The Society of Illustrators New Visions Committee seeks to facilitate an ongoing conversation on a host of issues facing the contemporary illustrator; these include topics of diversity and inclusion, multiculturalism, and illustration’s role in a larger cultural context. Check back for frequent updates, new podcasts, and special events.

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A semi-regular and on-going series of discussions and interviews about various topics, themes, and challenges facing today’s illustrator. Hosted by members of the New Visions Committee and featuring a diverse range of working artists and professionals from the illustration field.

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Episode 9: Women in Illustration
This is the start of a conversation. Listen in as Yao Xiao hosts, Virginia Zamora, Lily Padula, Cathryn Virginia, and Regina Flath offering their perspectives on everything from career approach, mentoring, challenges, to everything in between.
Episode 8: You are a business person! How are you doing it?
Jonathan Bartlett reflects on the business of illustration and gives his advice for 2018; think of this as “the stuff your teacher’s never told you”. As the new year begins now is a great time to step back and evaluate your approach. Time stamps for each section: 8:05- What are you selling? 13:10- How are you selling? 26:30- Who you are selling to (negotiating clients, talking money)? 34:55- Final thoughts
Episode 7: Comics Changing Place in Culture: How we can make our stories heard
What is the place of comics in our culture? How can we make our stories heard? Darryl Ayo moderates, panelists include Calista Brill, Calvin Reid, Hazel Newlevant, and Sara Varon.
Episode 6: Illustrators with Day Jobs
Christina Dacanay hosts. Featuring Roxie Vizcarra, Carey Pietsch, Will Varner, and Zoe Van Dijk discussing different career structures available to an illustrator, and how illustrators across all spheres sustain themselves.
Episode 5: Bianca Xunise
Jensine Eckwall hosts our first one on one conversation with comic artist and illustrator, Bianca Xunise. Success is not one-size-fits-all as you will hear in this honest and inspiring discussion about career choices and knowing yourself.
Episode 4: The Long Distance Illustrator
Jonathan Bartlett hosts. Featuring comic artist and illustrator, Jen Bartel and illustrator Nico Delort. New York was once considered the unofficial center of the illustration community, but with technology and time that has changed. Location is the starting point of this talk, but quickly begin covering many different topics like acceptance, identity, community, and defining success.
Episode 3: Self-publishing and Crowdfunding
Jensine Eckwall hosts. Featuring Kat Fajardo, Hazel Newlevant, Kevin Stanton, and Annie Stoll discussing the details of self-publishing, crowd funding, and their own experience with putting their work into the world through these channels. Projects like, Chainmail Bikini, 10001 Knights, and La Raza Anthology.
Episode 2: Technology and Illustration
Yao Xiao moderates a conversation between Rebecca Mock, Kyle T. Webster, Leland Goodman, and Jensine Eckwall discussing technology and communication; tools, internet and networking, effect on their careers, and social access
Episode 1: Education
John Lee moderates. Featuring Aya Kakeda, Marcos Chin, Cynthia Cheng and Annie Bowler. Panelists discuss how diversity issues manifest themselves in education, and their specific experiences in (and outside of) the classroom
Bonus episode, Stories Matter part 2
In the second part of our series "Stories Matter" panelists will follow up on our past conversation discussing illustration’s role in the cultural conversation and the place of the illustrator within it.
Bonus episode, Stories Matter part 1
How do the images we make influence the world around us? In this discussion influential new voices discuss illustration’s role in the cultural conversation and the place of the illustrator within it.