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The Island of Dr. Moreau - Illuminated Edition


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Has there ever been a better synthesis of artist and subject than the great Bill Sienkiewicz (a master of mutants if there ever was one) and H.G. Wells' classic THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU? 

Before Bill even began work on his jaw-dropping illustrations, we knew this one would be a masterpiece. Wells' gleefully blasphemous tale of human chimeras and deranged scientific curiosity comes to nightmarish life through Billy the Sink's supreme brushwork and unmatched vision. 

Bill, for the few who aren't aware, is a living legend -- the man who almost single-handedly brought fine art techniques into mainstream comics, drew many of the most acclaimed comics and graphic novels of of the last 40 years, who collaborated with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller on some of their most ambitious works. 

Bill is simply one of the best visual storytellers of all time.