Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


Leland Goodman
E 175
Leland Goodman works as a background artist for Titmouse Inc and as a freelance illustrator. She is passionate about creating rich, immersive worlds and storytelling that readers can connect with personally. She writes and illustrates the comic series Basement Dwellers, published by Pyrite Press. Leland Lives in Queens, NY.
Liminal Comics: Love Stories for Outcasts, Rebels & Misfits
I 264 B
Liminal Comics is an imprint of Brain Mill Press. We look for modern takes on the strange, thought-provoking, deftly illustrated comic book stories that used to run in Red Circle Sorcery and Charleton’s Haunted Love and Midnight Tales. Think romance with a Twilight Zone twist. Our first mini-series, Future Echoes, features the formidable creative team of Al Davison (Spinal Cage) and Yen Quach, and our second, The Greek Boy, showcases a dynamic mother/daughter duo.
Lisha Jiang
F 219
Lisha Jiang is a New York based comic artist, zine maker and illustrator. She's been creating a series of zines/webcomics called "Lady's fight club" featuring lady wrestlers/superheroes.
Lucy Bellwood
Patreon (2nd Floor Landing)
Lucy Bellwood is a professional adventure cartoonist working out of Helioscope (formerly Periscope Studio) in Portland, OR. Her comics projects have covered a range of expeditions, including rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, cutting-edge oceanography in the Pacific, and an expedition aboard the last wooden whaling ship in the world. She also contributes comics journalism work to The Nib and all-ages fantasy stories to Cartozia Tales.