Members Open: FOOD FIGHT: The Exhibit

A form of chaotic, spontaneous, collective behavior comes together for the exhibit FOOD FIGHT! Artist members (Illustrator, Illustrator-S, Educator) of the Society of Illustrators were asked to illustrate their favorite depiction of FOOD and create it in any medium and size of their choice. 

Starting with the emblematic still-life paintings of the Renaissance, artists have found ways to make food look mouthwatering on canvas.  Food holds a special place in visual culture and illustrations of food are an ongoing obsession with artists. The Surreal portrait paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo created strange and compelling whimsical portraits in which facial features were composed of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Wayne Thiebaud painted rows of pies and cakes that brought to mind advertisements and childrens toys. Figure With Meat, by Francis Bacon, depicts his long fascination with butcher shops, while Salvador Dali’s cult cookbook, Les Diners De Gala depicts his surrealistic connection to food. Regardless of how artists became inspired to use food as an art medium, it’s the result of a long tradition of food in art.

An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, November 3.

Credit Info:

Hard Pressed
Acrylic on cradled birch
18" x 24"
David M. Brinley Illustration (2017)

Exhibit Info


October 31, 2017 to December 30, 2017