RISO LAB Demo Schedule

Second Floor, Section J, Tables J 302-305 

Featured guests include: 
Panayiotis Terzis - Artist, Printer, Publisher; Director, Mega Press; Faculty member, co-Founder & Manager, RisoLAB 

Paul John - Photographer, Printer, Publisher; Director, Endless Editions; Faculty, RisoLAB 

Natalie Andrewson - Illustrator and Printer; Previous Artist-in-Residence, RisoLAB 

Harvey Redding - Artist; Previous Artist-in-Residence; RisoLAB 

Saturday, April 6, 11AM - Alfonso De Anda 
Saturday, April 6, 12PM - Alix pentecost Farren 
Saturday, April 6, 2PM - Paul John 
Saturday, April 6, 4PM - Panayiotis Terzis 
Sunday, April 7, 11AM - Wren McDonald 
Sunday, April 7, 12PM - Panayiotis Terzis 
Sunday, April 7, 2PM - Natalie Andrewson 
Sunday, April 7, 4PM - Harvey Redding 


And more to come...for the most updated schedule check our booth or risolab.sva.edu.

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