesphere at intervals, from extravagant paintings to odd tales. Recently, a swarm of Ink Imps has emerged, and what they are up to is anyone's guess!


gregory benton
A 114
Gregory’s book B+F was awarded the MoCCA’s inaugural Award of Excellence at MoCCAFest 2013. An expanded version of B+F was published in the autumn of 2013 by Adhouse Books (USA) and Editions çà et là (France). The long form edition of B+F was selected for the Society of Illustrators first Comics and Cartoon Art Annual in 2014. SMOKE was released in 2015. It received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was selected for the Society of Illustrators Comics and Cartoon Art Annual in 2016.