Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Katherine Arnoldi
H 259 A
The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom (Graymalkin, 2016) by Katherine Arnoldi, first published in 1998 by Hyperion, won a NYFA arts award in drawing, two American Library Association Awards, was named one of the Top Ten Books of the Year by Entertainment Weekly, nominated for a Will Eisner Award and optioned by Kennedy/Marshall company. Arnoldi, Ph.D., a Fulbright Fellow to Paraguay in 2008-9, has received a NYFA Award in Fiction, a DeJur, Henfield Transatlantic Award and a Newhouse.
Kati Lacker
H 246 B
Kati Lacker is an illustrator, cartoonist, and screen printer living in Brooklyn. Her work explores the everyday; often focusing on dark humor, fantasy, or the absurdities found in the midst of the mundane. Much of what she creates is driven by her love of color, line and patterns. Her style has come to define Kin Comics, a comic collaboration project she works of with her brother. This year she is tabling with Bananatown, a small collective of illustrators living under the same roof.
Kelly Fernandez
J 280
Kelly Fernandez is a cartoonist and illustrator from Queens, New York. She enjoys making comics based on folklore, monsters, video games, and brave women. You could see more of her work online at
Kelsey Short
E 175
Kelsey an illustrator and cartoonist originally from Los Angeles currently raising a cat in Queens, New York. I enjoy drawing empowered women, cats, snakes and all things spooky.
Keren Katz
B 125 B
Keren Katz is an illustrator, comics artist and the non fictitious half of The Katz Sisters Duo. She graduated Bezalel Academy, and received an MFA from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She has contributed stories to anthologies world-wide, self-publishes mini-comics all year round, practices performative storytelling marathons in odd locations, and is part of The Humdrum Comics Collective and Pathos Mathos Company. Her debut graphic novel is titled The Academic Hour (Secret Acres, 2017).
Kevin Jay Stanton
E 179
Freelance illustrator with a green thumb. Co-curator of 1001 Knights and Burl&Fur.
Kin Comics
H 246 A
Birthed in the back seat of a car driving down a small country road, Kin Comics is the comics collaboration project between Will and Kati Lacker: siblings Bound By Blood. The project began as humor based strips and has since branched out into short form, single panel and comic illustrations. Much of the work is influenced by their childhood together in Florida and plays upon innocence of imagination and memory.
Kriota Willberg
A 115
Kriota Willberg’s comics focus on bodies (human and animal), anatomy, bioscience, women’s health, and history. She’s made three volumes of self-care comics for artists. You can find her work in SubCultures, Awsome Possum 3, Intima: Journal of Narrative Medicine, Broken Pencil, and the upcoming Graphic Canon. Willberg teaches anatomy classes and injury prevention workshops to cartoonists and artists.
Kutztown University
G 234
Kutztown University has one of the finest illustration and design departments in the state of Pennsylvania. Students will be selling and sharing their zines and mini comics.
Kyla Kemmerer
I 263
Kyla received her degree in Illustration from Pratt Institute in 2014, and is now working as an illustrator based in Pittsburgh, PA. She spends her time drawing weird creatures and hanging out with her dog, Pizza.