Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Samrath Kaur (POM!)
I'm an illustrator/animator graduating soon from RISD. I want to be able to travel the world and paint on-site. I start every morning with thirty minutes of exercise, using hardcover manga volumes as mass for weightlifting. That's probably because I don't feel like I have time to actually read them, haha!
Sarah Alinia Ziazi
Sarah Alinia Ziazi is a Toronto-based illustrator who is a graduate of OCAD University. Her practice generates a dialogue between themes of identity and nostalgic experiences that evoke ambivalence towards femininity and its stereotypes. A combination of mechanical and organic synthesis is seen within her aesthetics to further explore these concepts.
Shafer Brown
Shafer is an illustrator from the mountains of North Carolina currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. He digs soviet era animation, bourbon, and drawing silly pictures for kids and adults.
Shannon Levin
Shannon is a designer, illustrator, and recent graduate of the Communication Design program at Washington University in St. Louis. She loves to draw funky people doing funky things while using bright colors and amorphous shapes. She hopes to create illustrations that will educate, inspire, and humor her audiences as well as elevate the representation and voices of those who often go unheard and unseen.
Sheida Shekarian
Sheida reckons herself an illustrator. Her passion sits her in her room (based outside of Toronto), closes the door and allows her to joyfully rot for days on end. She hopes her work will make a difference to someone, somewhere. She also has a confession to make; this took her quite a while to write.
Skarlett Prittie
I am an Illustrator currently residing in New Hampshire. Recently I have grown to appreciate using linoleum blocks to create intricate prints of both fantasy and reality. My work generally focuses on line work and detail. As someone who has been immersed in the natural world, I find it hard to ignore the countless ecological issues that impact all life. I have a fondness for smaller animals that are the base for many ecosystems, such as birds, bats and amphibians. Preservation is key.
Skye Ali
Skye Ali is an illustrator/idealist with an emotional hemorrhage. With a worn sketchbook in hand, she lives her quiet life trying to visualize different stories, emotions, and atmospheres. She is also passionate about mental and emotional well-being, and her work often touches upon subjects such as depression and the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Skye currently lives with her husband, dog, two snakes, two lizards, and three gerbils in Richmond, VA.
Sodam Juon
Sodam (Christine) Juon is a Korean American freelance illustrator who grew up in the Illinois suburbs and is currently chillin’ in Oakland, California. She will be graduating with her BFA from California College of the Arts in May of 2017, where her illustration focuses on crisp line work that is brought to life through a wide range of vibrant, saturated colors.
Sofia Albee
I am a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Sculptor and can transform any kind of complicated idea into images. I try to tell important stories through my art and evoke thoughts and feelings. I have studied traditional, classical art in St-Petersburg, Russia, post modern art in Berlin and contemporary, digital art in New York. These experiences gave me a wide range of opportunities to create on inspiration. I am always ready to try out new artistic approaches and am not afraid of challenges.
Sonya Abby Soekarno
Sonya is an Illustrator and Visual Development artist currently based in San Francisco. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she recently graduated from the Academy of Art University. Sonya aspires to work as a Visual Development artist in the animation industry, with a focus on Character Design and Background Painting. She'd also like to further explore the Children's Book industry.
Sophia Zarders
Sophia Zarders is an illustrator, comic artist, & social justice advocate from Long Beach, California. She received their BFA in Illustration from Cal State University, Long Beach in 2016 & currently works as an art instructor for adults with disabilities. They are currently working on a graphic novel called Jesus Freak and often draws & paints social activists. She also reads excerpts from their zines at DIY shows & tables at local zine fests. Sophia’s main partner in crime is her dog, Bobo.
Steffi Lynn Tsai
Steffi Lynn is an illustrator from Austin, Texas and now is working and living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is filled with quirkiness, color and character. She is driven to take normal scenes and moments and make them playful and exciting. Her work is inspired by everyday things and simple imagery from her imagination.
Steven J Bolds
Hi! I’m a super friendly guy who loves to create art through various Illustrative and photographic means using witty, sometimes sassy humor, and or angsty vibes. I love doodling various subjects because it's a wonderful feeling to just have fun and explore my vast interests while developing my ever growing tool belt of creative skills. With my work, I strive to engulf my viewer. I want them to feel curious and aching to discover more about the personal moments I share and or create.