Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Laurel Manning
Laurel Manning is an aspiring visual development artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her illustrations often feature detailed line work and eye-catching light. Her work captures the essence of a specific moment in time in order to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. She is relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of working professionally within the animation industry.
Laurie Perng
Laurie Perng is a designer and illustrator from the Bay Area. She received a BFA in Communication Design at Washington University in St. Louis in 2019. Her work combines analog and digital mediums to achieve a more tactile, handmade quality.
Lucy Gombas
This is one piece from a series of illustrations based around Slavic bad omens. This particular omen is about never returning home just to retrieve something you forgot. Looking in the mirror can neutralize this effect (or not!) To view the whole series & more work, visit my website!
Lucy Gombas
A series of homes for Baba Yaga


liam mahoney
My Tarzan poster began with the idea of white space, and how the jungle and the idea of love fit into design. featuring both Tarzan and Jane
liam mahoney
an alternative version for the film Tarzan
liam mahoney
Liam Mahoney, is an illustrator, designer, and video artist located in the Boston Massachusetts area. Most of the time Liam is biking, drawing, He is often working in his sketchbook and looking for ways to make his skills better. He primarily works in pen and ink, and colors his work digitally. He also uses scanned in textures.