Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Haan Lee
I 267
Haan’s comics blend elements of noir, dystopian fiction and absurdism. They tell stories of small people in big worlds, of people stuck in existential prisons, and of quiet lives punctuated by violence. His newest comic, “Noodle Fight”, is about a bloodsport where skinny men fight each other for money. It follows different characters as they struggle for success against a backdrop of hip hop and drug cartels in the early 90’s. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, baby daughter and dumb cat.
Hadar Reuven
B 125 B
Hadar Reuven is a visual artist and storyteller employing a variety of mediums; collage, painting, installation, video, sound, graphic novels and artist books. Her work has been exhibited in eight solo shows, in group shows and published internationally. She participates in comics festivals as part of The Humdrum Comics Collective. She is an alumna of the postgraduate fine arts program at The Midrasha.
Haejin Park
E 175
Haejin Park is an illustrator and comic artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. Her zine ‘BOX’ was published by Pyrite Press. She self publishes her comics regularly, ‘Mirror Boy’ will be debuting at MoCCA 2017. Haejin is part of plum, an illustration collective. @haejinduck
Hair With Fist
G 240
Hair with Fist is the collaborative duo of Alexandra Beguez and Shalimar Luis. We specialize in zombies, llamas and outer space. Check out our work on our websites, and
Hannah K. Lee
I 268 B
Hannah K. Lee was born to Korean immigrants and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. She received a BFA in illustration at Parsons. Now in Brooklyn, she is a regular self-publisher of zines and art books, which contain personal work and experiments in letterforms and production. Stay tuned this fall for Language Barrier, a monograph of short comics and other fragments, published by Koyama Press. Until then, stop by to check out her latest posters, t-shirts, and zines!
Hannah Xenakis
H 247
Hannah Xenakis is an illustrator and artist living in Brooklyn, sharing her daily sketchbook drawings and other magical creations with the world via Instagram @hannahxenakis. She really enjoys drawing hairy femmes, magical girls, animals, bicycles and fruit.
Hayley Thornton-Kennedy
H 261
Hayley Thornton-Kennedy is an East Coast based, West Coast born illustrator pursuing her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Through comics, posters, and illustrations, her work explores personal narrative, as well as the current public narrative, with the overarching theme of feminine strength.
Hazel Newlevant
C 141 A
Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised, Queens-residing cartoonist. Her comics include No Ivy League and If This Be Sin. She is the editor and publisher of Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers. Her work has been honored with the Xeric Grant and the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. She works as the Assistant Editor for Roar Comics. She likes to dance around, alone or with others.