Will Eisner Scholarship Guidelines

Details and guidelines for the 2017 Will Eisner Scholar Call for Entries are available below. The competition will be open for submissions beginning April 4th, 2017.



On behalf of the Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, the Society is honored to seek in his name the best of the JUNIOR class and to financially assist with supporting his/her SENIOR year. The winner of this award will receive $5,000 towards his/her senior year tuition.

You are encouraged to consider only your best JUNIOR level student(s). No Freshmen, Sophomores or Seniors. This is an award of merit, so please only consider your BEST student(s). The process requires art, writing and, if chosen to be a finalist, a personal interview. Your nominee must be strong in ALL areas. No Masters candidates, please. This competition is only open to students currently enrolled in a program in the United States who are studying Sequential/Comic Arts.


Keren Katz
Shawn Martinbrough
John Lind
Rebecca Mock
Maelle Doliveux

Please note, the competition website will open on April 4th. Any accounts created before then will not be work for the Scholar Program.

  1. Teachers must email the Society with their list of candidates prior to the students uploading portfolios to the competition site at www.soicompetitions.org. A maximum of five candidates allowed per school. Please include student's email addresses when notifying SI.
  2. Once teachers send list of candidates to SI, the Society will send directions on how to create student accounts. You will need to create a username and password for your students.
  3. Nominated students can then log onto the competition website using the username and password created by the teacher.
  4. Once the student has logged in they may begin uploading their portfolios and the written statement, both required for consideration. Students will be creating only ONE portfolio. The title of the portfolio should be their name only. They will then be directed to upload a series of images. 
  5. A miminum of 10 images and a maximum of 12 images per portfolio are required. Portfolio files should be 72dpi, 10 inches on the longest side, RGB, jpeg. The statement, by the student, should exemplify his/her passion for sequential art and outline his/her career goals as a comic artist. Statements must be jpeg format and uploaded as the first file in the portfolio, labeled Statement.jpg.
  6. After reviewing all of the nominees, the Jury will choose 3 finalists. The Society of Illustrators will bring these students to New York City on May 30 - June 1, 2017 for a private dinner with special comic artists and editor/publisher guests, and for an interview and portfolio presentation with the jury on May 31st. At that time the 2017 WILL EISNER SCHOLAR will be chosen.



The 2017 Will Eisner Scholar will receive a $5,000 grant towards tuition. The two semi-finalists will receive $1000 cash award.

THE WILL EISNER SCHOLAR program is under the supervision of:
Steven Guarnaccia, The Will Eisner Scholar Chair
Anelle Miller, Executive Director

Please contact Breann McGovern should you have any questions: breann@societyillustrators.org