Illustrators 62: Part Two Exhibit : Editorial, Book, Surface/Product Design

Celebrating its 60th anniversary of publication, the Society of Illustrators is pleased to present the premier showcase for illustrators, featuring over 400 pieces of the most outstanding works created throughout each year. Open to artists worldwide, thousands of entries are considered by a jury of professionals, which include renowned illustrators, art directors and designers.

Gold and silver medals are preented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged the best in each category. 

In the second part of this two-part exhibit, works featured in the Book and Editorial categories are on display.

Pieces in the Book category include all illustration originally commissioned for use inside or on the covers of hardbound and paperbook books. The editorial category includes work commissioned by newspapers or magazines.  The Surface/ Product Design category will continue in the second exhibit, which features work used on merchandise such as carpets, pillows, rugs, clothing etc., and can include repeat patterns seen on wrapping paper, wallpaper and other various textiles. 

An Opening Reception will take place on Friday, February 7th.

Learn about the first part of this two-part exhibit, Illustrators 62: Adversiting, Institutional, Surface/ Product Design, Uncommissioned categories, here.

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February 05, 2020 to March 07, 2020

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