Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Elana Gabrielle
Elana Gabrielle is an illustrator and maker, raised by the coast of Northern California. Her work is inspired by the natural world around her, often full of overgrown foliage and magical creatures. She aims to combine educational, whimsical, and conceptual imagery to create fun and accessible illustrations that can live in books, in print, and on products. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and can most often be found wandering in bookstores, or adding to her house plant collection.
Elijah Mazur
Latvian born, Belarus illustrator. My whole life I was interested in music and visual arts. I currently am attending the Academy of Art University's School of Animation, planning to graduate Spring 2017. I work in variety of different styles and mediums, while pursuing my dream of becoming a professional artist in the animation industry. Illustrations are my personal passion project. With each piece I am trying to tell small "episodic" stories.
Elise DeGarmo
Virginia-based illustrator, Elise DeGarmo, is best known for her vibrant and thought-provoking oil paintings. She has worked with clients on projects ranging from conceptual storyboarding to realistic renderings. She recently fell in love with making bronze castings and is in the midst of writing and illustrating two children’s books.
Elizabeth Stevens
"Une Chatte Choux a la Creme" is part of a five-image series of desserts in the shape of cats. The other images feature flan, swiss roll, lemon tart, and ice cream. Inspiration for the series comes from Kyaraben or Charaben: food arranged to look like people or animals typically in a cute manner.
Emily Chen
Emily Chen is currently a senior digital illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design. While in school, she is working as a freelance illustrator for Blizzard Entertainment, as well as other game companies. At Blizzard, she is currently making illustrations for a book by Dark Horse for the World of Warcraft franchise. Emily spends most of her days practicing drawing so that she can create paintings compelling enough to convince viewers to be more charitable to those around them.
Eva Grello
Eva Grello is an illustrator, printmaker and art educator based out of Long Beach, California, where she lives with her 2 cats and 49 pairs of socks. Her work weaves together her love of color and pattern with the humor she sees all around her.
Ezekiel Saucedo
My friends call me Zeke. I'm from San Antonio and, as such, I'm a huge basketball fan—go Spurs go! I also love Godzilla, video games, Saturday morning cartoons, and the Bible. I primarily work with acrylic ink, taking inspiration from Zen ink paintings, ukiyo-e prints, and traditional comic book illustrators like Jack Kirby.