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Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story: 1958 Martin Luther King Comic Book


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Categories: Comic & Cartoon Art


The new graphic novel series March, by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell, is a landmark for the comics industry and a genuine publishing phenomenon, bringing civil rights history to new life for new generations of readers. Now it's time for a new piece of the story to emerge. As Congressman Lewis has explained in interviews, the March project is patterned after a comic book he read in the 1950s, which inspired him and many other young activists to join the movement and use the principles of nonviolence to battle racial discrimination.

That unique comic book was Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story, published in 1957-58 by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Five decades later, Lewis mentioned it to his aide Andrew Aydin, who began researching the comic’s fascinating history, including the forgotten story of its creation and the numerous translations which have taken its message to activists in South Africa, Uruguay, Vietnam, Egypt, and beyond. Aydin soon graduated from Georgetown with a master’s thesis titled “The Comic Book That Changed the World,” and at the same time worked with Congressman Lewis and Nate Powell to carry on that tradition in the March trilogy.