Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Ran Zheng
Ran Zheng, a.k.a. Tracy is currently finishing up her final semester at Rhode Island School of Design. She loves working with colored pencils and playful palettes. She is hoping to work as a freelance illustrator post graduation.
Richard Chavando
Richard Chavando is a freelance illustrator and educator based out of Long Beach, California. His illustrations are influenced from how humans and animals interact with each other, mixed with elements of science fiction/fantasy. Using cultures, the human psyche, and fluffy animal friends to draw from, Richard creates worlds and characters to things that could be but never were.
Riza Cruz
Riza Cruz is an illustrator, graphic designer, and paper crafter. Her illustrations are usually three dimensional and use bright and bold color palettes. Although she loves working with her hands, she loves incorporating her three dimensional illustrations into graphic design. Riza believes in making and experimenting with her hands because it can bring a handmade and unique quality to her work. She currently resides in Southern California, but divides her time between Southern and Northern Cal