Student Scholarship Exhibitor List


Abigail Lowe
Abigail is a visual storyteller with a passion for communicating and with a drive to grow in expert draftsmanship. In her work she attempts to stay true to the child-like imagination that breeds innovation and creativity. Her piece featured at the society this year is part of a visual development project for her original animated musical short, "In the Blink of an Eye," which focuses on the vanity of physical beauty and wealth.
Adam de Souza
Adam de Souza is a Toronto based illustrator & comic artist.
Alejandro Escobar
Alejandro Escobar is currently a rising senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His illustrative style is influenced by his love for games and figurative fine art. Originally from Rochelle, IL, he now resides in Savannah, GA where he likes to spend most of his time painting, playing instruments and games, and listening to every genre of music under the sun.
Alex Alavi
Alex Alavi is a New York and DC based cartoonist who likes 60's rock, comedy, and cartoons. In addition to being able to hold a pencil, he has also learned how to hold a guitar! He is currently working on operating both efficiently for mass consumption.
Alex Gilbeaux
Alex Gilbeaux is a New York City based illustrator and animator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. Her focus is digital illustration and has a strong background in traditional mediums. Gilbeaux’s passion for illustration developed from her interest in learning through story and narrative, especially visual and story narrative. Gilbeaux has experience as an illustrator, animator, and editor for The New School Free Press, The New School Alumni Services, Com
Alisha Losinno
Alisha is a designer, marketer, and product innovator. She is passionate about using her creative skills to develop design strategies that utilize interaction design and data visualization to support human centered design practices.
Alyssa Gonzalez
After receiving a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, Alyssa is now working as a freelance illustrator with representation from Illozoo, as well as a full-time graphic designer for Hallmark Cards. When she is not staring at a computer screen, Alyssa likes to spread a little happiness, have her third coffee of the day, and think about staring at a computer screen some more.
Angela Hsieh
Angela is an illustrator and animator whose interests vary between science, gifs, and goofy animals. She studied biology and history of science before attending RISD for illustration. She is currently illustrating for NPR.
Anna Niklova
An Illustrator based in New York and Prague, she is a graduate of the High School of Art & Design and is currently finishing her BFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work has recently appeared on the subway of Prague and she is currently working on her first book illustration. Her primary media is graphite and digital but also various techniques of printmaking, especially screen printing and RISO printing. She is pursuing editorial and fashion illustration.
Anyu Wu
Ashley Nicole DeLeon
I'm an illustrator and storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. My work is inspired by cool characters, wavy and scribbly lines, magical stories, and whimsical fun. I love to draw!
Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong is an illustrator living just outside Toronto, Ontario. She's a recent graduate of the Sheridan College Bachelor of Illustration program. Ashley can often be found making zines, starting embroidery projects on a whim, and tweeting about her eczema. She can be contacted at
Ashlie Juarbe
AJ is a New York City based Illustrator and Journalist from The New School. Her personal work has a childlike approach with its odd colors, content, and imagery. She is still investigating her style but is inspired by textiles, colors, patterns, and architecture. AJ's professional work centers around data visualization and her Graphics Editor position at her college paper. She hopes to combine her skills for a happy career as a reporter and an illustrator.


Caleb Boyles
Caleb Boyles is a recent grad of Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Originally from North Carolina, he now lives in sunny Los Angeles where he is an intern at Buck. His illustration has a delightfully accepting message and full of playful colors and shape. In his spare time when he is not drawing he likes to think about cute boys.
Chenwei Lin
New York based illlustrator. Doing storytelling and individual work. Interested in the illusion I can create to reflect the authenticity of the world. I am familiar with watercolor, gouache, ink and paint.
Cindy Kang
Cindy Kang is an Illustrator based in New York City. Born in Korea, she now lives in New York in pursuit of her creative passions. She combines digital and traditional medium to create colorful and atmospheric illustrations. Her works capture precious moments of life and feelings at those moments that are inspired by her memories and old photographs.
Congrong Zhou
Congrong is currently a graduating illustration major student from School of Visual Arts. Originally from Beijing China.
Connie Cordon


writer, illustrator.


Dahyeon kang
Passionate and industrious illustrator with high interest in Childrens books and multimedia. She hopes her illustrations can evoke the most intimate memories that may have been forgotten.
Deborah Lee
Deborah, or Deb, is a Korean-American illustrator, designer, and 2018 graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design. She is driven to constantly evolve her voice and technique––an emotion she doesn't feel in anything else. After illustrating at NPR in the summer, Deb will transition to LinkedIn as a full-time designer in August.
Derek Abella
Born in Miami, Florida. Living and illustrating in Brooklyn, New York after receiving a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute. He's still trying to process the concept of winter. Clients: The New York Times, The Guardian, HistoryMiami Museum, Brooklyn Wind Symphony. His work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators and American Illustration.
Dora Wang
Dora Wang originally from China, is currently a senior in the Illustration undergraduate program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has received awards from the Society of Illustrators, 3x3, Applied Arts, Society of Illustrators LA, Communication Arts shortlist, and Creative Quarterly. Her work is in the Permanent Collection of the Godine Library at MassArt.
Doris Liou
Doris is a Taiwanese-American artist from the Bay Area and is currently a graduating illustration student from RISD. She loves illustrating, creating narratives, and solving visual problems. She also hopes to pursue a freelance illustration career when she finally enters the Real World. ​She also likes learning new things, baking egg tarts, wheel-throwing funny cups, and petting her cat, Huey.


Eileen Holland
Eileen Holland is an illustrator and animator currently studying at Rhode Island School of Design. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and animation.
Eryn Lougheed
Eryn Lougheed is an artist from Victoria, BC, who makes illustrations, comics, and art objects. She is currently studying Illustration at OCAD University in Toronto.


Haleigh Mun
Haleigh Mun is a New York based illustrator. She carries around her sketchbook anywhere she goes, and she simply would draw any little things that inspires her. Her drawings are playful, naive, and childlike. But her brush strokes are strong, brave, and confident. That makes her drawing unique and interesting.
Hannah Claire
Hannah Claire is a stop-motion director and fabricator. By combining her passion for film with her love of art she works to create compelling stories and quirky characters that she can bring to life through stop-motion animation. All of her work is entirely handmade using metal, wood, clay and fabric.
Hannah Shea
Hannah Shea is a 2017 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Illustration. Hannah plans to earn a master's degree in video game design in the coming years.
Hazel Ng
Hazel Ng is a senior at Parsons the New School For Design with an interest in editorial, bookmaking, and grabbing the emotional heart of the story and bringing it to light. She also enjoys thinking about cultural interaction in contemporary times and new methods of storytelling in emerging mediums like video games, as well as the color red. The accepted illustration was from a visual memoir depicting the experience of being a child of Hong Kong Chinese immigrants called EAT DON’T EAT.


Jennifer Xiao
Jennifer likes to make things. Sometimes these things are drawings, sometimes they are drawings that move, sometimes they are not drawings at all!
Ji Min Hwang
Ji Min Hwang is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She believes that emotion, hardship and memories are the essential elements of life. Her work consistently revisits past memories to recreate emotion that evoke empathy. She wishes to share her theory with the audience through art: the importance of the coexistence of happiness and sadness.
Jisu Lee
Jisu Lee is an artist based in Toronto. Her works draw inspiration from items easily accessible in everyday life and often portray themes of existentialism and mismatched workings within her universe. They are visual depictions of shapeless thoughts and ideas that we have as we drift through our days. Recently in her thesis work, Jisu explored finding intersections of physics and buddhism, explaining the human drive and curiosity to find answers and reach enlightenment.
Joseph Frankhauser
Joseph Frankhauser is an artist and illustrator who has just completed his senior thesis project at the Cleveland Institute of Art to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. With his current clients including The Cleveland Orchestra and Shopify, he hopes to build a larger body of work that is both stimulating and thought provoking. He looks ahead to future projects with enthusiasm.
Julie Benbassat
A rising senior studying illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, Julie or JBASS for short, is a freelance illustrator with experience in editorial, children's books and plein air painting. She is inspired by the natural world, mythology and her parents.


Lily Snowden-Fine
Lily Snowden-Fine was born in London UK, moved to Vancouver Canada, and now lives in Toronto creating illustrations, paintings, short animations and ceramics. She is 20 and currently in her 3rd year at OCAD University for illustration.
Loveis Wise
Loveis Wise is an freelance illustrator from Washington,DC and currently based in Philadelphia,PA. She has worked with a few amazing clients such as the New York Times,Cartoon Network, BuzzFeed, and TED.


Madeleine Franklin
I am a Brooklyn based artist and cowgirl, originally from the garlic capital of the world. I received a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in May of 2018. I create claymations, illustrations, books, ceramics, and floral arrangements.
Maria Putri
A Brooklyn-based Illustrator, originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Studied at Parsons, New School of Design majored in Illustration. Passionate in colorful storytelling and charming characters, as well as crafting knick knacks and design toys.
Michelle Mee Nutter
Everything Is Fine
Michelle Mee Nutter
Michelle is a Boston based Illustrator who consistently works on multiple projects at a time and is usually found drawing insane details that really only puts a smile on her own face. (possibly the face of other detail-obsessed lovelies) She has a fondness for Yellow Ochre and feeding a neverending curiosity.
Minju An
I am Minju An. I graduated in School of visual arts in New York. I majored in illustration. My work has a sense of humor and plenty of weird, unraveling my childlike sense of wonder. I usually use simple and graphic style colors and shapes to emphasize and build up my style.
Molly Magnell
Molly Magnell is a May 2018 graduate from WashU in St. Louis. She’s obsessed with drawing marine life, avant-garde fashion, and people going about their daily lives. She’s 50% illustrator and 50% designer with a sprinkle of animation thrown in the mix. When she’s not making art, she’s baking pumpkin bread, watching documentaries on Netflix, or going on a long walk. This summer, Molly will be the Creative Intern at 72andSunny in Brooklyn and will be pursuing a career in freelance illustration.


Nan Lee
Nan Lee is an illustrator from Korea and currently based in New York. She has received awards from the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration (AI-AP - selected winner), Communication Arts (shortlist), and So Young Magazine.
Nicole Annunziata
I am a 19 year old illustrator from Long Island, New York. Most of my work explores themes related to mental illness and the human condition, often through the use of self-portraiture. I enjoy applying personal elements to classical narratives in order to illustrate familiar stories in my own way. I am incredibly honored to be included in this exhibit alongside so many other talented young artists.


Oona Holtane
Oona is an illustrator and designer from the Chicagoland area. Her passion is to help others uncover the positives masked by negative events in life by creating colorful stories, characters, and worlds. In addition to art, she enjoys writing songs on the piano, slapping the bass, fashion and cooking up sugary concoctions in the kitchen.


Patrick Edell
Patrick Edell is a multimedia artist, illustrator, and printmaker from New York. He is currently painting, drawing, and writing comics while finishing up a BFA at the School of Visual Arts.
Patrick Mahony
Patrick Mahony is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Sacramento, California. He completed his studies in Communications Design at Pratt Institute, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Paulson Lee
I am a painter and illustrator born in Delaware, raised in Southern California, and currently living in New York City. My work encompasses my interests in beauty, love, identity, power, and transformation. Some of my influences include Barbie dolls, James Bidgood, David Hockney, Cindy Sherman, and all things shiny. When I'm not painting and drawing faces, you can either find me online shopping or eating an ice cream -- sometimes both!


Rachael Amber
Eco- and social activist Rachael Amber illustrates and designs to speak for the Earth. Through her artwork she focuses on the beauty of nature and humanity's connection to it in attempts to raise environmental awareness. Graphic shapes combined with intimate details best describes her style. When she's not drawing or screen-printing in her home studio, she enjoys spending time gardening and exploring.
Rebecca Shu
I am currently a sophomore in Illustration at RISD, born and raised in Colorado. I enjoy petting dogs, plein air painting, eating pesto mac and cheese, and warm hugs.


Sage O'Fray
2pac Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Sara MacLeod
Portrait of a Man in coloured pencil, 2017.
Shelby Nicholas
Shelby Nicholas is currently a 2nd-year student in the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program. She is studying Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, and Literary Arts (Creative Writing) at Brown University. Shelby is very interested in narrative, and how it can be articulated through word, image and motion.
Shelia Liu
I’m Shelia Liu, a student just graduated from School of Visual Art in 2018. I like doing experiment with different media. I think all the artists should be half poet and half craftsman, who should have poets’ creativity and imagination and craftsman’s patience and skills. My art pieces are created for expressing emotions. And I hope to maintain an artisan’s spirit in everything I do, and enthusiasm and persistence for each work.
Sophie Margolin
Sophie Margolin is an artist born and raised in Houston, Texas, and currently attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has been drawing and painting all twenty-one years of her life, and is pursuing a career in illustration. She dreams of making illustrations for publications both online and in print.


Taylor Chiu
Taylor Chiu is currently working towards a bachelor of fine arts at the Columbus College of Art & Design with a focus on illustration and comics.
Toma Vagner
Travis Lind
Travis Lind is a rising artist currently attending Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI with high hopes and dreams of becoming a successful illustrator/concept artist. His work regularly deals with the world beyond ours. He is often diving into the realm of science fiction or the eccentric characteristics of creatures or just the whimsical nature of the people around him.
Twisha Patni
Twisha Patni is a designer and illustrator from India currently pursuing her BFA in Communications Design at Pratt Institute. She combines traditional graphic design with conceptual illustration to create bold and unique visuals. Her illustrations aim to evoke powerful and relevant themes in colorful and witty ways.
Tyler Bantz


Xuezhu(Yuki) Wu
I was born and raised in Hebei, China. Where I sat around watching too many cartoons and reading many comicbooks. Painting things from my childhood is my favorite, because that's the time when I had all my weird magical fantasies! Over the years my enthusiasm for art has never waned; it is both my dream profession and my favorite thing to do. I graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York. I would love to work in the related fields of concept art in the near future.


Yewei Wang
Yewei Wang is an illustrator and brand designer from Virginia Commonwealth University. She likes to capture emotions and current events in her own visual language. She finds inspirations from art history, fashion, nature and poems.
You jin Choi
You jin is a New York based illustrator and Surface Designer. Simple shapes, forms, and colors, that turn into one beautiful image have always fascinated her.


Zeke Aszman
Zeke is an artist who is originally from Oregon and is now based in Queens, NY. Their work takes the form of paintings, movies, costumes, and paper mache sculptures. They are interested in designing utopias which collect their disparate interests and show how they can exist together in harmony. Primarily, their work combines americana, queer protagonists, and rock 'n roll.
Zi Xu
Zi Xu is an illustration and art history student with a love for film studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art.