Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Kaitlyn Hanson
Kaitlyn Hanson is a graduating senior from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. They will be pursuing their masters degree in Art Education next year, and plan on teaching while working as an illustrator. Kaitlyn's interest in illustration came from literature, and they hope to continue working in children's illustration and book illustration while teaching.
Kathy Guo
Kathy Guo is an interdisciplinary maker at the Maryland Institute College of Art, working with wood, fibers, and Illustration. Aside from obsessing about color and texture, her practice explores relationships, family, and childhood. Through her work, she seeks to amplify the emotions unique to socio-political-cultural happenstances or universal human experience.
Kelsey Heaton
Kelsey is an illustrator and designer with a versatile style who focuses on creating humorous and quirky artwork. She is a recent grad from Columbus College of Art & Design and is excited to continue working on fun new projects.
Kirstie Koeppl
Kirstie Koeppl is an illustrator hailing from New Hampshire with a focus on the bizarre and surreal. She is currently graduating from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a degree in Illustration. After graduation she hopes to continue pursuing fun and fantastical projects.
Kohei New
I am a trans illustrator from California. I started out by drawing Kirby fan art at around three or four. From there I never stopped drawing- I would doodle in every class and while I was supposed to be doing homework. I had a great, powerful love for the worlds I could create and make real on the page. There was a pressure for me to go into STEM or Law, which ironically made me want to escape into drawing even more. Eventually, I was lucky enough to pursue my childhood dream at Pratt.