Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Taylor Karnes
I am an illustrator born and raised in the midwest, United States. I am currently living and exploring in the city of Nashville, TN. My passion is to create beautiful imagery, taking inspiration from much of the natural world, such as florals and foliage, as well as fashion and nostalgia. I enjoy creating illustrations that evoke a sense of playfulness. I use a range of materials, including traditional mediums like gouache, watercolors and ink, while I also enjoy working digitally.
The Classic of Mountains and Seas
This illustration is one of pieces in the series inspired from the book called The Classic of Mountains and Seas. The book is about Chinese mythologies. This piece illustrated the story in the land of the virtuous.
Thien-Huong (Allison) Vu
Allison Vu is recent graduate from California College of the Arts. She likes to challenge herself with new mediums and concepts in her illustrations. She especially enjoys drawing with paper cuts. She hopes to move to New York City after graduation to start her freelance career in illustration.
Tilda Rose Sladek
Tilda Rose is an illustrator based out of Philadelphia. Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, she later moved to the United States to practice illustration. Her work balances between drawing and painting to create tactile and multi-layered imagery.
Toni Strow
Salutations! I'm Toni, a small illustrator with a big craving for adventure. Stuck in the musky heat of central Florida, I tend to take a lot of inspiration from the little things I actually enjoy here, like the choruses of frogs singing on rainy summer evenings!