Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Lachlan Herrick
Born & raised in Philadelphia, Lachlan currently resides in Savannah as a sophomore in Illustration at SCAD. Her works revolve around the unexplained, haunting and secretive, and her inspirations are found in traveling, exploring cultures, and observing nature. She has collaborated on murals, featured in publications, and does commission work in her free time, when she has any. Cynaotype printing is quickly becoming her favorite side-hobby and she hopes to one day have her own tiny house boat.
Larsson McSwain
I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, knowing from my crayon-wielding baby days, I wanted to make pictures. I aim to solve visual problems with unique aesthetic experiences. I love story and I love design and I love weaving the two together to make something new.
Lauren Elizabeth Parra
Lauren attends the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she studies Illustration with a double minor in Natural Sciences and Communication Design. A majority of her work is filled with various flora and fauna.She hopes that in the future, she can become more involved in science education efforts through illustration. She loves using bold colors with graphic shapes and textures to create whimsical and engaging illustrations.
Lauren Seider
Lauren Seider is an illustrator and designer based in Kansas City. Her studio and illustrations tend to be full of light and vibrant color, and lots of yellow raincoats! In her practice, these things are all connected – manifesting the world of the Yellow Raincoat Society. The Y.R.S. represents an optimistic intention present in Lauren’s illustrations, which feature moments of stillness, mystery, and contemplation.
Liliya Rattari
Liliya Rattari is from Dubai, U.A.E., residing in Dallas, TX. Currently studying Children’s Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, the artist works in graphite, ink, color pencil, watercolor and digital media. Inspired by the impermanent beauty in all things alive and imagined, Liliya Rattari uses dry and wet media in her hopeful endeavor to capture all of the distinct and subtle details that make a subject unique.
Lisa Ferguson
Lisa is a recent Pratt grad with a BFA in illustration, currently working in animation. Lisa experiments often with detailed graphic shapes and accidental textures. This piece is a still from a gif that is viewable on my site
Logan Spector
Logan Spector is an illustrator currently living in Wilmington, NC, but she spends most of her time bouncing between friends and relatives throughout America and Indonesia. Her work is colorful and fresh, and she enjoys turning her illustrations into short looping animations any chance she gets. When she’s not working on projects, you can find Logan trying to lure squirrels to her hand, cooking, or spending as much time as possible outside with friends and family.
Lucas Bowlus
Lucas Bowlus, yeah him. That guy. He received a BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts in 2016. His work is DIY, it’s rooted in his lifelong interest in the ethics of the punk rock subculture he grew up in. He is influenced by animation, comics, graffiti and tattooing. He publishes a weekly webcomic, called Puffy Eyes that also is featured weekly in a small print newsletter, The Philadelphia Secret Admirer. Lucas is currently looking for freelance illustration.