Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Jennifer Xiao
Jennifer likes to make things. Sometimes these things are drawings, sometimes they are drawings that move, sometimes they are not drawings at all!
Ji Min Hwang
Ji Min Hwang is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She believes that emotion, hardship and memories are the essential elements of life. Her work consistently revisits past memories to recreate emotion that evoke empathy. She wishes to share her theory with the audience through art: the importance of the coexistence of happiness and sadness.
Jisu Lee
Jisu Lee is an artist based in Toronto. Her works draw inspiration from items easily accessible in everyday life and often portray themes of existentialism and mismatched workings within her universe. They are visual depictions of shapeless thoughts and ideas that we have as we drift through our days. Recently in her thesis work, Jisu explored finding intersections of physics and buddhism, explaining the human drive and curiosity to find answers and reach enlightenment.
Joseph Frankhauser
Joseph Frankhauser is an artist and illustrator who has just completed his senior thesis project at the Cleveland Institute of Art to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. With his current clients including The Cleveland Orchestra and Shopify, he hopes to build a larger body of work that is both stimulating and thought provoking. He looks ahead to future projects with enthusiasm.
Julie Benbassat
A rising senior studying illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, Julie or JBASS for short, is a freelance illustrator with experience in editorial, children's books and plein air painting. She is inspired by the natural world, mythology and her parents.