Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Haleigh Mun
Haleigh Mun is a New York based illustrator. She carries around her sketchbook anywhere she goes, and she simply would draw any little things that inspires her. Her drawings are playful, naive, and childlike. But her brush strokes are strong, brave, and confident. That makes her drawing unique and interesting.
Hannah Claire
Hannah Claire is a stop-motion director and fabricator. By combining her passion for film with her love of art she works to create compelling stories and quirky characters that she can bring to life through stop-motion animation. All of her work is entirely handmade using metal, wood, clay and fabric.
Hannah Shea
Hannah Shea is a 2017 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Illustration. Hannah plans to earn a master's degree in video game design in the coming years.
Hazel Ng
Hazel Ng is a senior at Parsons the New School For Design with an interest in editorial, bookmaking, and grabbing the emotional heart of the story and bringing it to light. She also enjoys thinking about cultural interaction in contemporary times and new methods of storytelling in emerging mediums like video games, as well as the color red. The accepted illustration was from a visual memoir depicting the experience of being a child of Hong Kong Chinese immigrants called EAT DON’T EAT.