Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Daniel Rafalski
Daniel Rafalski is an illustrator and student in Portland, Oregon. He is a simple man who is passionate about art and breakfast food.
Dasha (Daria) Rud
Dasha is a young aspiring artist, whose main passion is animation and storyboarding. Dasha was born in Krasnodar, a city in the southern part of Russia. In 2011 she moved to US to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and animator. Dasha is fond of creating unique characters most of us can relate to, and bringing them to life in her films. As long as her work can make people smile and sympathize, wonder and search for answers, her artistic journey will continue.
David Park
David Park is an artist and illustrator born and raised in Los Angeles, He recalls memories of patiently for VHS tapes to be reminded, that Nokia ringtone and the wailing screams of dial-up modems. Growing up in a city saturated by ever-growing trends of pop-culture, He visualizes the world with a sense of melancholic nostalgia, fostered by the daydreams of a lonesome latchkey kid. His fondness for films, manga, and video games is suspended onto the way he creates his work.
Diana Whitney
Diana Whitney is a Midwest-based illustrator currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in illustration and graphic design at MIAD. Diana draws her inspiration from mid-century illustration and cartoons, and brings this to life in her vivid, nostalgic style. She has a passion for storytelling and fantasy, especially when it comes to anything involving witches, monsters and magic.
Dion MBD
Dion is an Indonesian, currently studying in Ringling College of Art and Design as an illustration major rising junior. Having lived in and traveled to different countries, he is always intrigued by human interactions and living conditions. He aspires to create works that preserve his memories and trigger viewers to reminisce. He strives to establish immediate but prolonging emotional connections with viewers through his works.