Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Paige Kibby
Paige Kibby recently earned a BFA from the University of Connecticut, where she concentrated in Illustration, taking a special interest in graphic design and printmaking. She primarily works in silkscreen, illustrating everyday familiar subject material, which she enjoys pulling out of context and depicting in unexpected ways. Paige Kibby and her friend, fellow alumna Louise Astorino, recently launched a small t-shirt business "Tit-Tees", which will feature Kibby's silkscreens.
Paul Donahue
I am a digital illustrator specializing in cityscapes and the human figure. I use scanned materials such as fabrics, graphite drawings, and other textures to create compositions which capture the spirit of the intended image. The use of scanned materials in my digital work adds a physicality to an otherwise intangible medium, creating an intersection where the real and virtual merge. I am a 2018 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's department of Communication arts.
Pearl Shen
Pearl Shen is an illustrator originally from Santa Barbara, California, currently studying at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She has experimented with painting, photography, and music from an early age, and continues to do so. Pearl now focuses much of her creative practice on illustration and printmaking. She specializes in screen printing her images using bright colors and bold shapes. Pearl currently lives in Oakland in a household of three other artists.
Priscilla Yuen
Priscilla is an illustrator from Malaysia who is currently pursuing a BFA at Rhode Island School of Design. Drawing inspiration from both nature, man-made, and the intersections in-between them, she creates work built upon her life-long love relationship with color, lettering, and meticulous handcrafting. She believes in a healthy dose of quiet daily to maintain one's sanity. Contact her at