Mocca Arts Festival Exhibitors List


R. Sikoryak
I 271
R. Sikoryak is the author of Masterpiece Comics, Terms and Conditions, and The Unquotable Trump (Drawn & Quarterly). His adaptations of literary classics have appeared in The Best American Comics 2015, The Graphic Canon, Drawn and Quarterly, and Fable Comics. His illustrations have appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, Fortune, and The New York Times Book Review. Sikoryak teaches at Parsons School of Design and hosts the live cartoon performance series, Carousel.
Rebecca Kirby
J 286, 285
Rebecca is a South Philadelphia-based illustrator and cartoonist with her BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts. She makes her own mini-comics and is currently working on a very mysterious story with the very mysterious John Arcudi to be published later this year.
Reilly Hadden
I 267
Reilly Hadden is the creator of the award-winning cosmic fantasy series ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL. He produces a new mini comic every month to dozens of subscribers through patreon. "Reilly Hadden’s Astral Birth Canal may be my favorite continuing series published today. " -Rob Clough
Renée Park
E 173
Renée Park is a Brooklyn based Korean illustrator. She currently works as a freelance illustrator. Her past clients include Learning A-Z, Benchmark Education, Loot Crate, Boom! Studios, Amarante Music, and more.
Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics
E 179
Retrofit Comics is a small press comics publisher that was founded in 2011 by comics artist Box Brown to bring a selection of short works by different comics creators to the public on a regular schedule. Now teamed up with Jared Smith from Big Planet Comics, Retrofit Comics has published work from some of the best comics creators in North America, as well as creators from around the world, including France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Retrofit Comics publishes out of Washington DC.
Richard Alexander/ Richy Vegas
E 185 B
Richy Vegas Comics are graphic memoirs of the author's struggle with mental illness. "The Legend of Richy Vegas, part 1," is the first of 11 or 12 volumes that chronicle the author's decent into diagnosis and treatment.
RISD Illustration
E 167
Work from students in the RISD illustration department
J 302, 303, 304, 305
The SVA RisoLab will allow attendees to explore the Risograph medium and learn how to use it effectively as a tool for self-publishing. Demonstrations by top artists will provide background information on mark making, color and form, along with how to approach color separation, pagination, and self-publication. And a raffle for a free Riso workshop! The SVA RisoLAB comes to MoCCA through the generous sponsorship of SVA, Riso Inc. and LDI Color Toolbox.
Robin Enrico
E 183 A
Robin Enrico is the writer and artist behind the graphic novels Jam In The Band and Life of Vice published by Alternative Comics. He also reviews comics for Broken Frontier.
Robin Ha
A 106
Robin Ha is the author and the illustrator for Cook Korean!: A Comic Book With Recipes, a New York Times bestseller cookbook graphic novel. Her work has been published in independent comics anthologies as well as in the pages of Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine. She is currently living in Washington D.C., working on a graphic novel memoir about her immigration from Seoul to Alabama in 1995.
Robyn Chapman
E 170
Robyn Chapman is an editor, a publisher, and (sometimes) a cartoonist. She is the proprietor of Paper Rocket Minicomics and the Tiny Report. She has had many different jobs in comics: she was a program coordinator and faculty member at the Center for Cartoon Studies, a cashier at Desert Island, and the author of Drawing Comics Lab (Quarry Books). In the spring of 2016 she debuted Twin Bed, her first solo comic in a long, long time. Currently she is an associate editor at First Second.
Robyn Smith
J 290
Robyn Smith is a Jamaican cartoonist currently based in Vermont. She's worked on comics for NECIR, College Humor and The Nib and has also self-published the mini-comic The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town (featured on The Comics Journal list The Best Short Form Comics of 2016 and also The Illustrated Pen by Whit Taylor) She's currently, working on the upcoming comic 'Wash Day' with writer Jamila Rowser, more sad weird auto bio, and stays holding on to dreams of returning home, to the ocean.
Rose Wong
E 182
Rose is an Illustrator based in Brooklyn. In her work, she loves to mix the natural and the unnatural.
Rosemary Valero-O'Connell
J 286, 285
Rosemary is a cartoonist and illustrator with a BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She was raised in Zaragoza, Spain, but now lives in a little apartment in the ice and snow of Minnesota. She writes and draws her own comics, including the very well received WHAT IS LEFT, and is currently illustrating the upcoming graphic novel LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME with Mariko Tamaki for First Second.
F 203
Rotopol is a publishing house for graphic storytelling. Since 2007 we publish comics, illustration books, paper toys, and stationary from artists and designers with personal styles and stories. We are located in Kassel, Germany and next to our office we run a store & gallery with exhibitions and events year-round. We look at Rotopol as a platform that brings together the creative potential around us, developing it and making it visible in multiple ways.
Rumi Hara
F 214
Rumi is an illustrator and comics artist working in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently making a series of minicomics "Nori," a story about a little girl called Nori and her sidekick Grandma in a small Japanese town. Rumi will be at MoCCA with Nori 1-3 and some other fresh books and prints.