Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Natasha Sharpe
Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Natasha Sharpe is in her last year in the Film/Animation/Video program at the Rhode Island School of Design. She likes to invent stories that distill the chaos of living experience into playful and performative narratives. If she was a pen she would be a Sharpie marker.
Nayeon Lee
Nayeon is an illustrator who is engaged in conceptual thinking to create visual stories and design for commercial applications. She wants to share her experiences, perspectives, and beliefs with you - and wishes you could find connections from them as well.
Nero Hamaoui
Nero H. is an Illustrator in Largo, a small beachside city in Florida. Believing that good aesthetics and design is key to successful illustration, he aims to efficiently convey feelings and ideas through his work.
Nina Charuza
Nina Charuza is a Polish American illustrator who creates humor driven comics and zines as well as thoughtful pieces for publication. She loves to use bright color and shapes with watercolor and gouache, but also has a passion for black and white images using ink and graphite. Her work has been sold in galleries and published in the New York Times. Nina is currently working in NYC after graduating from the California College of the Arts in 2017.