Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Abigail Bonett
My name is Abigail Bonett and I love visual storytelling! I thrive on the communication of emotion and expression in narrative form. I also strive for excellent draftsmanship in my work, while keeping a child-like imagination. Combining these elements has bred my love of animation, and one of my goals is to work in the visual development industry. Due to my love of storytelling, however, I am also passionate about publishing. I look forward to opportunities to help tell inspiring stories!
Alina Chong
Alina Chong is an illustrator and art director from San Diego, CA. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design. Alina loves creating any kind of work that is able to tell stories; this includes projects ranging from children's books, animations, advertising campaigns and more. She works mainly in digital illustration, creating and illustrating sickeningly adorable characters (most often dogs.)
Alison Polston
Alison Polston is a midwestern Illustrator creating watercolor narratives of rascally (somewhat murderous) animals wearing human clothes. She takes inspiration from nature's calm and beautiful loneliness, religious themes, animal behaviors, and the intrusive thoughts that come with loss and anger. She enjoys spending her time outdoors, cooking on cast iron, collecting animal fur and bones, and communing with her cat and dog.
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Andrew Watch
Andrew Watch is a Toronto based artist / designer. His work is primarily concept based and constructed through his unique approach to shape and colour. Andrew pulls influence from his travels, world textiles, artifacts, modern design and his obsession with popular culture.
Angela Hsieh
Angela is a Chinese-American illustrator who loves science, animated gifs, and goofy animals. Her life experiences include fireman-carrying a (sedated) bear cub and catching a (cantankerous) wallaby.* *She also wishes to include a disclaimer that this all occurred in zoos and wildlife centers so as not to encourage this kind of behavior in the wild.
Angela Zhang
Angela Zhang is a freelance illustrator, comic artist, and storyteller. She specializes in producing children's books and comics. Her narratives focus on the quiet moments in everyday life, whether it be about kids having adventures out in nature, autobiographical reflections on her childhood memories, or musings on friendships.
Ann Xu
Ann Xu is a cartoonist and illustrator from the quiet suburbs of San Jose, California, graduating with a BFA in illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her comics have been published in the form of self-published minis and in various anthologies. She likes to draw and write about childhood, home, and relationships. In her free time, she eats too many hot Cheetos and drinks too much milk tea.
Anne Skelly
Anne Skelly is a New Jersey based illustrator and visual development artist. She focuses strongly on character and asset design for animation. Driven by a passion for storytelling with meaning, her dream is to contribute to film and television that teaches audiences empathy and understanding.
Arden Lin
I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand to Taiwanese parents. I have a passion for art, calligraphy, graphic design, and story writing. I enjoy making handwritten type, watercolour, ink, pencil, and usually work between digital and traditional. I'm studying in Sarasota, Florida as a Senior at Ringling College of Art and Design. Email:
Ashley Caswell
Originally from Massachusetts, Ashley will be receiving her BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. In the art world she enjoys drawing plants and creating sequential, book, and editorial illustrations. In the non-art world she enjoys reading, cooking, and trying to stop her cat from killing her plants.