MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence

The Society of Illustrators is excited to announce the fourth Annual MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence! Awards will be given out to recognize the most outstanding work on view at the festival. Artists winning this award will be acknowledged with a medal of Excellence and will have their work exhibited at the Society of Illustrators from September 5 - October 21, 2017.

Society of Illustrators Executive Director Anelle Miller says, "The exhibitors at the MoCCA Arts Festival are among the most daring and inventive voices in comics and illustration working today, and we are pleased to celebrate their important work and advance the Society's long heritage of recognizing the finest artists in all fields of illustration with the MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence."


This 2018 winners include:

GOLD--Feifei Ruan for "The Ban 2019"
SILVER--Yifan Wu for "Relationship"
SILVER--Yinfan Huang for "Rain Check"
GOLD--Freddie Carrasco for "Hot Summer NIghts"
SILVER--Rumi Hara for "Nori & the Rabbits of the Moon"
SILVER--Maria and Peter Hoey of Coin Op for "Supply Chain"
GOLD--Diana Chu for "Sudden Death"
SILVER--Aya Kakeda for "2 Bom Brothers go to a Museum"
GOLD--Linnea Sterte for " Stages of Rot"
SILVER--Sara Varon for "New Shoes"
SILVER--Ursula Murray Husted for "The Lions of Valletta"