Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Sage O'Fray
2pac Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Sara MacLeod
Portrait of a Man in coloured pencil, 2017.
Shelby Nicholas
Shelby Nicholas is currently a 2nd-year student in the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program. She is studying Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, and Literary Arts (Creative Writing) at Brown University. Shelby is very interested in narrative, and how it can be articulated through word, image and motion.
Shelia Liu
I’m Shelia Liu, a student just graduated from School of Visual Art in 2018. I like doing experiment with different media. I think all the artists should be half poet and half craftsman, who should have poets’ creativity and imagination and craftsman’s patience and skills. My art pieces are created for expressing emotions. And I hope to maintain an artisan’s spirit in everything I do, and enthusiasm and persistence for each work.
Sophie Margolin
Sophie Margolin is an artist born and raised in Houston, Texas, and currently attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has been drawing and painting all twenty-one years of her life, and is pursuing a career in illustration. She dreams of making illustrations for publications both online and in print.