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The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde - Illuminated Edition


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Oscar Wilde's fairy tales are some of his most elegant and charming pieces of writing. He produced two books of fairy tales -- The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant. They've rarely been collected in one volume -- and never with stunning artwork by Yuko Shimizu (THE UNWRITTEN, BARBED WIRE BASEBALL), one of the modern masters of illustration and graphic art. Wilde's original fairy tales are moving, sweet, sad and magical -- much like Yuko's artwork. Yuko is one of the most celebrated and admired editorial illustrators in the world, and her work is perfectly aligned with Wilde's witty, rueful voice. Yuko approached us with this book in mind. She's passionate about Wilde, and eager to follow her intricate, calligraphic line deep into his enchanted world. And so are we.


  • Expansive 9x12" trim size
  • Lush, textured, heavyweight paper
  • Cloth binding
  • A minimum of ten full-page, full-color illustrations
  • Die-cut slipcases, embossed & debossed with metallic foil blocking
  • Dyed edges
  • Some of the most beautiful artwork you'll ever lay your eyes on