What is New Visions

The Society of Illustrators New Visions Committee seeks to facilitate an ongoing conversation on a host of issues facing the contemporary illustrator; these include topics of diversity and inclusion, multiculturalism, and illustration’s role in a larger cultural context.



-We believe in not just diversifying the stories that are told, but the illustrators who tell them, the art directors who hire them and the CEOs who approve them

-Deconstructing the visual language of “normal” and “average”

-Addressing racism in the art. Reckoning the intersection of success/talent and insensitivity/discrimination

-Fundamentally changing how our differences our addressed in the work as well as treated in the classroom

-Expanding Illustration cannon, contemporary mentors, and public awareness

-Build a documented resource of ideas, learning opportunities, stories, and initiatives to encourage and help level the playing field


Why now?

The illustration industry by and large has a diversity problem. Despite a diverse range of illustrators working throughout history, a very narrow subset is lifted to the ‘top’. We must do better. We must recognize and challenge the institutions that are in place which make it harder for a marginalized artist to have the same opportunities as others.